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Leaping Off the Edge of Forever
Citation:   Shoe-Yah. "Leaping Off the Edge of Forever: An Experience with LSD (exp50701)". May 28, 2006.

  oral Opium (tar / resin)
  3 drops oral LSD (liquid)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Background info: Heavily experienced psychonaut at the age of 18, freshman at Uni. This took place on the most gorgeous of weekends here in the fabulous Eureka/Arcata area. I have dove deep within the world of psilocybin and LSD, I'm a professional at testing and greatly pushing my limits, but never have I taken a LSD dose this massive.

I awoke Friday, not feeling very limber, so I decided not to attend my classes. After tossing and turning during the morning hours, I recalled two beautiful asian poppy plants growing dowtown that just needed to be plucked. I returned home and started turning the plant matter into that sweet sticky tar. I got a little too ancy-in-the-pancy and most likely killed some opiate alkaloids with rapid heating, but all-in-all the product yeild was quite pleasing. I spent the whole of Friday chasing the dragon, eating bits here and there, vaporizing my sweet endorphin pellets. All the while, seriously longing for someone to share this experience with, no friends were about to be sedated with, kind of a lonely feeling.

I left some friends in Arcata, who we'll call #1 and #2, a message Friday night stating, 'I MADE OPIUM!!! GET THE FUCK OVER HERE TOMORROW!!!' (This was more of a slurred mumbling rather than an exclaimation, as I was heavily doped-up). I was so high of opiates that I could barely remember to smoke my cannabis ever now-and-then. This proved usefull for the following days.

I had vaporized and consumed about half of my opium yeild on Friday, and decided my achievement was in dire need of sharing, so I forced myself off the binge in order to save tomorrows social entertainment.

My friends arrived the following day at approx. noon to commence the fabled lizard chasing. I prepared them some opium-Tang (everybody loves Tang!) and told them to drink it while I prepared the pipe and an explanation of how to properly heat and inhale to opium. The two thoroughly enjoyed the experience, all while bearing in mind that I probably wasted a good portion of the alkaloids with excessive heating during extraction. These were the people to share this prize with, they appreciated what I had to offer, no matter how strong/weak the potency.

After vaporizing all we could, I dissolved the remaining opium, about 1.5 gms, into a bottle of water. The two girls wanted to go to Trinidad (aka heaven on Earth) to smoke some herbals before one of the two had to go to work. We picked up another girl, #3, and headed off to Trinidad. #1, #2, and I all passed the bottle around, taking a major gulp each, before I offered the remainder of the opium brew to #3. We arrived at Trinidad and commenced a smoking for about an hour.

While in Trinidad, me and #1 started talking about LSD, and #1 mentioned she knew a guy with some amazing LSD. After some diliberation, we decided that we'd return to HSU so #2 could get her car and go to work, I had to check-up on my bicycle at the local bike shop, and #1 wanted to grub some munchies. So the plan was, #1 was going to keep calling the LSD dude while I ran my quick errands and grabbed a bite as well.

I lost #1 for awhile, mixed communication regarding the rendez-vous point, and met some others I knew who offered some herbals. So off to the woods I went, returning shortly, a little happier, a little lighter. I asked my immediated smoking companions to call #1 on her cell phone to tell her I'm looking for her. Turns out #1 was getting some quick studying in before the big melt-down that was doomed to insue. So I sat in the gazebo an chatted with some strangers.

#1 caught word that the LSD guy was wonderng about the local swap with a few others. So we decided to investigate and seek-out this character, as he wasn't answering his cell phone. But low and behold, we found them right away, within 30 seconds after stepping into the mushy bog.

#1 and I smoked some herbals with these individuals while I introduced myself and shook hands. We asked the dude about his LSD, and he said, 'Oh, I just happen to have it on me, I dont know why I grabbed it.'
And I responded, 'How 'bout dosing me right now?'
He said, 'Sure!'

I asked for 3 drops in my palm, which I then licked down the hatch. Little did I realize how much LSD I had just took. I'm used to LSD being about 150-350ug/dose, shortly after taking my hits I was informed that this particular LSD was calibrated to [Erowid Note: Claims of measured microgram dosages for LSD are usually unsupported. Quantitative measurements for LSD are very difficult to do and cannot be done casually. Without further detailed information about how the measurements were derived, it is reasonable to assume that most statements of microgram dosages of LSD on blotter or in microdots are either misinformed or overstated.] 800ug/dose. No wonder those individuals looked at me like I was insane when I licked my palm and rubbed my wet hands on my temples.

