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Badly Thought Out, But Fun
Anadenanthera colubrina, Amphetamines, LSD & Cannabis
Citation:   Jude101. "Badly Thought Out, But Fun: An Experience with Anadenanthera colubrina, Amphetamines, LSD & Cannabis (exp53092)". Oct 9, 2007.

T+ 0:00
  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:00 4 seeds smoked Anadenanthera colubrina (ground / crushed)
  T+ 5:30 200 mg oral Amphetamines (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:30 1 cig. smoked Various (plant material)
  T+ 6:30 200 mg oral Amphetamines (powder / crystals)
  T+ 6:50 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 12:00 17 seeds insufflated Anadenanthera colubrina (ground / crushed)
This Experience begins on the afternoon of Friday 12th of May '06, in my London apartment. Both of my flat mates and I were due to travel to Ireland for the wedding of some mutual friends and former work colleagues. I had booked a half day from work in order to catch the 15:30 flight from Heathrow to Dublin airport. The night before, partly because we were due to travel the next day, and partly because of one of the most draining days of work thus far, my flat mate 'Gio' and I ended up staying up until after 4am smoking joint after joint, watching music and chatting before eventually going to bed heavily sedated. Unfortunately, I had to be in the office at 8:30 am the next morning and I still had to pack, shower and find my passport. Plus I just felt a real soporific effect from all the MJ and lack of sleep, so I decided on the spur of the moment not to go.

To tell the truth I had been dreading the trip. I have been skint for the past two weeks, as I get paid monthly and had spent big on a laptop, some ethogens, some 2c-i and 2ct2 and had a wardrobe update. Money does not go far in central London, If I had gone, I would have had no place to stay in Dublin, then the next morning use the very last of my cash to get a bus south to the wedding venue, be there with no money to get even a drink for myself, never mind anyone else, and the real bitch would then be to try and get a lift to the airport on Sunday in time for my early flight! I was going to do it, have done in the past, will again in the future. On this day? No.

T=0.00 So, I had a relaxed mindset, but just a little bit of agitation because of the wedding. Back at my flat I smoke some MJ and watch MTV2 and Kerrang for a few hours. The postman comes; He bears two packets of Anadenanthera Colubrina seeds, each one containing around 20 lovely mahogany coloured seeds varying in size from the size of a 1c (Euro) coin to a 2c coin -5/8mm diameter. My day just got better!

I make an inventory of various bits and pieces in my stash box - A VHS cover for the movie 'Leaving Normal' with the caption 'Sometimes the only way to find where you're going is to lose your way' Seemed appropriate somehow. My search turned up three almost full 1g deals of speed, Salvia 20x extract, a lone LSD tab from a potent black blotter which had the all seeing eye on the back, an eight of sticky MJ and skins.

I have no plans, My flatmates G and his girlfriend J are not due back until Monday, which may be a good thing. I do some research on preparation of the Colubrina, as this is to be my virgin journey with the plant. I had intended to make snuff, but not having the lime I decided against it for now and instead gave my weed grinder a good clean. That done, I ground up four seeds well and diced and chopped the resulting substance with a knife. I used just a tiny shred of tobacco and put the whole lot through the grinder again.

T+2.00It had been my intention to leave the mixture to dry for a few hours, but fifteen minutes later the temptation became too much. I used about a third of the material to pack a bowl in my small glass bong. I used a lighter with a small, strong flame and inhaled, and held. The smoke was harsh and strong, but not particularly unpleasant. The smell reminded me of, as a child, furze bushes burning near my family home. I held each toke for as long as possible and I also found, as with other reports, that my capacity to do so increased the more I smoked. I had three bowls in quick succession and I noticed the first effects quickly as I had a marked increase in neck tension, combined with a strange weightlessness in my lower body. I felt slightly euphoric, a little stoned and lay back on the couch and shut my eyes.

