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I Was A Seventh Dimensional Being
LSD & Cannabis
by Mardux Crowley
Citation:   Mardux Crowley. "I Was A Seventh Dimensional Being: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp5445)". Erowid.org. Jan 18, 2002. erowid.org/exp/5445

T+ 0:00
5.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:15 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (leaves)


[ In memory of Mardux 1986-2005. ]

I'm about to tell you of the most intense experience of my life... I have been smoking pot for 4 1/2 years constently and have been using LSD for the past three years. The last few months I have been trippin' every weekend on some pretty decent blotter and liquid and have been eating any where from three to seven hits. In all, my experience with drugs was fairly in depth. I had had around twenty experiences with LSD and a few with mushrooms as well as some experience with heavey DXM trips in the upper second - lower fourth plateau range and believed my-self to be unwigable due to my not having experienced anything that had effected me in any profound ways. All of my trips had been intense and I had had very good visual such as killer patterns accompanied by melting and color shifts... things seemingly animated... smiling/ frowning faces as well as eyeballs floating off in foreheads of people... Flowing into color spirals... Math equation patterns, oriental writing patterns, snowflake patterns etc... All in all, the mind element of my trips had been limited to confusion and an extreem mood lift. Well, now comes the bulk of my story... it involves LSD, Mushrooms, Christmas Trees, a Seventh Deminsional Being, and the Epcot Center's design.

It all started at around 10:00PM. I had just picked up some pretty good dose form a friend of mine and was going to go to a friend of mine's house and trip. His parents were gone for the night and I thought it would be a good time to do it. I ate 5 1/2 hits of the white blotter and gave half a hit to a friend of mine. It started out like any other trip and I started coming up within fifteen minutes. I was starting to fiend for some pot really bad and had to have some so we made some calls and had it hooked up. I would be there in a little while.

Well, withing fourty-five minutes I was already trippin' pretty good and when I asked my friend who it came from he told me some raver friends of his sold it to him as a favor or something. It was suposedly a strip of 20 hits that had be soaked in the run-off of an entire page and was some of the best shit to be had around. At an hour and fifteen minutes i was getting the most intense visual paterns i had ever gotten. In the corner of my friends speckled ceiling was a three-foot tall grandfater mushroom that was outlined in blue neon lights that were shimmering and making the entire mushroom glisten. In the wall next to me i saw what looked like a flowing river of real dried psilocibin mushrooms with a small translucent skull with a mohawk and a patch over its eye rotating in behind the mushrooms back and forth. In the three foot mushroom the details became more and more in depth and the rest of the ceiling turned into a jungle scene with Palm trees with snakes in the branches, birds flying about, a monkey runnning on the ground, and losts of tall thick waving grass. In a Cristina Agulara poster with her wearing a Snowflake designed sweater the snowflake continued off into the poster past her chest and seemed to be a bunch of caves and caverens with small serpents poping in and out of them.

At this point I was like ' Damn, I'm trippin pretty hard... I've never had any intense hallucinations that did not resemble in some way what I was actually looking at.' Real looking hallucinations were new to me, everything before had been pseudohallucinations. At about an hour an fourty-five minutes the ganja arrived and I remember the body buzz being staggaring. I felt isolated and was not comfortable around people for a few moments but, forged on and decided to ignore it, which, in the end, worked. While out side getting some pot the gravel driveway looked as if it had a large haze resembeling a quilt with large red stipes on it. We all got together and smoked a bowl and that srt me off. It was about two hours and fifteen minutes after I had eating the trip and i was gonna peak soon. I was really in for a ride.

Once we smoked the bowl i started to go on some thought loops. I had been on some thoght loops before and knew how to manage them and thus, kept it under control for a little while longer. I couldn't ( or rather I didnt want to ) get up and I felt like a junkie who had been methed out for like a week strait sitting outside next to the garge door of the house. Adrenaline was pumping through my body and I felt like I was speeding incredibly hard. My freinds realized I was still outside and one of them came and got me. On my way in thats when it hit me. I totally blanked out from there. I was not really conscious after that moment on. In my mind once I had come down I believed that I had just layed down after the blown and had some crazy ass thoughts about spirituality and some really intense closed eye visuals. What really happened was totally different.

