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A Sped Up Day
Amphetamines (Adderall)
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "A Sped Up Day: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp55429)". Mar 12, 2007.

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5.0 mg oral Amphetamines (ground / crushed)
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  T+ 8:00 15 mg insufflated Amphetamines (ground / crushed)
  T+ 8:30 5.0 mg insufflated Amphetamines (ground / crushed)
  T+ 9:00 5.0 mg insufflated Amphetamines (ground / crushed)
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I wrote the following report while under the influence of Adderall and posted it on a forum that will remain unnamed, I decided to rewrite some of it as best I could and post it here so people could learn from my experience.

My drug past includes the following: It started off when I was 16, I started smoking cigarettes and getting a small 'buzz' off them, it eventually turned into Marijuana which I still smoke on a regular basis, I drink on a regular basis too, but not to the point where I am totally wasted everynight. I have also done GHB, Opium, Vicodin, and Whippets. So not too many things, but enough to know what I am doing, I would consider myself to be pretty responsible when it comes to using drugs, I like to study alot on them before I even come close to trying them.

So here is the report:

Just a warning: I'm a pretty big guy, 6'4 around 180 lbs, so please be EXTREMELY careful if you plan on doing the same thing as I am about to state in the following report.

I just recently had my first experience with Adderall and I'll be completely honest, it is one hell of a drug. My friends have been into Adderall for a little while. In a 14 hour period I snorted 100 mg of Adderall, which, for a first timer, is a sizeable amount. Not only did I snort Adderall, but I drank two large energy drinks (16 oz each) both of which contained caffeine and several other 'Stimulants' which I think added 'more fuel to the flames'.

Well, let me begin my story. Two nights ago, I scored 50 mg of Adderall for $15 and decided that I would save it for the very next day because I was hanging out with a girl most of the day and my buddies were telling me that you talk and talk and talk while you're on Adderall, not to mention it gives you a major mood lift and makes you feel like you're the king of the world. So that morning I woke up around 9 and got my haircut. After that I came back home and the house was empty, all to myself, so I decided that I might as well start crushing the pills up and see if the shit really worked.

I got out three 10 mg tablets and crushed up 1/2 a tablet but some of the liquid In the bottle I was crushing it up with came out and got the tablets wet so I ingested 5 MG's to begin with because the tablet was dissolving, then I crushed up the other two pills with a quarter and got it into a nice powder and snorted the rest of that. This was my first time insufflating anything, but I was suprised at how easy it was. It went down smooth and everything, although I did feel a slight burning sensation a few minutes later.

So after doing that I put all the stuff I had out away and my mom came home almost as soon as I was done snorting the last line of blue powder. So I went and took a quick shower and the steam from the shower kind of made my nose runny and alot of the adderall drained down my throat while I was in there. Pretty sick, but adderall doesn't taste half bad, just makes my throat feel wierd while it's going down, and I noticed that throughout the day alot of it was draining down my throat, almost like a constant supply of Adderall, so it was nice.

After I got outta the shower I walked into my room to grab some clothes and I started to feel some small effects from the Adderall: My knee's felt numb, I was getting constant 'Chills' and It felt like I was having extreme adrenaline rushes that lasted for 5-10 minutes at a time, I like to describe it as having my body high on Marijuana, but I was still in the right frame of mind.

So after that I had to go pick up my check from work, but on my way there I really started to feel why this drug has such an addictive potentional, I was VERY excited for almost no reason whatsoever. I just felt ready to do something, I could have ran 5 miles and not have even been tired, I could have climbed to the top of Mount Everest and jumped off with a parachute, I didn't have a care in the world. It was the biggest mood lift I had ever experienced.

So I got to work and had to wait for my paycheck, so in the mean time I went into the bathroom and crushed up another 10 mg pill and snorted it, so by this time there is 35 mg in my system. I took this dose about an hour after the first 25 mg, by this time I was feeling wide awake and ready to do anything, I was literally running around and felt as if I were still walking to slow, my mind was racing and I kept going through a checklist in my head of what I had to do, I was 10 steps ahead of everything, and it felt great, I had alot of stuff to do that morning and I got everything done I needed to because of the Adderall.

After I collected my check I cashed it at the bank and then went to my Air Force recruiter and talked to him for about a half hour and realized I was running late to pick up the girl I was hanging out with all day, so I got across town as fast as I could and picked her up and then we drove to a mall about 45 minutes away. We literally talked the whole way there about almost everything, I usually talk alot anyways, but on Adderall the conversation seemed to flow so much more smoothly, I knew all the right words to say and I could have talked for hours on end.