The CEV'S were faint, really little more than gently pulsating colours and I saw a few, but not many tracers. There was some very subtle changes in my perephial vision, just slight pulsation and colour change on the ceiling. The effects were pleasurable, but faint. A good introduction. After an hour I was completely baseline. Later on tonight I will attempt to make some snuff by using bicarbonate of soda in place of lime. I am also preparing some for smoking while I am at the peak of the acid trip.

T+5:30 I swallowed a wrap of speed in a rizla cigarette paper, I find it easier on the stomach that way, about 200mg, eyeballed, I know, I should have a scales. The research chemicals are not being touched until I get one next payday:( Anyhow, I digress, That's speed for you. The last few hours have been spent with U2 & The Ramones, I am playing with my camcorder, loading old videoclips I found of a party at my house in Ireland four years ago, before I started traveling. I also found some great clips and photos from my time in Barcelona. I lived there for one year until last August. This triggers a major wave of nostalgia, I skin a cone of MJ and also put in the last of the prepered anadenanthera smoking material. It gives the joint an extra tang that is not altogether unwelcome. I am informed that MJ seriously negates the DMT rush, even so; I feel a definite relaxation in my legs which feels nice. One of my hips, my thigh and my pelvis, all on my left side, had to be bolted back together five years ago, close to my 18th birthday. The principal componments of this accident were: Me, on a motorcycle and a van, no contest! Anyhow its better now, but usually the leg does ache quite a bit. Now, it feels perfect. No Pain. Nice.

T+6:15 I am totally relaxed. I think its around one or two in the morning. I prepare myself for the acid trip, mentally, taking stock. Life here is very fast, the last six months have gone by in a blur of work, travel, parties and some fairly memorable psychadellic espacades! Sometimes its too fast, but I love what I have built here since September. Rewarding job, a multitude of interesting people, clubs, galleries, theatres. There is a possibility now of moving up the country with my current flatmates. It has led to me questioning what direction I should be taking in life. I love to travel, but I also feel perhaps its time to better myself academically. Basically this would mean picking somewhere to be or to stay. The answer has not presented itself yet.

T+6:30 I take another wrap of speed, same size as the first. I have to prepare the room for tripping and make some snuff, also some for smoking at the peak of the trip.

T+6:50 Chewing the Acid tab. Nice taste, until three weekends ago I had not taken LSD in about two years. My mate let me know of some and I bought: Bloody pricey for Acid, 7 per tab. I got seven. I had a really intense and personal experience that I wont go into right now, on two tabs, and last weekend three of us had a nice trip, good, self affirming vibes all the way, I had 1.5 and my friends had one apiece

The snuff proved mercifully easy to make. I emptied one of the two seed packets and counted 17 seeds on the non stick frying pan. I turned up a medium flame, placed a pyrex glass saucepan lid over the seeds and watched them slowly heat up and swell over five or ten minutes until they popped. Removing them from the heat I shelled the seeds quickly, meeting minimal resistance. The aroma was once again quite pleasing. Lacking a Mortar and Pestle, Teacup and Knife Handle stepped in gallantly and stole the show.
I measured out about a quarter of the volume of the seed matter in Bicarbonate of Soda and ground them together with the abraisave cup base. The people who speak with authority on this seem to say it will only work with lime powder. And I never studied chemistry, but is bicarb soda not essentially, a base material, a more refined form of calcium??

T+7:15 While I can, I set up the laptop in a well lit area, I have a camera attached to this which I am going to switch on at intervals. I am aware of something beginning to build and want to finish my preparations. I will probably use a notepad from here on in to catch thoughts. A little pre-trip tension in my temples, and tactile awareness is definitely shifting.

T+12:00. There follows some notes I typed during that time:

'It's bright outside; fortunately at some point in the last three hours I seem to have covered just about every window in the flat. It's incredibly difficult to type at the moment as even now I have these eye catching visual distortions. This is not for the fainthearted!'

