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The Third Eye, Spirits and a Contact High
Citation:   Xorkoth. "The Third Eye, Spirits and a Contact High: An Experience with 2C-I (exp53037)". Erowid.org. May 12, 2006. erowid.org/exp/53037

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  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  17 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
11:17pm - Ingested 17mg 2C-I in liquid suspension, all at once. I'm about to start making CDs with some new music I've been downloading. This evening I plan to spend some time listening to music, writing, and perhaps reading.

12:25 - Definitely beginning to affect me now. I'm listening to the Flaming Lips for the first time... interesting.

12:29 - Reading some 2C-I related material online that I have somehow never seen before.

12:50 - Dude, Radiohead's song 'Idioteque' is extremely trippy

12:54 - I can feel it begin to wash over me in a wave. This time, the 2C-I feels very at-home in my body. The come-up was gradual and gentle.

1:19 - This is so beautiful.

I'm thinking of how much of a role music plays in my life.

I'm torn because I'm thinking a lot, but I'm not very motivated to write about it right now

Oh my god, this song was speaking to me. I hope I can retain that moment.

Wow, some similarities are forming with salvia. Everything is ... whoa.

The feeling of contact with other beings is very strong. Full-scale images ... 'Cluster One' NEVER took me so far out... I was actually scared for a few minutes there. I definitely repeal any thoughts I once had that 2C-I is not a full psychedelic. I would say that this is the first time I've really 'broken into' the 2C-I place. Entering into it was strange, though... it felt like I was getting pulled into a strange salvia trip for a few minutes, with the keyboard keys forming strange geometries before me.

Actually, curiously, as I'm typing I notice that all of the letters of the alphabet look like different ancient Hieroglyphs. I keep getting a distinct tribal feeling. As if from behind my normal vision, I'm simultaneously seeing ... wow, ...

This is extremely intense. Its presence definitely is a bit alien, but feels organic somehow. I keep touching on something here with my thoughts and it keeps getting blocked.

This puts my other 2C-I experiences in the dust. I finally see 2C-I for what it is. Some form of mystic organic alien intelligence. Teacher? I'm not sure. The music is so intense it's mind-blowing.

Everything is awash in oranges and yellows (in my real vision)

I keep seeing, as if from behind my normal vision, a sort of 'outer vision', and in that space I could see various beings moving about their business.

The computer screen suddenly has a fish-eye distortion.

I feel like aliens are trying to tell me something right now

I feel as if I'm vibrating with energy, but I don't feel energetic. I just had the distinct impression and visual outline of a man walk in front of me, bend down, and grab something, then walk away. Of course, no one's here but some kitties!

My vision is skewed such that it looks like I'm reading the screen through pieces of cut and bent glass.

Another entity, this time a child, male. He's chilling nearby. He's friendly, inquisitive. Not alien-feeling

I must say the body high with this one is absolutely fabulous. Very pleasant, with only some minor leg cramps (odd?)

I feel as if I'm having psychic hallucinations. Synaesthesia with the 6th sense? I had the thought that perhaps I'm sensing the life-force in inanimate objects around me

This one's definitely easier to cope with than its cousin 2C-E. Both are very alien presences. 2C-E addresses more universal issues, and 2C-I appears to be some sort of entity, or teacher. One who communicates through experience. But overall, I notice some surprising similarities to 2C-E.

I continue to feel very strongly that there are entities all around me, particularly in the upper right and left.


Wow. From both last night's and the next morning's perspective, what a night! From the start, something was different this time from the last time I did 2C-I. The come-up was much gentler, with very little nausea or general body malaise. After about an hour and a half, I felt the first of its full effects wash over me in a reality-distorting wave. I was listening to a mix of Radiohead and The Flaming Lips, which was extremely trippy. At first, there was much less visual activity than I had seen during my previous 2C-I experiences. Generally, with this substance, I see everything become awash in orange, red, and yellow tones, and everything is shifting and crawling quite a bit. In addition, I usually see ancient, Egyptian-reminiscent patterns forming out of what I'm looking at. This time, I saw virtually no colors aside from objects' real colors, very little morphing, and no patterns emerging. However, I know by now that the visuals of a good psychedelic drug are really pretty much the least significant aspect of a trip.

Then, I decided to take a hit or two of some great cannabis out of my vaporizer. This absolutely took it to the next level (or more)! I hit it and sat back down in front of my computer, still listening to the Flaming Lips. All of a sudden, the music became tremendously amplified, to the point where all I could think was how beautiful it was. It was like every note was touching me deep inside. Of course, I'm familiar with this feel; normally, music does touch me deeply, and it always gets enhanced by a good psychedelic. But I was definitely hearing this music in a new way. I began to think about how large of a role music plays in my life and my emotions. For example, every day as I'm going to work, I put on some of my favorite, most exciting tunes in my very nice sound system in my car, and I get so happy and pumped up that I feel manic, complete with grandiose thoughts.

