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Super Dimensions and the Design of Life
Mushrooms & Cannabis
Citation:   5thShuriken. "Super Dimensions and the Design of Life: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp52295)". Jan 30, 2007.

1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  5 caps oral Mushrooms (plant material)
Before I start I’d like to say that my experience doesn’t seem like your common trip on shrooms from reading numerous other experiences.

I live in South Africa, and wanted to visit my good buddy in London, since it had been a year since I had seen him. I was only supposed to spend 1 week there but it turned out to be 2 months. The week I was there actually ended up being the coldest week they’ve had in 4 years or something, so it was snowing and everything (late February 2005)

It was on my last whole day there when him and I went down to Camden market where magic mushrooms are very popular, so he suggested we should try since it was my last day, so I was up for it and agreed. I had only smoked cannabis before and had never tried a psychedelic, so this was all very new to me. I also didn’t have much knowledge on what the effect of the shrooms would be, and when choosing, there was a list telling you what the effect would have, eg; humorous, philosophical, and a couple of others, I forget.

So we were up for the ones that would apparently make everything seem very humorous, since I didn’t want to have any serious effects taking me on. On the way home (staying in a commune) we got some take away pizza (now this was in the evening/nite), then we just sorted out all the crap we had bought and chilled in the living with the tv.

We smoked a J while eating our pizza, then came out the shrooms and we each had 5 (duno how many grams that is). We 1st had them by themselves, then we put them on our pizza and chowed them away. We were watching Takeshi’s Castle at the time, which is a hilarious Japanese game show. At 1st it was only the weed that was making things seem funny and it wasn’t till 30min later when the shrooms started to take effect.

Just before it did, or in the very beginning of it, the TV was on MTV Dance, and the song “Spitfire” by The Prodigy came on… it was the most mind blowing experience of seeing and hearing a music video. That music video is the most incredible one I’ve ever seen in my life, and the track was out of this world! I came closer to the screen and just stared in awe at the screen. I felt a deeper connection to it. I understood the track in a much deeper way and connected with it on a much higher state of consciousness as though The Prodigy created it also in such a state of mind themselves and I was able to meet them there in that higher state.

I got back to the couch I was on and then in a moment the shrooms were hitting me. you don’t even realize that your in a different state of mind. Its like the moments before you fall asleep and start dreaming, your in no way aware of the shift. I felt as though I was actually truly fully awake now, broken out of the system of ‘reality’ and realized that everyone in this reality is in a deep sleep away from the real life, that within every ones minds there are a huge amount of sealed doors preventing humanity from seeing deeper, from understanding how life actually works and the shrooms were a key to those doors.

In the beginning stages I could actually feel my mind accelerating higher and higher and actually starting to use the dormant 92% in our brains. My mind was absorbing an incredible amount of information at a massive speed and processing the existence of everything in my mind, making perfect clear sense of it all, and making me realize the true reasons behind everything. During these moments sitting in the lounge I could see green holographic numbers/symbols/designs all around just hanging and shifting into different number/symbols in the air. These holograms had an extremely advanced technological appearance and I could manipulate them with my hands. It was as though these holograms existed in another dimension and my mind was tuned to the frequency of that dimension.

At 1st those holograms were the only things that I could see as a result of the shrooms. The world around me was not distorted/shifting or changing at all. It was just how it was as you would see it in a sober state of mind. The dimension was overlaying this reality so I was existing in two frequencies at once (our dimension of existence and this other super dimension).

The bigger part of these moments was me absorbing in all this information about the design of life. It goes into tremendous detail, but I’ve realized that every tiny thing happens for a reason, that everything is linked, everyone is equal and that words are not enough. My friend was experiencing the exact same thing. Then these Italian people who were staying there came home, my buddy looked at me and I understood that I’ve got to now conceal and snap out of the depth I was at, as to not alert them that we were tripping. The holograms then vanished or shifted into something much less.

