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Empathetic Breakthrough
5-MeO-MiPT & Cannabis
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Empathetic Breakthrough: An Experience with 5-MeO-MiPT & Cannabis (exp53038)". May 19, 2006.

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T+ 0:00
6.0 mg oral 5-MeO-MIPT (capsule)
  T+ 1:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
6:25 - Ingest ~6mg of 5-MeO-MiPT HCl in crystal form. I have a weighed dose of 17mg in a capsule, and eyeballed it into thirds, and ingested one of those thirds by putting my finger to my tongue. The taste reminds me of DiPT a bit, I think... definitely tastes familiar, but I'm not sure I can place exactly which chemical it tastes like. Almost immediate shift in body energy, but this could easily be anticipation. I feel a faint electric energy running through my limbs and churning my gut in that way that stimulants do. I may have to take a crap because of it. Anyway, this is intended to be a test dose so that next time I go to an outdoor gathering with friends, I might prove to have a good, easy psychedelic to enhance my appreciation of nature and in general have a good, crazy time.

6:59 - Heart rate increased slightly. I have a definite tryptamine energy running through me. It is pleasant and a bit euphoric, but I need to channel the energy or it manifests as body anxiety. I'm trying to convince Leslie to go out to Blockbuster with me and rent a movie... it'll get me outside and moving.

7:21 - Strong, strong body energy. Whenever I release it, I feel absolutely great. Whenever I'm not releasing it, it manifests as psychedelic body grossness, which I'm sure you can relate to. I'm about to vaporize some cannabis, so we'll see how that goes. This stuff manifests quickly! I have an ever-so-slight stomach twinge, but it's far below pain or discomfort.

7:36 - That hit succeeded in leveling out the energy, and now it's present but seemingly continually channeled to some degree that makes me feel more comfortable. There's virtually no head change, aside from a definite quickness of body and mind. Occasional peripheral movement in the form of white orbs quickly shooting across, but nothing obstructive in the least. Very nice... I can see how some might compare this to the 'tryptamine MDMA'. I feel that listening to some music, laid out, with my eyes closed would be pristine. I doubt it'll happen though... I was in the middle of chilling with my girlfriend and the kitties, and they're calling for me.

8:04 - Ooh, me likey! There is a definite empathetic push to this substance. I feel very moved to talking about important, personal issues. Leslie and I have been having a great time talking while taking turns on the vaporizer, and it's been a very, very nice time. Social interaction at this level is heightened, which is actually a first for me on any psychedelic, honestly, and I just feel awesome. I think I may in fact just take the rest two other times as two other doses in social settings instead of trying for a full trip with the rest. I have plenty of other substances that can probably do that better. But right here, right now, it's shining. My heart rate is considerably increased, and I'd be afraid to dose too high on this one I think. My thoughts are moving very quickly but soberly, while my ability to analyze is increased. The result is a desire to communicate, and being good at it, but going off on a lot of tangents mid-sentence that end up making my statement into a very long, run-on thought.

8:49 - Watching Storm Stories on TV is extremely intense. I'm putting myself into the place of these tornado-ravaged people and it's really a powerful experience. It hits close to home because they're talking about the Plainfield, IL tornado which I lived close enough to growing up that MY town got fucked up from it. The gears of the drug are shifting, away from an overflowing of communication to an empathetic analyzing mode where I'm deeply feeling for the things I am presented with, and thinking about how that would be.

9:30 - It's turned gears entirely now. I'm very calm, collected, and analytical. I'm seeing the underlying themes in everything on TV, analyzing every social interaction. At this point I feel, for lack of a better description, like I'm on the plateau of a classic, very clean-feeling tryptamine, with flowing, significant thoughts and really no trace of anything amiss in my body. I'm really very impressed with this, I have to say. I've dubbed it the 'Thinking Man's Ecstasy'.

10:15 - This has really gotten psychedelic. I mean, the dosage was too low to get far in, but damn... this is definitely the tryptamine instability that I remember. I could see higher doses being very intense at this point, simply due to the trains of thought that are occurring which are also closely tied with emotion. I feel as if listening to music in this state (the whole trip in fact, in both stages) would be divine. Definitely something I should do next time. My body still feels very free, and I have a small portion of that glowing, euphoric body high from before, still lingering.