Suddenly, Pink Floyd's 'Cluster One' comes on, the last song on this new CD that I made. For those of you not familiar with the song, it begins to fade in from nothing, with very primordial, trippy background noises. At any time, listening to it is an awesome experience, and makes me feel full of wonder, but with a head full of 2C-I and my peak just starting, it absolutely blew me away. I began to feel disembodied, and I started to feel a plethora of distinctly salvia-esque effects. First, I felt something that I had happen before on 2C-I, when I snorted 12mg, and which at that time also made me think of salvia. It felt like I was still sitting in my chair, but that another me was attached to myself by the top of the head, but it was sticking straight up, as if a mirror image of myself was balanced on its head, coming from the top of my head. I began to feel like I was moving rapidly through some space, which simultaneously slowly spinning forward. I began to feel other intense sensations like salvia, too, but due to the nature of this type of feeling, I'm finding it difficult to explain. While this was happening, a psychedelic rush was coming over me so intense that I began to get a little bit worried.

At this point, I became aware of my third eye, more completely than I ever have before. With my eyes wide open, I began to notice another field of vision superimposed over my normal one. They somehow coexisted in the same place at the same time, although this new vision seemed to mostly occur at the edges of my field of vision, and it also extended out farther than my eyes could actually physically see, although right now I COULD see it. As the song progressed, this field of vision grew and became more and more solid, until it was all I could see. As I became immersed in this world, something happened that was quite profound. It involved alien beings and myself realizing something very big and important. Unfortunately, I don't remember at all what it was because I think they didn't want me to know.

What I do know is that I remember being hustled away and having my third eye covered, by what looked exactly like a pair of hands, and then every time my mind would go near that particular topic, I'd become distracted in a strange way that felt very suspicious. Weirdly, for the rest of the experience, I'd catch shadowy glimpses of things with this 'third eye' of mine, but every time I'd started to, I'd see the shadowy hands fall back over it and I'd revert to just normal vision. It was slightly eerie because I had the distinct impression that someone didn't want me to know something.

After this occurred, the song was over, and the salvia sensations tapered off. At this point I began to notice the visual effects (in my real vision) that accompanied this wave of reality distortion. First of all, the keyboard seemed to be arrayed very strangely. Instead of all the keys going from left to right, top to bottom in straight lines, they appeared to be connected at strange angles, reminiscent of salvia angles. It was actually difficult to type because I felt like my fingers were trying to go to the normal position of the keys, but they weren't in their normal positions. More strange still was the fact that I could still read just fine, but all the letters looked like ancient hieroglyphic symbols. Each letter had one or two of its lines either gone or moved to a different location, so that it would be unrecognizable to my rational mind. However, I could still interpret them all when I read unconsciously.

The walls were awash with reds, oranges, and yellows. Strangely, the rippling and morphing wasn't pretty minimal, even though usually it's pretty significant with 2C-I.

At an earlier experience of mine, I commented that the feeling of contact with other beings is there with 2C-I. I am absolutely sure of this now. Aside from the above alien experience, I saw many '2C-I creatures', for lack of a better term. In the sides of my vision, I'd constantly see movement. Most of these creatures looked more like humans than any other recognizable life-form, but some were strangely shaped, and reminded me quite a bit of aliens. In particular, there was one alien who I cannot actually remember, because of the fact that every time I thought about it, my mind would become confused and skitter away from the subject. In fact, mental flightiness was a big aspect to this trip. As is evidenced by my notes above, loss of train of thought was common and complete. I oh so wish I'd have been able to remember the more profound aspects of my journey.

The visual aspects to the 2C-I space were very strange. It was as if everything around me had a spirit, and through this strange, 'third-eye' peripheral field of vision, I could see these spirits moving about. I had the impression that I was in a place with many other creatures, but that they may not necessarily have all been able to see me. Or at least, if they could, they chose to ignore me. Also, strangely, most of these spirits gave me the impression of being human. As the trip wore on, I noticed more and more that every time I tried to focus on one of the things I was seeing out of the corner of my eye, a pair of ethereal hands would come down and cover my third-eye vision. The effect of this was that I was unable to ever look directly at anything in the 'spirit world' that I was in. Actually, a few times I was, but this only occurred when a spirit moved into my field of vision without me moving my head or eyes. Of course, this actually happened quite a few times and was the source of much amazement.

Imagine sitting there, tripping out inside your head, with unimaginably intense, psychedelic music taking you on a mental journey, when suddenly, a semi-transparent man's spirit walks from your peripheral vision and right up in front of you, reaches down, grabs something unseen, and walks away.

I must emphasize the incredible body buzz of this drug. This was the first time I really achieved that full effect, and it was second only to MDMA and maybe amphetamine. It was a pulsing, warm, and extremely comfortable wave of soft sensation that continually pulsed through and over me. At many moments it was so powerful and pleasurable that I just sat back with my mouth hanging open. Fortunately, it did not cause me to grit my teeth very much at all. This body buzz is exciting to me, because most psychedelics leave me feeling physically uncomfortable if not downright ill, which is certainly a bummer and has in the past caused me to have unpleasant trips. Lately, I've been able to separate my body from my mind a lot better than I used to be able to, but it's still wonderful to me to not have to.

