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Fractals, Alienscapes and Woe is Me
Citation:   Felonius Munster. "Fractals, Alienscapes and Woe is Me: An Experience with 2C-E (exp54935)". Jul 28, 2006.

5.0 mg insufflated 2C-E (powder / crystals)
  50 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
    oral Cannabis  
Salient details:

Time: 7:30 PM
Weight: 165 lbs
Set: Happy, calm if not a bit excited
Setting: A beautiful apartment
Weather: Clear blue skies and 75 degrees
Other meds: None
Research: Erowid, Pihkal, various other texts

Two nights ago, I tried 2c-e for the first time. Having tried 2c-i and 2c-t-2 and many other substances in the past I was excited to try what some refer to as the holy grail of Shulgin’s magical half dozen. I decided to insufflate because it was a weeknight and fairly late at the time of dosing, and this method would provide a shorter duration of effects. I didn’t want to be up all night as I had work early in the morning. I had been itching for a psychedelic trip, not having had a trip other than MDMA for about 6 weeks or so.

I carefully measured 5 mg with a precision mg scale. The small amount of material was attained from a reputable source, so I was relatively sure of its purity. After cutting up the flaky, cream coloured opalescent powder, I inhaled half up each nostril with long deliberate inhalations. The pain was less than expected, but still pretty uncomfortable.

My girlfriend had prepared the bedroom by drawing the blinds, lighting candles and putting some Indian Raga on the stereo. She served as my sober sitter for the evening. Laying on the bed, within about 3 minutes the effects began to come up very abruptly. My previous experience with the 2c chemicals yielded significant body load and extreme nervous tension, and I soon realized this one would be no different. My jaw almost immediately became tense and my muscles began to tremble and occasionally twitch uncontrollably. My stomach knotted up, and nausea set in, mild, but enough to have me thinking about the possibility of vomiting. I had eaten a light dinner of pasta immediately before dosing, but thankfully the nausea abated somewhat within about 10 minutes or so. My body had broken into a mild sweat, and I had a heightened sensitivity to temperature changes as the wind blew into my room.

Feeling rather uncomfortable from the nervous tension, I resolved to roll with the illness and try to focus on the wonderful visuals that were beginning to fill my landscape. The room was awash in shades of electric orange and ochre as the sunlight splashed through the blinds in thin streams. The mask of an Asian prince on the wall morphed from a benevolent smiling prince into a goat man with horns, then to a devil figure and back again, but surprisingly none of it was threatening. I just lay back observing, amazed at how swiftly the substance had taken hold. The first 40 minutes were spent this way, enjoying the wonderful colours and feathering of my visual field, and reminding myself to just roll with the discomfort as it would pass in time. The experience seemed to reach its peak within the first 15 minutes or so.

Closed eye visuals were absolutely stunning. Words that come to mind are, alien, chromium, futuristic, digital. Swirling palettes of violets, greens, blues and reds washed over HR Giger-like images. Alien beings with spade shaped heads and sweeping tentacles wandered through corridors of futuristic temples. I lay in wonder, truly realizing a deeper appreciation for the art of visionaries like HR Giger and Alex Grey. No past mushroom or LSD trip had produced visuals of this strange computer-like futuristic complexity.

Although the overall effect was not too intense, communication was a bit difficult and I had a moderate feeling of lethargy. I wanted to experience things beyond the bedroom so I asked my sober girlfriend to drive me down to a park to watch the sunset. Walking was strange. I felt as if I were floating, and I moved quickly hoping I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew in the parking lot. Watching the sun set behind a row of trees was truly breathtaking, and surreal. Light would move behind the trees in undulating waves and periodic flashes that were more like something I would envision in another world, on another planet.

As often happens on psychedelic trips, a synchronistic event happened to cross our path. A group of Aztec natives were holding a ceremony in the park, and we were blessed in being able to share in the event. Sitting, watching, smiling, and occasionally crying for no specific reason other than the powerful scene before me, I sat and took in the sacred event. Some were in traditional dress and sacred artifacts lay around them as they sang songs, chanted and passed a pipe billowing clouds of smoke. Despite not understanding the language or the songs, my psychedelic senses understood that it was a ceremony about birth and death. There was nothing obvious to demonstrate it, it was a sort of knowing that seems to come from the heightened senses of the psychedelic mind. After the ceremony we spoke with the shaman leader and he told us that one of their family members recently died while giving birth to her baby. The baby had survived but the mother had passed and this was the reason for the day’s ceremony. We shared in some light food and then traveled on.

We returned home at about 9:30 PM, about two hours after my dose. The visuals had mostly subsided, and only the shaky, over stimulated body load remained. I sat with my girlfriend before bed and talked about the trip. Throughout the two hours I was flooded with many thoughts and emotions, typical of my psychedelic sessions, and fundamental to my love for these medicines. I was reminded of the true beauty of the simple things in life, the lack of importance for material things and the importance of being true to myself and staying connected to nature and other human beings. I believe these substances have a profound effect on my state of being and today, two days after this event, I feel once again more connected to the earth, and motivated to continue bringing the psychedelic experience into my everyday life, paying attention and keeping my eyes wide open.

Sleep came with some difficulty, but was aided with some eaten cannabis and a 50 mg dimenhydrinate tablet (Dramamine). If nothing else it took me into a dreamy place and diverted my attention from my trembling muscles. The following day I was sleepy but mentally refreshed.

For me, 2c-e had the similar unfortunate body load as the other 2c medicines, but I understand this doesn’t happen to everyone. I’d suggest that my ‘mind over matter’ ability is quite good, and some, should they be effected with a similar body load, might find the experience extremely uncomfortable or even frightening. Despite this, it was all worth it and I will surely do it again, probably at a higher dose now that I have screened myself for 5 mg. Perhaps next time I’ll try 7 mg and see how that goes.

It is my opinion that this isn’t the best choice for the casual experimenter or person looking for a “legal” high (keeping in mind current analogue laws in some areas) or a fun time. Research chemicals may lack popularity for good reasons, and I’d encourage anyone reading this who is considering experimentation to continue on with their research and understand as much as they can before diving in. I certainly wouldn’t classify the 2c compounds as ‘fun’, although they might be for some.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54935
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 28, 2006Views: 18,675
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2C-E (137) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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