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An Unexpected Journey
H.B. Woodrose Seeds
by Amy
Citation:   Amy. "An Unexpected Journey: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose Seeds (exp540)". Sep 14, 2000.

5 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
I have never tripped before in my life. I am a freshman in college, 19 years of age. I have experimented with MDMA and other forms of Ecstasy, MJ, etc. Nothing hard-core at all. Went to visit Daniel and he suggested we try these seeds together (both first-timers). We ate a huge dinner and took the seeds around 11:30 PM. He had soaked the seeds in water for about three hours and we scraped the brown fuzz off with our fingernails. We chewed them up and swallowed them. Tasted like peanuts, not bad at all. Felt the beginning effects about 15 min. later while walking in Wal-Mart. Found Dramamine and took it. The nausea was no big deal...felt a bit heavy in the bottom of my stomach, but other than that, no vomiting.

12:30 PM- Smacked-out roll feeling. Generally happy.

1 AM- Went to a deserted beach (Sardis) and I laid on my back feeling as though I could not move while Daniel danced around free-spririted. Cigarettes were absolutely amazing, admitting bright orange tracers...fascinating visuals that were extremely vivid.

1:45 AM- We walked in the enveloping darkness to the water's edge and felt as though we could walk across the water without any difficulty. Looked to our left and and we both saw four dark figures walking towards us. We were overcome with fright and extreme paranoia...stopped in our tracks feeling as though neither of us could move. We were genuinely scared for about five minutes! As we were walking along the sand, looking down at it, it appeared to be large canyons, such as that of the Grand Canyon in a way. I felt as if I was sinking in the sand but could walk fine. I viewed the below sand as shapes of the world, my footprints causing large pools and lakes in that vast miniature Earth.

2 AM- Began to see holograms around bright objects. The moon had an aura around it that was beautiful. We concentrated on car lights moving slow. There was a distinct iris around the lights consisting of red, green, orange, and yellow. I held a prism from the lights in my hand and was able to contort it in any way or shape. It was as though the 'prism' was physically solid and I could touch it and move it. Quite amazing.

2:30 AM- Attempted to enter a Chevron back in town to buy some water and felt as though everyone was planning a conspiracy against us. The cashier, I know, was hiding a shotgun under the counter and she looked at me as though she knew everything I had ever done in my life wrong. She was the devil at that moment. Intense. Ventured to the guy's house who had given the seeds to Daniel and I. Everyone there had eaten their fair share of the seeds. Daniel and I sat transfixed on the floor watching a poster. I could turn the poster into any color I wanted and move the figures in all different ways. Holograms and tracers were still vivid at this point. Street lights possessed a strange ring of neon blue around them that was absolutely beautiful. I had never seen such vivid colors and shapes in my life. Quite strange that Daniel and I were tripping the same visions, etc. We felt the same always.

3 AM- Felt extremely exhausted for some unknown reason. Felt the lethargy lurking behind my eyes. Had a great over-all body buzz still going. Felt numb in my eyes and especially behind my head towards my neck...almost as though everything 'buzzed.' We both decided to attempt to sleep. Walked into a dark room that felt as though it was 1000 feet long. I was walking into a strange tunnel that swirled around me. We both layed down and closed our eyes. I knew Daniel was fine and enjoying the experience. He mentioned that everything was as a kaleidoscope of visions, shapes, and colors. I closed my eyes to find that my head would not leave me alone. I could not reason with any of the thoughts that entered every milisecond. I was quickly driving myself into a non-reality that I could not get out of.

3:30 AM- Could not stand the insanity any longer! My thoughts were racing and my mind was eating itself inside out. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom calling to Daniel. I began to try and compose myself but failed miserably after I looked at the pattern on the bathroom wall. The ceiling was rippling, as well as my whole body. The pattern on the wall was contorting itself in swirls and mixtures of intense colors. My head buzzed and I could feel hotness in my ears. My hands were clammy. I had to get out of there!

3:45 AM- Threw on my shoes and went out in the cold with nothing but my PJs with Daniel. Walked around in circles trying to reason with my thoughts. Smoked a lot and figured out that I was definitely in another dimension. Not even what one would consider a third dimension...this had to be like the tenth dimension of a world that did not even exist. I knew I was going insane, lost in a world of raw chaos. I could not get comfortable and I had nothing to ground me.

4 AM- Daniel and I decided to drive to the next town and back just to get my mind distracted. I knew he was going through the exact same intensity as I but he later told me that because he was so focused on keeping me from suicide, he remained calm. I began to see extremely intense visuals and rapid hallucinations. Splotches would remain within my area of vision for what seemed to be hours and visions were so rapid that I could not focus on just one. They were ever-changing and constantly distorting. I could not look at Daniel for more then two seconds because his face and hands would morph into something or someone unrecognizable. At one point I saw the skin from my fingers melting away replaced by boiling blood. I looked at Daniel and saw Jesus Christ with a halo. Later, I realized I was 'peaking,' lasting about one hour. I kept sticking my feet out the window of the truck and rocking back and forth. I thought about the padded walls I would soon be visiting as soon as he got me to the insane asylum. That is where I needed to be. And I remember thinking that I was NEVER going to come back from this insanity as I kept chanting over and over again,'We have got to do something....we have got to stop this!' If there is a hell, that was it. That was hell. I tried everything. I wanted to make it beneficial. I thought about happy things. I tried to do normal things in a mere attempt to bring myself back down to normality. Nothing worked. I needed suicide I thought.

4:45 AM- An hour passed and I was recovering from my bout with intense chaotic insanity. My head ached for rest and my eyes would not close though I was exhausted and drained of all energy. Everything still seemed as a kaliedoscope and the ripples were still ever-present. The whole trip was intense and Daniel and I had to wait until 8 AM until we could go to bed.

I would recommend drinking vast amounts of water to get the 'hell' out your body quicker. I slept until 5 PM the next day. We both woke up to a feeling of being 'strung-out' and just generally out of it for the rest of the day. Hunger returned and eating helped the feeling. I was fine but still felt the effects of distorted vision. The back of my head was still buzzing.

Though I experienced what I thought was the most horrible thing in my life, I will never regret doing it. I will probably do it again. The experience definitely altered my state of thinking and opened doors to a world of philosophy unencountered. My thoughts are more vast and mature. The correlation between thought and word is now clarified. Many writings will be produced as a result of my experience with HBWR. I would NOT recommend HBWR to those weak in thought and shallow in mind. It truly is a journey, a TRIP, to experience. Be careful with it. HBWR is not to be fucked with when taken correctly.

I have no basis for comparison but from my experience alone with HBWR, I KNOW it is GOOD. I was pushed to the edge of sanity and brought back again as soon as I could not handle it.

I remember experiencing alienation, could not catch my breath, dehydration and intense thirst though I could not drink anything. Music was great and nature was absoultey amazing. Thoughts were intense as well as vision.
Depression and indifference has folI have never tripped before in my life.
If you enjoy insantiy, give HBWR a try. I know that it will soon dissipate but I also know the my reality will never be the same again. If you enjoy insanity, give HBWR a try!

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 540
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Sep 14, 2000Views: 17,605
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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