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Indulge In Nature
Citation:   Baker. "Indulge In Nature: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp53191)". Jun 18, 2006.

T+ 0:00
2 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:00 2 bowls smoked Salvia divinorum (plant material)
  T+ 1:30 30 mg smoked 2C-T-7 (capsule)
It was about 7:30, me and my friend start liquid dancing, enjoying ourselves with our own eccentric ways outside a Chinese restaurant as we wait for our food. We express our individualized coded tripper humour that can only be learnt through hours of pushing those little trigger buttons that light each other up. Those little triggers are found being close friends for quite some time. We laugh in anticipation of the night as people look at us with confused expressions. I know Chinese is a bad idea considering the choices of drug consumption that Iím thinking of. After building a weird audience out of no where we decide itís time to leave and pick up our friends, in our new (but old Peugeot 504, well used) doof mobile!

Weíre picking up friends and before we know it, our group has expanded from 2 to 4 as two people join the crew spontaneously, followed by a 2 more planned pickups and then back down to 5 as one of them pulls out. The 8 seater doof mobile feels a little more lonely, but hey itís more comfy now with more room. We sit on the highway ridiculing things we all dislike, laughing at the ironies of life and indulging in some outdated mainstream music across all genres, including some old techno goldies. Hehe. Sipping on bourbon and coke ambient evolves into progressive as we get closer and closer to the event.

After a few pit stops we get out onto a dirt track and our excitement builds. I can feel our drivers excitement build too, as he sticks the high beams on and accelerates into the night, loving every bit of it. As we move faster into the darkness, we all begin to wake up to arrive at a gate at about 1:30. Followed by several more gates, each one being a tiny bit closer, the music pounding a tiny bit louder until finally we are there and I can see mystical lights blaring through the trees and a blaring psytrance bassline pumping across the ground up the valley. I step out of the car and a chill of euphoria races up my spine to match a brisk cold breath of fresh country air against my skinÖ We are here!!!

Walking through, the scene reveals itself and we see a huge laser blazing through the trees bearing awesome silhouettes, making it appear as if another world. The forest is alive, yum, Iím in a magical, mysteriously fog filled (which only adds to the effect of the lights), psychedelic playground. I recognize some familiar faces and am treated to a couple puffs from a joint and 2 cones of salvia. This sets me into an interesting mind state to start the night off. Which can best be described as blocks of scene missing as I sit there trying to unscramble my irregular disjointed thought patterns. So what am I doing, Iím dancingÖ scene missingÖ wait, why am I dancing, oh yeahÖ scene missing.. ok what the fuck was that, oh wow Iíve never thought about my life in that way. Strings of perception that bind me to reality, all my addictions to sleep, sex, breathing, eating, drugs, etc.. are all connected and if I were to cut one off and come that much closer to existing in the moment, I may be schizophrenicÖ Too bad I have no control and canít just cut them all off to reach nirvana, heh. I wouldnít do that, I have to show everyone else how great thisÖ oops, scene missing. :p

An hour and a half later, Iím starting to feel relatively normal again and by this time Iím offered a 2c-t-7 capsule which I eat at about 3:20. As I wait for it to kick in, I wonder around chatting to a few friends, randomís and playing with some firesticks, I love fire twirling and want to do it in my sobriety in case these activities become too difficult when I have an affair with 2c-t-7ís intoxication.

I gather up a few friends and head to the chill out area as my capsule begins to take effect, itís about 4:40 I think, but canít tell because Iíve lost all records of time, other then the light of the moon in the sky and the eventual sunrise. My friends start falling into acid giggles and somehow pull me in with them, and I joke about the possibilities of dying from laughter. What if I reached a point where you laughed so hard that I actually died, probably of suffocation, well Iíd pass out first, but what if someone was laughing permanently and for sayÖ 10 years, they couldnít stop laughing and physically had to shove food down there throat to survive, until 10 years down the track they just gave up.. too much laughter, oh noÖ keep that god dam feather away from my foot, IT HURTS!!! (pardon me?)

As the 2c-t-7 quickly begins to build with intensity Iím bombarded with multiple feelings that bring on a mild confusion. I feel like I need to urinate and I also feel like I night to empty my stomach contents. I feel like I could easily vomit but have no desire too, just that it feels like I have full control over my gagging reflex. This along with confused temperature control and a bit of gas, I start losing some trains of thought as it appears to turn somewhat psychedelic but remains rather clearheaded, thus leaving a state of confused clarity. Or clarified confusionÖ I start discussing worldwide religion and the overall repetitious nature of all the arguments when it seems like most religions are based purely on nitpicking pedantically about something that essentially seems to me to be the same belief (Iím entitled to my opinion yeah, Iíd just rather people didnít get violent when they argued). But itís a doof, everyoneís cool with whatever you say, thank god ,)
We discuss DNA in relationship to Buddhism, Taoism, DMT and expression of individualism. A birth of a universe, we are insignificant, psychedelic philosophy, yet it isnít fresh in my mind. There seems to be no emotionally opening aspect to this 2c-t-7 and in that sense feels a bit alien, but does perhaps make me more appreciative of previous insights.

