High-Dose Difficulty
Citation:   Xorkoth. "High-Dose Difficulty: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp53471)". Erowid.org. May 31, 2006. erowid.org/exp/53471

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41 mg oral 2C-T-7  
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
11:30 - Ingested 41mg of 2C-T-7. Wow, it tastes horrible! Really, really sickening.

1:00 - Multiple dry heaving sessions. My thoughts are really turned badly at the moment. I feel a bit obsessive-compulsive. I feel like this drug could really cause a great deal of confusion and delusion.

Color distortion is already massive, and morphing/growing/shrinking.

1:27 - This comeup in agonizing this time. I've puked countless times, and it's all dry heaving. A foamy substance whose color I can't make out.

1:45 - Dark Side of the Moon hasn't really...

3:33 - 'The Animals'. Wow

4:32 - This became extremely psychedelic in every sense at this higher dose. I was riding the razor's edge pretty much the entire time until the peak ended. I barely even knew what was going on. I felt like a terrified animal. Of course this feeling is familiar. But it's certainly been a while. And it took me by surprise, that's for sure. That was really, REALLY intense. Pink Floyd, though, has done a lot of guide me through it.

I definitely could have done better for myself while in this state.

5:16 - Bedtime


The notes preceding this were all I managed to take. The intensity of this experience caught me a little bit off guard.

After I ingested the 2C-T-7, I laid down in my bed and watched some TV with my girlfriend. In my previous trials, with 20mg and 30mg, the come-up was very slow, almost excrutiating at times, but smooth and pleasant. It took until about 2 hours to really even begin to feel it at all strongly, with a peak at around 3.5 to 4. So imagine my surprise when at T+1:10, I felt a large wave come over me, and I had to run to the bathroom to throw up what tiny amount of contents my stomach contained. As I threw up, I noticed that, like last time, it was very acidic and left my throat feeling a bit scalded. As I finished my upheaval, I noticed that the pieces of vomit in the toilet were beginning to slide around and slowly change color. I knew then that my experience was going to be strong this time, although it was only a bit over an hour in, the visual effects were already stronger than they ever get with most psychedelics.

I went back upstairs and got back in bed, and continued to watch TV. At this point my girlfriend was basically asleep, so I was laying there all alone, which was okay with me since I felt too strange to be carrying on conversation. The feeling throughout my body was not like the come-up feelings of my previous trials. Those time, the body energy reminded me of MDMA moreso than anything else, although it wasn't the same. This time, it felt crawly, restless, and slightly disconcerting. It wasn't long before I realized I had to puke again. So I did. It was the same as the previous time, except that I only had the small amount of spit that I had swallowed to throw up. It came out as a white foam. I think it was white, though it was hard to say, as it changed between pink and red and blue and green and yellow and white in the toilet. By this time, all the faint lines in the toilet had begun dramatically waving and bending and shifting.

I went back upstairs again, and laid back down. It was barely T+1:30, and already the visual effects were much stronger than the previous trials I had attempted. My room was slowly but dramatically waving around before me, constantly shifting proportion, and the walls were awash in various colors. I realized that all the movement and body energy was making me both sweaty, and at the same time, slightly sick to my stomach. It wasn't long before I had to puke again. And again. And again. Each time it was a small amount of foamy substance, although I also swallowed some spit each time.

By this time, I had had a small seed of nagging worry planted in my mind. Slowly, my mind started to become twisted by delusion. I didn't realize it was happening at first, as with previous trials, I found my mind to remain completely clear, in fact, crystal clear was the phrase I used. These delusions were not pleasant because of my unsure state of mind. They were predominated by thoughts of death and pain. As I started to realize that I was being sucked into delusion, I began to think about what would happen if I woke up the next morning unaware of what I had done the night before. Considering I was freaking out a bit, I wondered if I would do something violent.

I began to have thoughts about waking up and finding out that I had gone on a rampage, and finding the dead bodies of my girlfriend and cats laying around. These thoughts made me very uncomfortable because as much as I was trying to cinvince myself that they were just bad thoughts, I kept slipped into a state of mind where I thought that my mind was trying to warn me that it was going to happen, that I was seeing the future as a warning. After all, this was just barely at T+2:00, and the peak was definitely not here yet. I wondered how much more intense it would get, and how much more the delusional properties would grow.

At this point the comeup was becoming agonizing. Every time I thought about the terrible things that I might do by accident, my nausea would bubble up and I would run to the bathroom to dry heave, amidst the swirling and color-changing landscape. At about T+2:15, I realized that I really needed something to ground me because I was having trouble realizing which of my thoughts were real and which were dark fantasies, so I decided that even though I didn't originally intend on spending my time on the Internet, I really needed to get online and at least read through the communications of other people, to get my mind off myself. After all, if I was going to be sucked into a world of delusion, I'd much prefer to imagine that I was in the experiences of others than to be stuck in some dark and murderous world of my own making.