Then we looked around and became aware of the physical world around us. The living room was in a state of disaster, with ash and trash all over the floor. We tried to clean it up, but that was impossible. Our bodies weren’t functioning in order, and we found that quite amusing. We looked at the clock and it was 3am. Time shot by and we didn’t even realize it. We were both so deep in another state of mind accessing this knowledge, that the world around us became unnoticeable, and forgotten about.

We then decided we needed to get to bed because I was catching a flight that coming day. Now comes my peak. We got upstairs to our beds. We were sleeping on a double bunk bed, and my bud was on the top bunk, me the bottom. I just lay there in the darkness thinking now I would fall asleep. I was lying on my side looking out into the dark room with just a little light coming through the window from outside. This is where the most incredible dimension appeared. It was as though in this small room, I could see this infinite holographic dimension where time did not exist, where there was no beginning nor end and it was forever in all aspects and I could comprehend infinite. My vision was perfect, since I wasn’t looking with my eyes, because when I closed my eyes and I could still see everything.

The dimension appeared as this extremely complex and super-technologically advanced holographic matrix of energy and life. Everything I saw I understood. Nothing was a confusion to me, it all made perfect sense. Such of what I saw cannot be related to anything here on earth since it is based on very different principles. The technology in this dimension made star wars seem prehistoric in comparison, and even that is an extreme under statement. But that still is a bad comparison because star wars relies on physical, human, earthly and limited characteristics, where the principles of this dimension relied on totally different principles.

I could see and feel all these tiny glowing spirit like entities all linked to each other (trillions of them, and I could see them and understand them all perfectly). These were living spirits of life here on earth, and I could feel them all communicating with each other, and they were all trying to help each other with progress to this final point and I was apart of all this and I was wanting to get there too. I could see and feel the spirits of everyone I know, my family and my friends. I felt as though they were always here in this dimension, that everyone knows it all, that they were all aware of how things truly are already.

During my experience I felt I could not fully be there in the dimensions to help, and I came to know that the only way I could was to commit suicide, to release my spirit from its prison, the earthly body. The life I experienced in the dimensions were of such a greater magnitude and of unparalleled importance to that of the life here. Life here seemed a total nothingness in comparison. I said to myself that no one will understand this, that they would not be capable of comprehending if I had to commit suicide over such a matter to help in the bigger picture.

We have just all been disconnected from our spirits and I could understand that everyone’s spirit knows everything, you just have to be connected to your spirit again for you to start downloading all that knowledge.

With how this dimension was working, I could hear these technological sounds emitting off with the workings of things. I only realized after that there is quite a lot of trance type music with these sound effects. 1 song in particular that pulls it off extremely well, is from a song called, ‘resurrection’ by Ppk (discovered this song months after my experience). After the intro of beats and tunes, it goes quiet and these sound effects start in the silence. Those sound effects are just what they sound like. You’ll know when they start. Then I knew the music artist experienced the same dimension as I did because he was trying to simulate the sound effects.

Light and Dark. It got to the point where the information I was downloading was beginning to become way too heavy on me because I was getting too deep and it was becoming very frightening even though I was absorbing all this information with my at the time very powerful super computer like brain. I was lying on my back and everything was very bright, but in this brightness there was this same insane holographic technology, it was just a lighter shade of green.

I could also hear everything just rocketing forward in progress (I could hear jet engine type sounds rocketing). In the light was where I was able to download more knowledge and I could see and feel everyone in the light accessing more and more knowledge as well, and they were all trying to keep each other in the light to keep on learning even though it gets extremely difficult, because the more you learn the further away from this reality you become and you’ll get to the point where you’ll get so far away from this reality that eventually in reality you’ll end up going crazy because your mind cannot safely contain all that sort of knowledge. It’s like connecting a 100000V battery to a little hand held fan. It will go the speed of light for a second and then just totally burn out/blow up.

In the light I could feel energies that had their fill of the light wanted to leave the light and return to darkness but then later come back to the light. You need to take a balanced dosage of the dark and light to stay sane. But if you wanted to leave the light all the energies in the light would try their absolute best to keep you in the light. But the energies in the dark have a great pull on you too toward the dark because they can also feel when you are going too deep, and most of the energy in the dark never turns to light to learn, they just stay away. So it’s like a tug of war from both sides. I could hear voiced in the light “its going to be ok/ we are going to make it/ hang in there” then at the same time I’d hear energies in the light moaning “I can't take it/ its too much/” and the positive energies in the light would try motivate them to stay in the light.