I rather enjoyed letting my body be a part of the experience, though I pretty much just sat there the whole time. Also of note is that I was actually vibrating with energy to the point where my limbs and extremities were slightly shaking. Fortunately, however, this was not the restless, paranoid energy of the amphetamines but a very natural and clean-feeling energy which did not cause me to feel stimulated.

For most of the experience, I was alternately daydreaming and reading 2C-I experience reports online. As usual, this provided some insight as I compared my experiences with others. I began to relate with the authors, and with some of them I was unable to tell whether or not I myself had written them (of course I hadn't). Periodically, an encompassing visual effect would occur, which was generally seeing things in fish-eye but which also included perspective changes. For example, as I looked at the screen, it hadn't changed, but somehow it began to look massively tall and elongated, while my hands and the keyboard looked miles below me.

The night continued on in this manner for several hours. I realized that I must be getting used to psychedelics, because my last few significant journeys have really been much more entirely pleasant than they have usually been in the past. The first few times I did 2C-I, I definitely wasn't all the way there, despite a couple of higher dosages. I certainly did not feel pleasant in the body at any point during my previous trips. The best way to describe the effects are that it makes me hallucinate psychically rather than with one of my physical senses. Or rather, its primary effect is on my psychic senses. it does still provide interesting and significant visual hallucinations.

I propose that rather it brings my mind into a place I might call a psychic realm of psychic hallucination, where the denizens become aware of me and for some reason do not want me to be there. Since my psychic abilities are not developed at all, for me it was an experience that awakened that sense and hence, to me it seemed like my psychic awareness was increasing. However, for someone who had been practicing these abilities for many years and who knew how to use them in his everyday life, having something distort and cover them up would seem like it was blocking his abilities instead.

Overall, this experience was very rewarding, although I did get a nasty headache later on as I tried to sleep that stuck with me the next morning. It was easily remedied with caffeine and a little ibuprofen. I look forward to my next journey with this rediscovered ally, and hopefully I will be able to further explore this strange new world. I'm pretty sure that if I'd spent some time meditating with closed eyes, I'd have been more able to see something useful.


Around 9:00 this morning, I had two amazing occurrences happen which really reinforce the events of last night. It began while my girlfriend and I were sitting downstairs, playing a board game, smoking the vaporizer. As we started to get high, I began to lightly trip on 2C-I again, complete with some gorgeous but subtle visual distortions.

Well, all of a sudden, she, having never tripped before on anything, began to proclaim that she was hallucinating patterns on the carpet and felt really funny but good. I looked at her and her pupils were moderately dilated. In growing amazement, I asked her to describe the visual hallucinations she was having. Shockingly, she began to describe exactly the visuals I was currently having, down to the soft color tones that they consisted of. I didn't tell her it was because of contact with my own tripping vibe, but I most certainly took mental note of this!

Then, a little bit later, we got to talking about ghosts. My girlfriend is one of those people who's always seemed very sensitive to 'the spirit world', and has had numerous encounters that are pretty difficult to rationalize as something else. Well, she mentioned that she's felt that our apartment is inhabited by two spirits, who are friendly and non-threatening. Immediately I looked at her in shock, because of course two spirits in particular were what I encountered the night before. So I slowly asked her what she sensed about them. To my amazement, she described a middle-aged man who liked to oversee the place, and would often stand in the doorway of the room I had been in last night (exactly where I saw him), and who would also sometimes stand in the downstairs hallway. She explained him as being neither friendly nor unfriendly, just neutral, but that he was a protective guardian. This exactly fits my own perception of this spirit.

The other spirit she described was of a young boy, maybe 5-7 years old, who was mischievous and playful and very curious about us. Again, this was exactly, to the T, what I had perceived about this spirit. I told her that I had had an encounter with these spirits last night, and we began to discuss it. After a few minutes, I noticed that my cats were freaking out, not scared, but just staring at this one spot, which seemed to just be in midair. We certainly could see nothing. Nevertheless, they were running around in a state of high alert, chasing something that we could not see. I had a hunch, so I decided to speak out: 'Little boy, is that you? we'd like to play. Come over here with us.' Not five seconds later, there was a distinct *thump* as if someone had sat down, about 3 feet away from me, in the middle of the floor where nothing else could have possibly made that noise, right where I had been staring. I felt the vibration through the floor. We live in a townhouse, with nothing whatsoever below us, so it could not have been a neighbor or anything. My girlfriend and I stared at each other with wide eyes, and nothing further happened.

Anyway, I wrote this report to illustrate two of the psychic-related phenomena which seem to occur when I take 2C-I. This doesn't happen every time, but with some effort, I can fairly reliably reproduce these effects. Most notably, I've had another, very profound experience with transmitting a contact high through this drug, as had Shulgin as is evidenced by PiHKaL.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 53037
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 12, 2006Views: 22,504
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2C-I (172) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4)

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