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My Body Was a Meaty Unit
Cannabis - Hash Oil & Salvia divinorum
by Dr. Gonzo
Citation:   Dr. Gonzo. "My Body Was a Meaty Unit: An Experience with Cannabis - Hash Oil & Salvia divinorum (exp5144)". Jan 11, 2002.

7 drops oral Cannabis - Hash (liquid)
  3 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)

Today I had a rather interesting encounter with standardized 5X extract of Salvia Divinorum, which came in packaging with a rather amusing warning on the side. My friend and I had ordered it months ago, but because of various problems involving timing and the postal service we didn't get it until today. Having been ready for some time to try the extract, I wasted no time.

I had previously used the plain leaves of salvia, but the experiences had involved too much smoking and not enough effect (I felt sort of high, but I always felt I was just on the verge of something bigger). At 4:00 I had ingested 6-8 drops of hash oil, which by the way gets me really fucking high. At 6:15, my friend packed a bong for me and I put on 'Bitches' Brew' by Miles Davis and sat on my bed and did three creamy bong rips, which I held in for a relatively long time. After the second rip, I was becoming intensely aware of the fact that I was made of flesh, and my body felt as if it was a meaty unit in some sort of larger creature. That sort of freaked me out, but I took another rip anyway, and layed back and closed my eyes.

At this point I strongly felt the presence of a third entity in the room, and my companion was forgotten. It was if he had passed into another place, but the new entity was somehow a descendant of his. This new entity had a strong African nature to it, and it was a commanding presence. It seemed like it was a teacher and it was preparing me for class. As I closed my eyes I felt as though I was following instructions. Large rings flowed from my bed to the sky from around me, and they shifted as I moved. I was exerting pressure on them and I physically felt them pressing me, moving me to where they wanted me to go. I thought that if I went into the position that i was supposed to, the lesson could begin. I also felt strongly that I was dissolving into my bed and pillow (I had vaguely sensed this in my previous salvia experiences, but not to this extent). I strongly sensed that they too were made of flesh, and we were of one living body. The music was very intense, and I think Miles might have been a little, umm, evil sounding. It dominated the experience: the pulsating rings formed at every beat, and as they jammed out the experience changed.

Through this initial phase I laughed several times. This was part of what I felt was my involuntary reaction to the experience. Though I tried to let it flow and to relax, the physicality of the experience forced my mind to recoil a little from what i think would be a full-blown salvia experience.

I eventually opened my eyes and let the experience set in, talking to my friend and touching things with wonder at the way they felt. They were strange, fleshy and dirty but alive. At about 6:40 We went to dinner and I felt the food dissolving into my mouth. I believe the hash oil extended the duration of the salvia's aftereffects, which were pretty significant.

I'm looking forward to further explorations (maybe four rips next time). I really powerful and interesting drug, and I think that it's wonderful that a drug like this is available for recreational use by responsible people. Maybe someone should do that for some of the other wonderful self-medications that are out there . . .

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5144
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 11, 2002Views: 14,279
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Cannabis - Hash (93), Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), General (1)

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