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A Page in a Book
Morning Glory Seeds & Cannabis
by unnes
Citation:   unnes. "A Page in a Book: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds & Cannabis (exp5481)". Erowid.org. Jan 16, 2002. erowid.org/exp/5481

T+ 0:00
9.0 g oral Morning Glory (seeds)
  T+ 3:00 1 hit smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Who: Myself (Jay) and my friend Alex
Time: 10:50 PM to 3:00 PM the next day
What: 9 grams morning glory seeds, 1 gravity bong hit marijuana

Last night around 8:00 I checked my mail and was pretty happy to see that I had recieved my ounce of heavenly blue morning glory seeds in a small yellow envelope. Opening them up, I was somewhat dissapointed, 800 seeds didn't seem to be that much, but I weighed the seeds, and voila, it was about an ounce.

I called up my friend Alex to tell him I got the seeds, and he seemed interested in trying out the LSA, so he came up. I didn't have a pepper grinder, and crushing each seed individually with a pair of pliers was getting rather tedious, so at around 10:50 we each took about 9 grams of seeds and over the course of about 25 minutes, simply chewed the seeds thoroughly and swallowed with water.

By 11:30, we felt nothing but a little queasy, so I took a shot of pepto-bismol. This seemed to settle my stomach for the time being. Alex, on the other hand, chose not to indulge in the pink wondrous stomach liquid and simply clutched his stomach. By 12:30, we were listening to some Alec Empire and felt nothing but severe nausea. We were both fighting the feeling, trying to keep in as much of the seeds as possible. He was able to, stretching out suppressed his nausea, but I had to run to the bathroom and vomit. This relieved my nausea quite a bit and I was able to sit up and put on some Jurassic 5 to listen to. At this point, the nausea was subsiding, but was still very noticeable, but we were very antsy. We both agreed that the feeling was like our bodies wanted to get up and move around, yet our heads wanted to sleep. I actually did fall alseep for about five minutes. In order to get some fresh air and walk around, we decided to walk to our fraternity house.

I smoked a cigarette on the way over, it helped settle my stomach a bit, but nausea was still present. We got some lemonade to drink and some food from the basement kitchen. Still, we felt no LSA-like effects, only nausea and a little disorientation. We saw some of our fraternity brothers there with some girls, drunk off their asses. This was very uncomfortable, for some reason I felt very awkward. The food that I ate was not sitting right with my already existing nausea, and I vomited once again in the bathroom. One of our older brothers came downstairs and told us that some people were smoking pot upstairs, and Alex and I both agreed that smoking a little marijuana would help. At about 2:00 AM I took a large hit from a great gravity bong my friend T made, and Aaron took a smaller hit. After the typical minute of severe gravity bong coughing, the nausea was instantly gone and everything began to change.

It was as though a light switch had been turned on. The changes began instantly, it was as though the cannabis was the catalyst that instantly caused us to feel the LSA in the seeds. The initial feeling I got was when Salvia hits me, like a freight train. I was knocked back into the couch and looked at Alex, I could tell he was feeling the same things.

The two of us, beginning to trip very hard, in a room full of high people, was not the ideal place to experience this drug, so we decided to return to my place around 2:45 AM. The walk back was a trip (no pun intended), with me forcing myself to be sober in order to keep Alex on the sidewalk and prevent himself from walking into trees. I myself looked at the trees and saw a jungle, I could only imagine what he was seeing.

Back in my room, I put on some Paul Oakenfold and dimmed the lights and began to recess into what I realize was a life-changing unfolding of thoughts. With my eyes open, the open-eye visuals were interesting, but I realized that the true secrets laid within, with my eyes closed. When my eyes closed, my whole field of vision turned into circles and triangles. Being sober now, nearly eighteen hours later, it's difficult to explain or even remember what I felt and saw, but I do remember having several revelations and understandings about my life:

- Life as we know it is simply a page in a book, and that book is existence. When life is over, you move on to the next page and things begin anew.

- Nothing really exists, everything is transient, since everything, like I said before, is simply part of a page that will be turned, in the grand scheme of things.

My friend who was an experienced LSD psychonaut, told me a few things that made perfect sense:

- I am Existence: everything exists because I percieve it existing.

- Nothing exists, but everything exists.

Alex left to go home around 3:30 AM, and his walk home and subsequent feelings are another story altogether. I went to bed and got lost in my thoughts around 4:00 AM. My alarm clock went off at 10:00 and when I woke up I was still tripping quite hard. I went back to sleep and woke up at 3:00 PM, and I could still feel the effects, I still had mild trails and a body high.


All in all, this was a very powerful, life-changing experience. I had experienced one hit of LSD before, but nothing nearly as potent as my episode last night. The nausea I felt for two or three hours was nothing compared to the way I felt later and what I learned. Five dollars worth of seeds and Five dollars worth of marijuana is nothing compared to an experience like this.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5481
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 16, 2002Views: 18,473
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