It seemed like the trip to the mall was a blur and went by to fast. We got to the mall and she shopped around for a little bit while I watched and enjoyed my 'high' on Adderall, talking and walking around without a care in the world. She decided to go into the dressing room and try a few clothes on so I decided to tell her I was going to the bathroom. Instead I went out to my car and crushed up 10 more mg's and snorted it. This was roughly about an hour to an hour and a 1/2 after my last dose, so by now I was up to 45 mg with half of a 10 mg tablet left. The only thing that sucked about snorting these 10 mg adderall pills was they had ALOT of powder in them, and it took me 4 or 5 times to snort it all down, not to mention it turned my snot blue because they were blue pills.

As I was walking back into the mall, I was still trying to get all of the Adderall down my throat and I got a huge glob of it that made my throat feel extremely dry, so I decided to get 2 bottles of water and I drank both of them in about 5 minutes. I literally had to use the bathroom every half hour that day, I don't know if it was a side effect or if it was because I just drank a lot of water. About 10 minutes later I walked back to the store the girl that I was hanging out with was in and she bought some clothes and what not and we continued to walk around for a couple more hours. I was just enjoying the conversation and spending time with her and I kept coming up with things to talk about, it was great.

So we had got to the mall at about 12:30 and by now it was around 3 in the afternoon, so we decided to leave because she had to be back home for some stuff she was doing later in the night. Before we left I went and snorted the last 5 mg's I had for the ride home. So now there was 50 mg's of Adderall in my system all insufflated within about 6 hours.

I got a call from one of my friends who was working in the town we were in and he had asked me if we could give him a ride home, so we went and picked him up and we drove back home. Conversation was flowing nicely and we have all been friends since way back, so it was nice spending time with them. I was completely enjoying every aspect of it. I dropped the girl off and then I had to drop my buddy off to get his car. So on the way over I was telling him all about the morning and how awesome everything was going. We have been best friends for a long time, we've always smoked Weed together and done different drugs such as GHB, Opium, Vicodin, anything we could really get our hands on.

We stopped at a gas station on the way there and got some smokes and then I dropped him off at his car and decided to see if I could get some more Adderall, So I went to my other buddy's work and got 5 more pills, only these were 5 mg pills instead of 10, but I wasn't complaining because this shit was rediculously awesome. So I went home after that and changed my clothes, drank some water and whatnot and then went to a basketball scrimmage, but before I left I decided to snort 15 more mg's (65 mg's in my system now in a time span of about 8 hours).

I got to the scrimmage and talked to several different people for atleast 5-10 minutes each, these were people I would normally never talk to, but I was in the mood to talk to anyone. Being social was the only thing I wanted to do. The game started to get boring so I went out and snorted another 5 mg tablet (70 mg in my system now in a span of about 8 1/2 hours, At this point I was starting to wonder if it was even safe to take this much in only 8 hours) So then I go back inside and sat against the wall for a little bit and I begin to sweat like crazy, and I had shorts and a button up shirt on, I shouldn't have even been hot at all but for some reason I was, so I went back out for some fresh air and thought about some more Adderall.

so I was like fuck it, so I went and snorted my last 5 mg tablet (75 mg's in 9 hours) After the game was over I met up with 6-7 of my friends and we all went over to the girl's house that I was hanging out with earlier and just chilled there, this other guy I know was there and he had 50 more mg of Adderall so me and my buddy split the cost because he hadn't been on Adderall for a while and wanted to try it again.

Once we got it, we left around 11:30 and went to a Burger King parking lot and snorted 20 mg's each. We then left and went to a gas station and got some full throttle energy drinks because I heard that they went pretty good with Adderall. We drove up to my school because it was around 12:30 in the morning by now and we snorted the last 5 mg's we had on us. We decided that we would just ride together over to my other buddies house to play some poker since we were both feeling really talkative and knew it would be a boring drive if we just drove seperate over there.

So we talked about all kinds of things and he was telling me how every time he was on Adderall he won at poker, so we made a deal that if one of us one we'd give each other their money back.

Well we finally got to my friends house but we decided to drive around the block to have a quick smoke (Cigarette's, not weed) So we drove 5 MPH the whole way around the block and talked about what we thought would happen if we smoked weed later in the night, because Adderall seems to do everything just the opposite that weed does. Weed makes you hungry, Adderall doesn't, Weed makes you relaxed and a little sleepy, Adderall makes you aware and wide awake, Weed makes you a little less talkative then usual, Adderall makes you talk you're ass off, so I was pretty sure I didn't want to see what happened when the two were combined. I have asked alot of people and no one had ever tried it before.

So we finally got to my buddies house and we went down in his basement to play Poker and me and my other friend that was on Adderall both felt extremely cold and I was getting constant chills. I felt like it was snowing in this dude's basement or something it was getting so bad, I just thought I was starting to feel the side effects alot more because of the large amount of Adderall I had taken throughout the day.