I signed onto a web forum and began reading through the numerous new posts. I also realized I hadn't been listening to music this whole time, and of course I'm well aware of the ability of good music to shape emotion and the psychedelic experience. So I put on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, and began to listen to the soothing melodies. I also continued to get bouts of sudden nausea every 10 or 15 minutes until about T+3:00 or T+3:30, but I learned that all I had to do was lean back in my chair and avoid swallowing, and they would pass. I came to realize that my swallowing every time the nausea came up and after throwing up was causing my spit to enter my stomach, which it would subsequently throw up a few minutes later, hence the white foamy substance.

The absense of regular and violent puking sessions started to smooth the experience out a little bit. It still remained very abrasive for the duration of the experience until a lower plateau was reached, but it was no longer overwhelming. As I reached a peak, I was in the middle of Dark Side of the Moon. My consciousness and thought patterns were behaving in a way that I'm not sure if I can explain. They were moving furiously as if they had a mind of their own. It was very psychedelic, much moreso than I had expected considering that people generally describe the 2C-T-7 experience as being remarkably clear-headed. Of course had I been on mushrooms or some other extremely mental psychedelic at the intensity level I was at with this, I'd have been much more out there mentally, but still, this was powerfully mental.

During the whole experience, I was bouncing back and forth between sitting on the razor's edge and having a very twisted but amazing time. By being on the computer, I was aware that I was sacrificing some of the visuals, which I had accepted as a fair trade for mental stability, but I was still altered visually in a very strong and unique way. No drug has ever had so much color alteration for me. The walls around me were so awash in colors that I couldn't really tell what color they were at any given point. A bright yellow light that was coming from my closet light was appearing at a deep red. The street lights and such coming from outside the window were an assortment of colors, including bright orange, green, blue, and red. The massive morphing and perspective changing was what being on the computer muted significantly, but still, anything I looked at for more than a glance began moving more and more, with very smooth, crawling distortions.

The energy coursing through my body was strong and pulsing, and kept me on edge but was also paradoxically pleasurable. I continued to read through the forum's posts, and witnessed some interesting heated discussions, to which I wanted to reply, but I felt I wouldn't have been able to string coherent responses together. Whenever I came upon something that I felt reflected my current state, I managed a quick one-line response.

At some point, I moved on to another website. Reading other's experiences in this state was excellent, and they really affected me deeply. I especially was affected by dark and creepy experiences. I read one about a person's terrifying and twisted mushroom trip, and when I got to a part about where they were just coming up on the beach, and they suddenly found a seagull's mutilated body which had obviously been sacrificed to a local dark cult's ceremony, this imagery became very overwhelming for me and I sat there whirling in my head about it. I felt very emotionally receptive, unlike my previous lower-dose trials. Similarly, the music affected me very much, and I was definitely hearing the various Pink Floyd albums I listened to in new and unique ways. These albums included Dark Side, The Wall, Delicate Sound of Thunder, a mix CD I made, and The Animals. I particularly enjoyed The Animals in this state, as I've listened to it the least of all of my Pink Floyd albums but it's really a great one. Some lines from it really stood out as being beautiful poetry.

At this point I can't really remember everything going on in my head, unfortunately. It was slightly traumatizing, I remember, because it would fluctuate bewteen being very euphoric and entertaining, and darkly abrasive and almost overwhelming. I remember continually thinking, 'Man, this chemical is really psychedelic at higher doses!'. Something was going on in my head involving free association and patterns, but it's just too hazy at this point to remember.

Eventually I came down enough that it became entirely enjoyable, though much weaker. Strangely, I found that at this point (About 4:30, or T+5:00) the visuals were just about gone, with only some leftover color enhancement. This goes against most of what I've read about this chemical. At a little after 5, I was able to go to sleep almost instantly and got a pretty good night's sleep, in fact. I woke up feeling nice and refreshed, and ready to take on my day.


For my first high-dose 2C-T-7 experiment, I have mixed feelings. On the positive side, I discovered that this material really is quite psychedelic, unlike my lower dose experiments have led me to believe. It's also dramatically visual. I think there's a lot of exploration to do here at some point. I found music to be enhanced slightly, and it was very unique to listen to the music in this state. I heard things in the songs I listened to that I've never heard before, sober or otherwise.

On the negative side, the visuals didn't approach the level that I've heard from others. The world was in constant flux, but I could VERY easily still make out what was in front of me. I was fairly functioning when I wasn't incapacitated with irrational fear. I am also concerned about the nausea, although I think that by having NOTHING whatsoever in my stomach, even the residual scraps of a long-past dinner, I would mostly eliminate it. Still, the nausea this time was very severe and alarming, and caused my trip to get pretty difficult.

But the main disappointment I have is with myself. I was unable to get past the initial body load, and as a result, I descended into some delusion from which I felt the only escape was to ground myself with online communication and activities, which I'm trying to minimize while tripping because I don't really think it's a worthwhile tripping activity. it's fun, sure, but I never really get a whole lot out of it, except on a few substances (2C-I and sometimes DOC come to mind. Actually, I always get something from DOC, regardless of setting). I ended up really selling myself short on this one, which bothers me. It's something I need to work on, and next time I try 2C-T-7, it'll probably be with a slightly lower dosage, when I've more properly prepared.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53471
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 31, 2006Views: 19,647
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