When I entered the house I was lost and felt I was in a skyscraper. Somthing spooked me and I took off running down the hall. While running I hit some boxes and fell head first into a christmas tree, shattering the christmas balls and making me believe for an instant I had fallen out of a window and had been killed. All of my freinds said I laid there motionless after I had fallen into the tree and made the house shake like a bomb had been dropped on it. The next memory I can recall, after numerous witneses informed me of what went on that night, was standing up in my freinds room and all of them holding onto me and pulling me to the ground ( or trying to keep me up because I was dying and thats what was making me feel like I was being pulled to the ground ). I laid on the ground and thought that I was in a chalk line and that the cops had been there and everything was over.

Then, all of a sudden, things changed once again. I began to cope with my own death in my mind and from then I closed my eyes for a little. With my eyes closed I began hearing an overpowering music with a dark feel to it making things seem I was in a hellish maze. It seemed as if I had billions of problems over my head and that with the passing of every second thousands upon thousands of the problems were being worked out. Progressivly as this went on the music and scenery became more and more pleasant untill the music and scenery were triumphant. I then opened my eyes and I was no longer in my friends room but in what seemed to be some glowing and shimmering, melting box of irredecent red, pink, green, yellow, and orange. That later blurred over and formed a thick dome around my head about one foot in front of me. The dome was made of Triangular shaped pieces constructed into a dome. It was the same colors as the room had been and seemed so thick i could barely see past it, it was like the large thick tiles of glass seen at schools, doctors offices etc...

When I focused enough to see past the dome I could make out what seemed to be magnetic waves out in the air that were the most bright and magnificent things I had ever seen, colored in irredecent blue, red, pink, green, purple, yellow, and orange. Sometime during the trip I believed I was god, then canceling this out for my lack of belief in god, believed I was a seventh deminsional being. My friendstold me I came to this conclusion through a bunch of math problems and alot of unrelated things. I went on about how I was seeing space and time stop and tons of other things like that. I hit the closet door for no real apparent reason numerous times and talked to many objects around the room.

While on my way down I remember flashes of Mission Impossible 2. One scene I remeber pretty well was the motor cylcle scene. Tom Cruise grew a huge beard and that streem back behind the bike the whole scene. Once I came to I had no idea of what had just went on. To my knowledge I had just layed on the floor the whole time and really couldnt put my finger on what thought it was I had while on the floor that I felt was so astounding a short time before. It wasnt untill the next day that my friends told me about some of the stuff I had done. My friend who ate the half hit tripped nutz and said he geeked for like four hours strait. When I was told of some of the things I had done I startd to remember some bits and pieces of it. More or less what I ate that night was somewhere between twenty and thrity five hits of the normal dose that goes around here and it kicked my ass, i totally respect the awesome powers of LSD now.

Well, thats about it... I had the greatest time of my life that night. It has since changed my views on life for the better and I believe has made me a much better person. One thing that I have to stress though is that this type of dose should not be attempted anywhere but in a house with numerous friends who know how to deal with trippers. It is a very unfortunate thing but, just a month ago or so my best friend Shawn was killed by a car while tripping on LSD. We were all at an ICP concert and he and another friend of mine got separated from us. They left the concert and from what my other friend tells me shawn was trippin really hard ( I dont see how he was trippin any harder than his sister who had eatin the same amount of the orange gellies. Both he and his sister were experienced trippers who had been veterans of over 100 trips with between 5 and 11 hits of the Silver Creek liquid used each time.) and they were walking home on the interstate. Shawn wouldnt, in my opinion, have ever left the concert unless he was chasing my other friend or on a trip that was really heavy, possibly one of the gellies was more potent on the side of the row he got. Well, anyway, my other friend said shawn was asking for me and his sister and was kinda wiggin out and wouldnt go back to the concert. So they were on the highway and had to cross the road... they crossed the raod and my other friend made it across but Shawn was hit by a red truck ( which is still at large )who didnt stop and then his head was crushed by another car that ran him over. It is one of the most terrible things that I can think of that has happend to me and I would really like to see nothing of the sort happen to anyone... that why you should ALWAYS BE SAFE while trippin' and if you plan on trippin KEEP you FRIENDS AROUND and DONT get SEPARATED.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5445
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 18, 2002Views: 17,556
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Cannabis (1), LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7)

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