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Love Potion
H.B. Woodrose Seeds
by Jay
Citation:   Jay. "Love Potion: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose Seeds (exp5377)". Jan 14, 2002.

8 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose


My eagerly anticipated package came at about 3:00, right as my mom came home. 'What's this?' she asked. 'Just a stupid toy...' I said. She probably thought it was a sex-toy or something.

I went right to my room and got my equipment. A razor, tweezers, and a candle. I poured out four batches of eight seeds and went to work scrapping them. Once I got as much of the white crust off as possible, I held them each briefly over a flame, one by one.

Later, at 5:00 PM three friends and I put our seeds in our mouths. I chewed mine up as much as I could, and kept chewing as the unpleasent, but not horrifying seeds started to naturally get absorbed into the rest of my mouth's fluids.

I was amazed at how fast these seeds kicked in. It usually takes me an hour to feel acid kicking in, but after about 15 minutes I knew it was working. Another 30 minutes and I felt like I was stoned off pot, but much more alert.

This feeling progressed rapidly for a couple hours. It was strange how subtly but quickly the trip went from a stoned feeling, to a TRIP feeling. Like I was high on pot, and before I knew it I was high on something else.

Around the time this switch took place, we were all in an icecream shop to use the bathroom. At the beginning of the experience I felt a little bit nausious, but I didn't need to puke. I stupidly thought it'd be safe to eat a doughball (I was hungry since I fasted all day prior), and about 30 seconds after eating it my trip turned to hell.

I felt totally miserable and sick and thought to myself, 'this is a really stupid, crappy drug.' The feeling got worse and worse, and I started to realize I needed to puke. I rushed to the bathroom and immediately hurled. I absolutely HATE vomiting, and it's much much worse under the influence of a psychedelic. I puked a little more a minute later, and all of a sudden I was thrusted into euphoria. I felt absolutely great. In two seconds I went from feeling totally miserable (I was actually contemplating calling my mom and telling her I had food poisoning), to feeling great.

This whole trip wasn't really cutting it for me though. It wasn't the drug's fault, but I just wasn't satisfied with what we were doing. My girlfriend decided that we needed a weekend apart, and this was really getting to me. I missed her terribly, and knew that something was wrong. I was withdrawn from the group and my surroundings, really only interested in thinking about her and myself.

I believe that any tripper should follow his instincts and do exactly what he thinks he should do (short of stepping in front of busses), so I excused myself from my friends and their pseudo-intellectual babble.

It was about 9:00 PM I started walking, wondering what to do. I wasn't supposed to do it, but I HAD to see my girlfriend. Otherwise I would have gone home and been miserable. I called her cellphone, but it just rang for about three minutes. I started crying, desperate for a way to find her. I called her house, and her mom told me she was seeing a play at her school - but somehow I already knew this.

Everything instantly clicked. I realized what our problem was. She was very much in love with me, and I was very much in love with her. The problem was I was never SURE of my love, I always thought there was something wrong with it. I doubted it somehow. I never really showed her I loved her. I told her, but that wasn't enough. She SHOWED me, but I never returned it. Of course she was trying to somehow become less dependent on me. She was in love with someone who didn't seem to reciprocate.

I sprinted four blocks to the bus stop, and just made the bus. I found her school downtown, and they let me in for free to see the last of their play, 'West Side Story.' I sat in the back, not very interested in the amatuer effort. During the standing ovations I snuck out and waited near the exit where I could see everyone leaving, but they couldn't see me.

After a few minutes of slowly progressing play-goers I saw her leaving with her friend. I didn't hesitate. I quickly walked up to her, and on the steps (we were surrounded by other people) I tapped her on the shoulder. She looked at me and was at first shocked, but she could see the emotion in my eyes and we so romantically and amazingly embraced. I couldn't help but crying. Her friend got us to my girlfriend's car. In the backseet I told her everything I figured out. I had conquered my own demons, and I had my chance to SHOW her I love her. That's exactly what I did. She was very happy I found her and did what I did. She missed me just as much.

Now our relationship is super hunky-dorie... and I must say that without the HBWR, I probably wouldn't have had the guts, emotional clarity, and creativity to do what I did.

Okay, sorry about all the sappy stuff, but it was what my trip was all about, so it's important.

Here's some general stuff about the experience: The coming up is much more pleasant than LSD's onset, mainly because it's faster, smoother, and more certain. The peak wasn't nearly as intense. I was down by about 1:30, so it didn't last as long as acid either. I experienced no hallucinations, although I could force some visuals. This is no LSD. On LSD I could look at a landscape and see millions of mouths in the plants opening and closing for breathing. It's still an amazing drug, however, exspecially considering how easily obtainable it is.

Although it's superficial in a sense, the visuals that come from acid are to me an important part of tripping. It just makes it mind-blowing, and in a way makes the mental trip more profound because I feel more removed from everyday reality, and better able to see it objectively. That's my only real disappointment with HBWR.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5377
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 14, 2002Views: 16,905
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