Stimulant? Relaxant? Hard to Say
Citation:   pablo. "Stimulant? Relaxant? Hard to Say: An Experience with Calamus (exp5418)". Mar 2, 2001.

25 g oral Calamus (roots)
I have experimented with calamus on other occasions, using lesser amounts(up to 8 grams), and have found its effects to be somewhat stimulating, but only in the psychic sense. Its effects on the body seem to be more relaxing than anything. A curious combination. I also found that chewing and swallowing the root was an unpleasant experince, to say the least.

With that in mind, I tried a different approach in this latest experiment. I measured out 25g of dried root, then reduced it to powder in a blender. This I mixed with a glass of milk and slugged down in 2 big gulps. I did this at home, having several days off in which to recuperate, if it should turn out to be necessary. About 15 minutes later, I began to feel a warm, tingly sensation throughout my body, and my head seemed as though it were swelling, a sensation I've often felt when using marijuana.

Mentally, I felt alert and awake. The bodily sensations gradually grew in intensity over the next hour, and I began to have some slight visual disturbances, as if the after-images of the things I looked at were becoming more solid and persistent. One thing I noticed was that the experience was easily controllable. Whenever I got involved in doing anything, or conversing with someone, the 'buzz' would dissipate, but would come back when I relaxed. This condition persisted for about 6 hours. Whenever I sat down to read, or anything not requiring a lot of activity, the sensations started to build again. I never did have any full-blown 'hallucinogenic' effects (i.e, mescaline), but it was a very warm, pleasant buzz the whole time. I suspect the lack of hallucinogenic effects is simply dose-related. Working with dried root, I can only estimate the oil concentration remaining in the roots, and hence any amount I take is only a guess based on the effects noted from the last experiment.

It is my understanding that the oils degrade over time, and the roots lose their activity, so perhaps I just need a larger dose. At any rate, I suffered no ill effects, and no after-effects. I found it to be a pleasant experience. I could best describe it as a borderline psychedelic experience. I hope to crack the 'hallucinogenic' threshold in a future trial.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5418
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 2, 2001Views: 23,266
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