'At first the Acid took a long time to come on, I was making movie clips when it first started to take effect. Just the screen began pulsating blue and green! I was stuck in a loop for awhile with the digital camera. but eventually I was able to free myself.'

'At this point the visuals looked fairly normal for an acid trip. I was just in trance mode for awhile looking at all the pretty colours and tracers, completely under the influence of music. I began feeling very sexual and enjoyed the vibrations running through my body. Around this time I had a shower which was an adventure in itself. I was lost among a world of colours while I cleansed myself.'

'Then, I impatiently snorted a huge line of the snuff. The first bit of it at the back of my throat was just rank, and I had to swallow hard to stop me from heaving everywhere. I felt a sudden temperature hike as well. and all of the visuals just ran together into one. The acid patterning was still there just nothing was as one. All the decor, magazines, were kind of viscous. There were, and still are lots of rolling, soothing, deep colours in orange and yellow mainly which seem to just hang there like multicoloured psychadellic atmospheric thunderstorms. They ripple and flash to the sound of Audioslave.' Rock Lives!!

'The burning subsided after awhile and I snorted one more line of it with the same, almost instanteneous effect. Whenever I take a hit, the visual distortion, it's as though can see the air as though as it were water, waves, foam. I can feel the DMT as well trying to pull me into myself. I fight the urge.'

'Right now, I'm in pretty good shape. Everything has assumed this soothing shade of yellow, and full blown hallucinations/mini trips are too frequent to count, I'm dangerously high. Like, miles from baseline.'

T+14:00 I feel like Hunter S. Thompson plugged into the live socket. This trip has been enormous, and it shows absolutely no sign of abating. For the past hour or so I have been in this great headspace where visually it's like the strongest trip imaginable without the usual 'Headfuck' effect.

The Acid was excellent, I took a shower as it came over me and fell in love with my body for awhile. The visuals were pleasing, black rippling night sky over London's skyline, Ufo's and green and purple pulsating everywhere. I lost hours and hours shooting clips with the laptop camera of objects around the room. I had made a pile of the psychadellic snuff, so I ripped into this big line and never had to swallow a retch as quickly before! The taste leaves a bit to be desired. After the first line it was easier. Once I smoked some of the yopo the trip took a turn. I had heard that it was possible to extend an Acid trip by consuming DMT and bloody Hell did it or what!

I felt electrified, and like my head was going to explode after each hit, but it would subside quickly. As for nausea, not too bad but I have a strong stomach. Its now over ten hours and still it carries on. There are so many OEV'S & CEV'S even now thats its next to impossible to type. I consumed most of the snuff, and haven't touched anything since then. I smoked a few joints to ease me down. Apparently, MJ shuts down dmt.

Sunday afternoon.

Well, that was something! It almost became overwhelming at one point, after snorting and smoking the snuff preperation. I felt like my head was pressurised and very, very hot for about an hour. In fact, it was almost like overheating badly at a rave on E and having to go outside to try and compensate. The trip as a whole was really visual, although the 'hallucinations' were more of the visual distortion variety that anything else. That said, I have a large Bob Marley photomosaic on my wall which looked at me, took a toke of a joint and said 'You are with him' to me! I really cannot work anything into that.

It was after eight last night before I felt like I was almost back to reality, my eyes were hugely dilated, no colour visible, for most of the time. Physically I was tired because, unusually for me there was no sleep after the trip. In retrospect, I overdid it a little. There is no logic to taking speed before an Acid trip, Also my only prior Anadenanthera experience was the four seeds smoked in the evening before the trip. It's fair to say, in light of this, that making 17 seeds into a snuff for smoking and snorting is a bit much.

Still though, it was a good purging experience, if not much more. Definitely not as mystical or inspiring as some that have gone before it.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53092
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 9, 2007Views: 31,596
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LSD (2), Anadenanthera colubrina (139), Amphetamines (6), Cannabis (1) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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