The Darkness… when I lay on my stomach, everything would become pitch black, and there was no technology here. Being in the dark I could feel all the energies in the light trying to get me back. I could hear a universe of voices, I thought I was going to go crazy! The voices from the dark side tried to pull people from the light to the dark saying “it’s not worth it/ go back later/ you cant do this to yourself” The darkness was where nothing could be learned, I also could hear the rocket like engines failing and everything moving backward.

In the light I felt a forever, I honestly truly thought that this state of mind would never cease that what I was experiencing was the next stage of life, and in the dark I felt I could return to reality. I could feel the trip was slightly wearing off for a second, but at the same time I felt I was feeling a progressive disconnection from my spirit and was beginning to fall asleep back into reality. The dark and light did not neccessarily symbolize good and evil, more like what is easy and what is difficult, what is truth and what is not.

The trip was barely wearing off and I couldn’t decide between dark and light so I kept tossing and turning, then I tried to lie on my side to balance it out so I didn’t have to decide, but that almost created a very bad disturbance for me. I wasn’t speaking to my bud through all this but out of nowhere I heard him say “think of orange.” Strangely enough that did relieve me for a little. What I could see was not colours, but just the thought of it in my mind, and I realized that the colours people choose to use in life play a much deeper hidden role.

There seemed to be a great one absolute in my experience and I could decode all the signs of people in reality trying to give on a message of such. I’m not sure what this ONE thing was, but it was something of the greatest magnitude. If you are alert and know what to look for in reality you will be able to see the hidden messages and signs that EVERYONE is expressing in trying to teach us with the truth, they are almost subconsciously/without knowing it, are getting out a bit of it.

In this time there was this Italian couple arguing downstairs in Italian, so I eventually paid attention to what it was all about, then when I paid attention I could hear the Italian quickly shift into English. Anyway…

When I had to choose I felt as though time was counting down quickly and something TERRIBLE would happen if I didn’t choose (time existed now, but it was a different form of time) eventually everything just became way too much on me and as much as I wanted it to go away and I just wanted things to go back to normal, I knew they wouldn’t unless I did something like knock myself out, but that was dangerous because I didn’t want to kill myself. Eventually I got up out of my bed and went downstairs, I opened the door to outside, took one step outside, and that’s all I can remember. I hit a blank then fade into these crazy terrifying realistic type dreams awhile later with no real relation to my trip, and the dreams seem to carry on forever.

Two weeks later I start to slowly gain consciousness but would slip in and out of consciousness for about another 2 weeks, after awhile I realized I was in the Royal London Hospital!! Weirdly enough I felt as though everything was normal and there was no need to ask any questions, because things felt totally 100% normal. After a week during my unstable consciousness I was able to grasp the fact that a 4 TON TRUCK had actually smashed me to the ground… apparently I was jogging without shoes, and the truck driver thought I would stop at the intersection, but I didn’t and ran right in front of it.

Erowid Note: This is an unconfirmed report of hoispitalization related to mushrooms. Let us know if you know of any information about this incident.]

Well I ended up being the hospitals worst case in many years with multiple major internal injuries (doctors didn’t think I would make it). Broke 7 ribs, fractured vertebrae, skull and jaw, bleeding in the brain, both lungs collapsed, the 1 rib had also punctured my right lung, had a bruised heart and a bunch of other injuries. Only 7-8 months later I managed to make a full recovery, so I’m perfectly fine now.

Not a day has passed where this has not been on my mind, it also links up a lot to everything else I’ve learned about life in my past, and even now I’m still trying to decode a lot of what I was exposed to, and recently since the same bud of mine is back in SA have we got chatting and its helped me remember a few things to make everything more clear to me. Life really goes so much deeper than what we think.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 52295
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 30, 2007Views: 76,028
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