My mind runs wild, as I chat to a few more randoms and they inquisitively ask about my psychoactive experiences, life experiences about neuroscience/psychology and philosophy as well as how Iím feeling on 2c-t-7. Iím handling the situation just fine, however I notice that occasionally Iíll stutter or hit brick walls where I completely lose my train of thought. I want to hear about the people Iím meeting and how theyíve come to be where they are but Iím slowly slipping into a puddle of hallucinations and decide itís time to move on, not really too empathic or physically euphoric like 2c-b, and my train of thought isnít as straight forward although still relatively sober feeling.

I stand up and look at the fire, if I tilt my head to the side the ground appears to alter in gravity and my best analogy would be to the way a hologram looks unnatural. However having my eyes create a similar effect on pure 3D natural objects is quite astonishing. Thoughts run freely in my head and seem to be accompanied by a host of visual features, colours, patterns and intense rainbow trails when anything moves. I begin hearing beautiful sounds as my heart speeds with excitement accompanying a semi euphoric but confusing and dirty headspace at the same time. Rather then having a widened perspective of the world it appears as though I am seeing the images in front of me multiple times from different perspectives and the hallucinations occur through a blending of these images rather then LSD which seems to create a widened image and it feels like I am taking more in. The body load isnít too bad and doesnít feel as nice as 2c-b however the aphrodisiac qualities seem to show themselves. I experience fairly strong synesthesia I confuse colours for sound and visa versa. I feel the music almost as if itís controlling my temperature which makes it rather confusing understanding how hot I am, but all around fun when I know Iím safe by the level of steam emanating from my lungs in the thick night air. It is creating some quite awesome visual and physical effects but is quite upsetting that it doesnít have the mental effects to match it.

It feels as though it is trying to centre my chakras but perhaps because of the Chinese I ate earlier or the shoes Iím wearing, I am slightly off, and this is causing my confusion. Everything would be perfect otherwise had I sorted out these rings of existence that support my body and mind. Salvia and cannabis would have had an influence too, I was not entirely centered as I usually am and this could have had an overall impact on its effects however I acknowledge this and feel better after a little meditation.

The sun rises to reveal a beautiful valley, covered in a layer of frost that makes the countryside look even more lush and comforting, combined with the hallucinogenic effects of 2c-t-7 it looks truly incredible, an orgasm exposing itself on the surface of my eyes. These beautiful hues of blue creep up over the top of the hill and reveal an awesome creamy valley with blue eucalyptus in the air and colourful aromas to taint my ears.

One of my friends gets lost on a fair bit of acid as he reaches ego dissolution and has no idea whatís going on, just wondering into the bush. So we go over and rescue him before he loses himself, and I imagine a life out in the open living by myselfÖ have always wanted to live in south America or something similar alongside nature with someone special in simple blissful harmony, living as close to the moment as they come. Combined with the 2c-t-7 my traditional thoughts were enhanced, yet when I tried to describe my ideas theyíd quite often fall flat on their face. Nothing inspirational however, nothing out of the ordinary just greater appreciation of previous ideas. I loved the effect of closing my eyes and having the image remain in perfect form on the back of my eyelids and sometimes with my hearing it was like I could hear and see them walk past like I was viewing them through a third eye

I eventually got hungry at about 10 and headed back to the car to eat some lunch, which was surprisingly easy and helped subtract the lethargy and tiredness I was feeling to replace with an even stronger sense of clarity. Soon after I decided that we had to get home eventually as I basked on the hood of the car watching as the sun slowly rose higher and higher, turning the grass golden and making the green trees look ever so beautiful with a blue sky behind, evolving into a semi cloudy sky. The fluffy white combined with a menacing grey looked quite erotic as I watched them swirl into different patterns, with the clouds up close looking like what happens when I twirl a stick up with fairy floss.

After a refreshing lunch, I headed back into the grounds to gather my friends, and indulge in some tasty beats before we left, sitting between the dnb/breaks and the psy/goa arena I was in euphoria as the sounds resonated through the valley to create awesome melodic beats that warmed my heart and soul, those who know these sounds can appreciate the euphoria and trance state that they can create. Anyway at about 12 we decided it was time to head off, and we nominated the sober driver.

As we headed off, I relaxed in the backseat thinking of my night, and really appreciating the countryside. It looked as though the wisps of grass would form and grow into mature plants right in front of me combined with the speed we were traveling like. Purely amazing like an advertisement as I appreciated the great expanse of land advertising itself through my colourful hallucinations right in front of me. Soft grass, healthy kangaroos jumping past and a beautiful bush adding to the euphoria for my land. The clouds rolled by in front of me almost asymmetrical and curling into beautiful patterns in the sky and I imagined how passionate itíd be to spend a day out here alone with someone I loved, spending it passionately out in the open in the thick grass under the blue skyís eyes. Quite erotic thoughts, I believe 2c-t-7 to share 2c-bís erotic qualities

It wasnít so psychedelic, and was a bit messy at some points when combined with my fatigue and the Chinese, however I ended up enjoying it a fair bit towards the end. IF I am to dose again, I would probably dose lower next time to combat the confusion.

Overall not very enlightening as it perhaps led me to believe during the trip at some points in the night, but like 2c-b it was a fun experience just the same. 2cís feel like the candy/lollies of psychedelics, they donít quite get where LSD gets, but they still deliver. Not quite there with the empathic spirituality but when it comes to hallucinogenic entertainment, theyíre on par.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53191
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 18, 2006Views: 15,976
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2C-T-7 (54) : Rave / Dance Event (18), Glowing Experiences (4)

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