Beach Trip Trippin
Citation:   DOIBoy. "Beach Trip Trippin: An Experience with DOI (exp54020)". Jan 18, 2008.

2 hits oral DOI (blotter / tab)
  1 repeated smoked Cannabis  
This story takes place over three days. My friend (C. Jack) and I decided to eat some beans that were Methamphetamine based. We each ate two and almost immediately (fifteen minutes later) started to feel them the roll started to kick in, but this story is not about roll it is about DOI.

After the roll party my friend and I proceeded to continue on with our day now that the sun was rising and there was no sign of the roll’s energy effects wearing out anytime soon. Throughout the day C. Jack and I were discussing a trip to the beach which from where we are is about a five and a half hour drive. We pitched the idea to our friend Hans and he agreed that it would be a fun trip to take.

We left our area at about eight o’clock, at eight twenty I started to ingest the two hits of DOI I had on me. At the two hour mark the early signs of the drug started to kick in and reds, and blues were now becoming brighter and lights were starting to shift patterns. The DOI hit me in wave-like patterns, coming in and hitting me hard then withdrawing and hitting me again. We were almost to the half way mark on the map and decided to stop at a rest area.

Hans who had been driving for quite some time now needed to stop to walk around and smoke a joint. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] First we walked into the help center at the rest stop to use the bathroom and ask for directions, by this time the DOI had intensified itself to what I thought would be the plateau. Hans walked into the help center first, while I closely followed behind, the first person we see is a security guard, Hans at this point had forgotten that he had a beer in his hand. After using the bathroom we returned to the front desk and started to talk to the guard to make things seem okay, then asked him for directions. The guard started to show me a map of the area we were in, but all of the roads were marked with red lines, making this very hard for me to keep my cool in front of a rent-a-cop.

After we left the help center, we went outside and smoked a joint. Walking a short distance from our car we sat down and began to smoke, moments later we see the security guard come outside, we were not in any trouble, but by this time I was starting to trip extremely hard, and realized that if we were in the situation where we would have to run I would not know which way to run, although the car was in plain sight less than a hundred feet away from us. We piled back into the car and began to drive again, we eventually made it to the beach by two-thirty.

Hans and his girlfriend eat the same type of roll that I had taken the night before the roll starts to kick in and they eventually went for a “walk” leaving me on the beach alone by myself. By the time the DOI was stating to plateau on me while I watched the ocean and night sky. To put it simply I had never seen anything more beautiful in my entire life. I stood on the beach for the next two hours and power tripped by myself. Eventually my friends got back from their walk and began to tell me the story about how they met. I don’t know how long the story lasted but to put it this way it was pitch black at time the story had begun and when it was over the sun was starting to rise.

My friend and I went for a walk because I had realized that we were out of money and I only had checks on me that were out of state. With this fear of being stranded my friend returned to his girlfriend and proceeded to take another walk with her leaving me again by this time I was at the six hour marker. Eventually the sun started to rise which I cannot even start to describe what it was like, but I noticed that the sun was rising fairly fast and started to become paranoid of the beach patrol that would soon be making their rounds.

I packed all of our items (three towels, a camera, a CD player, and a sleeping bag) into my friend’s purse. After the sun rose and my friends had returned my friend Hans and I franticly thought about how we were going to obtain the money to make the trip home we eventually made it to Wal-Mart seeing if we could receive cash back on an out of state check, at this certain Wal-Mart there were neon signs everywhere. This was at about ten o’clock and I was still in plateau stage of the trip. My friend standing in line was clicking off his fingers as an effect of the roll. The clerk told us that a nearby grocery store would allow us to get the necessary money to make it home.

We then began to look around the city for things to do before we headed out of town. After we had been to different head shops we eventually left at about twelve the day after we got there. On the way home the DOI was still hit hard in the car. Realizing now that I had not eaten or slept in three days, I decided to lay down in the back seat. I suddenly rose up about ten minutes later after my friend had swerved into the median and swerved back out. The next thing I see is my friends girlfriend take a hit from my pipe and blew smoke everywhere in the car, immediately after that I see my friend Hans turn an extreme white and scream “OH NO, OH NO” I looked back and a state trooper was right behind us with eight different lights going at one time, I was still in the plateau stage at this time, knowing we were completely fucked my friend started to pull over, and by some miracle the cop decided to pass us.

Eventually we got back to Hans’ house took showers and went to meet his girlfriend again. We the proceeded to go to C. Jack’s house and chill. At this time I was in the twenty hour mark of my trip. My friend Lance and I left C. Jack’s place and went to Lance’s. At the twenty-eight hour mark I started to come down and crashed. Over all I was not prepared for this trip it was fun and intense and I would do it again if I could.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54020
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 18, 2008Views: 10,494
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DOI (259) : Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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