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Talk to Plod
Citation:   PippUK. "Talk to Plod: An Experience with 2C-B (exp51483)". Jan 12, 2007.

15 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  10 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis  
I am a 32 year old postman from North Yorkshire with more than a passing interest in psychedelics of both natural and synthetic origins. I have used 2cB on many occasions over the last year or two. This account relates to an odd evening which started out as just a visit to a local Chinese restaurant and ended up an interesting discourse on world and national politics with a member of the Police force.

Myself and the Mrs set off for a meal out on Saturday night. We had determined to get back before 9pm because the movie Quadrophenia was coming on. I had just received a gram of 2cB that week so I thought I would test it out. I have got rather used to eyeballing it now, having got familiar with its effects. My scales only go to 0.1 g and anyway I think my synapses have downgraded a bit in their response to it. We had a lovely meal. Thanks for asking. And it was a nice dose of 2cB. Not overpowering or anything, just enhancing. Facilitating. Basically all the things I have grown to enjoy from the stuff. We had a nice bottle of red, but passed on the desserts. We set off home.

We overtook a woman walking home and turned the corner of the street to our house when we heard an earnest shriek, which was followed by the words - Help me, I 've been attacked. My Mrs and I ran back to see the women clutching her shopping bag and pointing at a man walking brusquely away in the other direction. Get him - she shouted to me -and startled, having not thought too far into the future, I obeyed. The man I caught up with did not look like your average attacker (but then - who does) and I challenged him. You're not going anywhere until the police have arrived- (Who was saying these words? - I seemed to be stricken with cliched verbal diahorrea at this point. My Mrs had called the police and we had drawn onlookers out of the nearby Locomotive so the situation was not critical for me anymore. The police arrived very quickly (dog handlers - but hey, whatever chaps - just do what you've got to do.) I had to give my address and we walked the victim home. She had not been hurt and it was unclear to her what motive the attacker might have had.

Back at my house my Mrs and me began to settle in to watch Quadrophenia. One of my favorites, I was on a slight mission to explain the merits of the film for my loved one, but trying not to overdo it. The film stands by itself. I was sensitive to the emotions running through the film and getting shivers from the soundtrack all over again. The transcendent theme of youthfull rebellion but set against the seeming futility of the workaday life rang home poignantly.

During the commercial breaks I nipped out for a toke on my homegrown. And then I grabbed a little whisper more 2cB to stir in my Cuppa.

Jimmy and the Mods had connected with a big ugly squad of bikers on Brighton beach which was followed by running battles with police along the beach front. Blue Bedford vans shipped up and the next thing they were all being charged in court with assault and vandalism and God knows what.

At that moment a firm knock came at our front door and the real police arrived at our house, wanting to get statements from me and P. Thankfully my paraphernalia was not prominant. My crop wasn't in full flower either because that might have been a bit of a downer. They wanted to interview us seperately - so I left P in the front room and went to the kitchen with the other detective. He patiently took my statement as I began to sense the booster mingling with my endogenous juices which were slightly discombobbled anyway as a result of having a reall life Police officer in my kitchen.

I finished my statement but the other officer was still talking to P. so we made idle chat. His eyes had obviously done a good scan of the room as he mentioned a Stop the War poster flyer we had on the wall. The officer saw a common thread there and we talked about Blair, Bush - Iraq, Afghanistan. He was telling me about the difficulties he faced as an Asian officer in the British force and how hard it was to balance the line of pushing progressive racial perspectives without antagonising the status quo so that your objectives have a fighting chance. We talked about the problems of freedom of expression and the double standards that seem to seen to take place from the points of view of the different sides. I am an attentive listener with 2cB and can see psychotherapeutic aspects to this drug from both sides of the therapeutic seesaw.
He also talked about his faith on a personal level, something which I was most interested. I asked him if he felt restricted by his faith at all - I, and quite a few folk, imagine that Islam is a tough task master, but he did not see it that way. He explained that as he saw it the 5 pillars of Islam gave him a sense of discipline by which the rest of his life benefitted.

We talked about the failures of the UN in Yugoslavia on the very day Slobodan Milosovic had died in his cell earlier. It sounded as though my Mrs had nearly finished her statement, so we were winding up our chat. However, we hadn't even talked about Palestine and Israel yet. I agreed it was a weeping sore that needed treating before the rest of the Middle East problems could be resolved. We didn't talk in detail about it, but just before we went through to join P. and the other officer in the lounge, he slipped out his interpretation of the problem. Its down to the Jews - he said. They control everything.

I was stunned by this. I am a liberal minded white male who wants to get on with everyone and everyone to get on with everyone else, but reality is not like that, it seems. World peace seems to be a noble aim but one which will not materialise in my lifetime. What confused me most was that the principles of equality which the officer was eager to promote in his career could be so flippantly cast aside in his mind in relation to one group - the Israelis. There is so much deeply held predjudice wherever you look. I had thought that the experience of victimhood might allow understanding to grow. But, this is patently not the case. The experience of WW2 has not had that effect on many Israelis it sometimes seems. And likewise my police officer friend still has a scapegoat for whom he feels licence to hate.

I had felt a sense of optimism in our converstaion up to that point. It had been building along with the effects of the 2cB while we talked. But the feeling was slightly soured and the realisation, though sad, was more solemn for me - in the sense that I was disappointed but had gained some slightly small extra understanding of human nature.

Quadrophenia had long finished and we'd missed the ending so I pulled out the LP and played fromside 3 onwards whilst rolling a final homegrown for bed.P and I agreed to buy the DVD and watch it again. She liked spotting the youthfull stars of modern British TV and entertainment.

I have found 2cB fun in my own life. It is a friend in most situations. The museum dose is always enriching in social situations or moments of contemplation. The dose for physical effects is always pleasant for me, but causes some amusement due to its ability to promote a bit of flatulance. I have found it easy to sleep after the effects have tapered a bit. I have never suffered any hangover from it, even after use on consecutive days. It makes practising on the guitar great fun, and I've played gigs on it on several occasions without mishap. The visual effects I have found subtle and not distracting. The best fun is to be had by leaving it for at least a week and dosing. The effects are then pronounced and pleasantly tangible, where as too frequent use and certain shades of the experience are dampened.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51483
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 12, 2007Views: 21,401
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2C-B (52), Police / Customs (60) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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