Pretty much the whole time we played poker we talked about every drug possible and all the shit we wanted to try and had done, and how addictive this Adderall shit was, I mean, I couldn't believe how addicting it was, my first day and I took 100 mg's in 14 hours?! My friends thought I was crazy.

After about 3 hours the poker game ended when I knocked out the other player and it was down to me and my buddy that was on Adderall, he was right all along about winning poker while he was on the stuff, so we both split the money.

As soon as the game ended I had my buddy drive me back to my truck and I got home around 3 in the morning, I had no intention on sleeping, I just couldn't stand to lay down and close my eyes and try to sleep. I sat down on my computer and figured I would try to write the best recollection of one of my drug experiences as best I could, which is nothing short of a breeze when on this stuff. I spent close to 4 hours writing this whole report, spell checking it and putting it in the exact order I wanted it to be, but I decided to revise it today because it seemed a little bit disorganized, I mean, the thoughts just flow out of your head right on to the computer screen and sometimes you just can't stop typing.

As of right now I have been awake for 27 hours straight, absolutely no sleep, and I had to come to work today at 8, and I have ate maybe 300 calories worth of food in the past day. Food just does not sound appetizing to me at all.

Around 6 this morning I was contemplating whether or not I should just smoke me a bowl and try to fall asleep before anything bad happened or just try to stay up and go to work in the morning feeling like crap, I mean my friend that did Adderall with me earlier in the night went back and smoked some weed and said he was pretty screwed up, but he only took 25 mg's worth of it, but he had told me earlier this morning when I talked to him on the phone that his eyes were pulsing, and they were pulsing enough that other people noticed them, and he only took 1/4 of what I had taken all day long, I can only imagine what might of happened if I smoked pot in combination with it.

Last night some of my friends were telling me how they snorted 45 mg's worth of Adderall and they didn't eat for about the next 3 days, and I had snorted 100 mg's, and so far I have been up since about 8:30 Thursday morning, and it's now 12:30 on Friday afternoon. I have barely ate anything, and I don't even feel hungry, just very shitty inside, this drug is a bitch to come down on, especially after a long night of it, you have to give yourself a few days to recover from it because it does really suck when you come down off of it.

But here is my conclusion on the use of Adderall:

It's a hell of a drug, I'll be honest, It's definitely a social drug for me because conversation seemed easy and I could focus much more on what people we're saying. I sometimes work long days too (12 hour shifts) so I wouldn't mind trying this stuff at work a couple times.

But I will warn you - this stuff is extremely addictive, I have been smoking (Cigarettes and Marijuana) for a long time now and I also dip and I am very addicted to Nicotine, but when I first started I would smoke maybe 2 cigs a day, if that. But with Adderall, I couldn't get enough of the stuff, if I took 100 mg's in the first day, imagine what that could turn into?

If I would have gone back and changed anything I probably would have snorted 30 mg's to begin with and then done 30 mg more a few hours later and then 30 mg more a few hours after, because taking the 5's and 10's just didn't bring back the strong feeling I felt at first.

I definitely do not regret trying this, I do plan on trying it some more in the future, but I don't want it to become a habit, I have been and always will be a responsible drug user and I have pretty strong will power to quit when I need to quit. I admit though, taking 100 mg's in 14 hours wasn't the smartest thing to do, especially for me being a first timer, it took me a long time to come down off of the drug to just because of the sheer amount that was in my system, I really did not start feeling the come down until about an hour 1/2 ago, but let me tell you, it really does suck, and it hits you pretty fast. The effects of the speed still linger a little bit though, the last time I snorted was around 12 hours ago, but this morning has gone by extremely fast.

So in conclusion:

The Good:
Adderall gave me a very good Euphoric feeling, anything I did just seemed fun. Going to the mall, driving around, hanging out with friends and playing poker, it was all more fun then it usually was. And I have almost a picture perfect memory of how the whole day went, I could tell you from start to finish what I did all day yesterday, something I couldn't usually do. I felt extremely focused but at the same time I was relaxed, I could do two or three different things at once and it was no problem at all. There was a pleasant numbing effect that tingled in my body, usually from my left cheek bone down to my left arm and then it turned warm and then I got slight chills, it was almost like a nice calming effect.

The Bad:
Extremely addictive and after I took about 70 mg's the side effects were greatly increased, I started sweating pretty badly around 75mg and I was extremely hot, after 100 mg's I had chills that weren't pleasent at all, it's hard to explain, I just started to feel very sick to my stomach and the chills did not help at all.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55429
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 12, 2007Views: 84,362
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