11:11 - Strangely, my pupils just dilated, though they haven't been so far. You know, if the rest of my experiences with this substance are anything like this... well, I'm going to have a new one to add to my favorites.

11:38 - I think that, besides a full voyage with 2C-T-7 and perhaps another big 2C-E venture, that I'd like to explore the tryptamines for a while. I seem to find, with some exceptions, that the phens tend to bring you more in tune with the 'you' that you live with day to day, your ego. But the tryptamines dig beneath that, to put you in touch with the 'real' you. Plus, they just feel so much more natural. Perhaps this particular tryptamine might not be the best one for the task, but I have in my possession several very potent ones, including our fungal friend, and I sense a beautiful, soul-cleansing experience is in my future. But I'll definitely wait until the perfect outdoor occasion.

1:30 - I'm feeling wonderfully light and clear, but also completely not tired whatsoever. I'll attempt to sum up my initial trial of 5-MeO-MiPT.

Basically, I really loved it! At a dose of ~6mg, I really found it to be like the 'thinking man's MDMA'. It began with a little bit of body discomfort, in the classic psychedelic sense rather than like MDMA, so in that respect it was more difficult. But at about T+1:00, I broke through into an amazingly lucid euphoria. It was extremely emotional and my empathy channels opened right up, so to speak. All I wanted to do was talk and talk about deep, important issues... which I think started to annoy my girlfriend after a while because she was kind of worn out from her work today. During this time, I felt amazing, and I smoked several vaporizer hits. The first really seemed to kick it in, actually... I took it at about T+1:20 I think.

The reason I say the 'thinking man's MDMA' is because my mind was racing with associations and analytical thought about everything that entered my consciousness. In this way, I definitely noticed the tryptamine nature of the drug, in that it seemed I was brushing against the collective consciousness and my own subconsciousness, which gave my mind lubrication. I mean, I spent a lot of the time watching TV, because I just found it so damn intriguing even though at the same time quite repulsive. I was analyzing the shit out of all the commercials and shows, and reducing it all to social archetypes and patterns and insidious control structures. During the peak, I was watching 'Storm Stories', and it had just gotten started. I remember being totally struck with the amazing body and mind euphoria I was in. It was really, really, exceedingly pleasant.

Then the second phase that people talk about slowly started to creep in. it started when I watched the footage of the tornado that went through Plainfield, IL many years ago. I happened to grow up about 45 miles from there, and it was so strong it fucked my town up too. Seeing those people and hearing their tales of desperation really affected me deeply in my enhanced state. I mean, here is a guy who came home from work and found his house completely annihilated beyond repair, and resigning himself to the fact that his entire family is dead. Then, minutes later, he finds out they miraculously survived. What a fucking rollercoaster! That would be so intense... and it was pretty intense tonight, for me.

Then the euphoria gradually faded into the background... I was still happy as hell (and still am, this is a wonderful tail-end/afterglow), but it became less in the forefront. Now, my mind really began to go into hyper drive, and I started to feel the unstable nature of the tryptamine experience. Basically, I just watched TV and talked with my girlfriend for the rest of the night until roughly now, with my mind whirring busily making elaborate connections between concepts and bringing whatever I'm thinking about into greater focus.

My overall impression of this is very, very favorable. I was very pleasantly surprised by how euphoric I was... in some ways it was better than MDMA's euphoria, and it has the added bonuses of being: cheaper, healthier (feeling at least), great afterglow instead of a hangover, and a great, tasty, but generally positive psychedelic headspace halfway in. I will be getting more, for sure... this has been a really nice night! I'd like to try it a little higher, like 10 or 12mg, to see what manifests. I'd like to see the psychedelic state more pronounced, but I am hoping the euphoria phase stays intact or grows proportionally. I also hope the incredibly 'clean' feeling stays that way with higher doses... this is one of the cleanest- and healthiest-feeling psychedelics I have experienced.

I'll definitely be trying this again relatively soon. I want to try it in both social settings, and with great music playing loudly... I think that would be amazing. I'm not sure as to whether this chemical will be very useful for me in making any sort of realizations that I don't already know, as it seems more like an enhancer than a teacher. But I suppose a higher dosage will answer that question. Bah, I'm rambling... good night!

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53038
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 19, 2006Views: 27,087
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5-MeO-MIPT (287) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), General (1)

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