Within 10 minutes I had a sharp metallic taste in my mouth, and a strong burning sensation on my tongue where the LSD touched. It felt like I munched some scolding hot pizza down, all while acquiring 3rd degree burns in my mouth. The taste of metal was really strange and alarming.

We left shortly after I dosed, #1 drove me back to the the parking lot where we had to wait for the LSD dude again, #1 was hesitant to drop right then-and-there, as she wanted to remain as sober as possible while she escorted me home to Eureka, via the bus. #1 decided to only drop 1 hit, that's still 800ug, that's a pretty strong dose too. While sitting in the car in the parking lot, I began to notice this extreme pressure growing within me, like I was filled with a baking soda/vinegar solution and vigorously shaken. I was going to explode.

During this building of massive internal pressure, I noticed I had to drain my resevoir, and I exclaimed to #1, 'I have to hit a bathroom!'

We continued to walk around campus, I was more-or-less floating, I seriously couldn't feel my limbs, or body for that matter, whatsoever at this point. The world started to pick-up speed and I felt as if I became MARVEL's The Flash. All the while I was asking for reassurance from #1 that I was 'acting normal' and everytime I was informed that I was acting exactly as I do when sober. The bathroom proved to be a difficult situation, I was fighting the problem with communication between me and my prick, I was so spacey that I could barely commence urinating. This whole experience in the toilet was accompanied by a stranger in the stall behind me with a faulty Evenrued boat motor that he couldn't seem to get to kick over.

I spent some awkward moments in the hallway outside the ladies bathroom awaiting #1, thanking my lucky-fucking stars that no one talked to me. After #1 emerged from her 'head-call', she suggested we head to her dorm so she could roll a joint, then make for the woods. A very excellent idea.

We finished the joint and started toward the bus stop, convieniently located in a very public place. This is where things went array. Within 5 minutes after sitting down, the area was swarmed with people, maybe some Saturday classes were released just then, Jesus Christ there was a lot of people coming out of the woodwork.

We had a 40 minute wait until the bus was arrived, and #1 was determined to take this bus as an 'adventure to my house!'

Well this adventure was cut short when I started to completely dematerialize into the world around me, I felt as if I had been ripped and torn until I was separated into nothing but atoms and molecules. At this point I very calmly proclaimed to #1, ' need to call a friend to get me out of here...'

She said, 'dont worry, you're acting fine...'

and I responded, 'I'm keeping my cool, but I cant see any sign of reality around me...'

I added, 'I literally cannot stand-up, I cant see the ground, or the sky...'

I completely lost touch with the 'real' world right about here, the LSD was only in my blood for about 1 1/2-2 hours when this point was reached. After what seemed like days, #1 friend, the life-saver, showed up. The relief I felt was super-natural, never was I so happy as to be isolated from those without the third-eye. Girl #3, from the Trinidad trip, reappeared, she was with the life-saver.

They dropped me off at the intersection by my studio apartment, I have no idea how I managed to stumble into my abode, my house keys seemed meaningless to me. I could barely figure out how to unlock my door.

I immediately secured the the dead-bolt for extra security. My tripping companion, #1, and my sober sitter, #2, knocked on the door about ten minutes later, they had stopped in on #3 at work to get some free grubbin's. I wanted to watch movies, but #1 insisted I pull out my markers and paper for a trip art session. Two hours of trip art was an excellent idea, I rarely do anything but play video games and watch movies when I trip, #1 was a great motivation to keep me moving and active while I was under, over, and beyond. Upon reviewing the art after coming down, I decided it was a most excellent masterpiece, a fabulous form of mixed abstract art.

We filled up two 18''x24'' pieces of sketch paper with dazzling scwiggles and faces becoming faces, most inspiring. After we dubbed our work complete, #3 knocked on the door. She commenced to explain how tired she was from work, so they decided to smoke some herbals to cool me down before they left. They fed me bowl after bowl for about thirty minutes, and then they had to leave. Little did I realize how long a night this would turn out to be.

I was about 4-5 hours into the trip when my companions left me. The particular visuals that I can recall include: wormholes, lasers emitting from my fingertips, seeing the fabrics coposing the space/time continueom, the living dead (VERY frightening), enormous dark neon-green floating dice all around my apartment (which stayed in place, despite rapid blinking to destroy the visual), the alphabet burst out of my chest cavitity flying about the room in a yellow haze before vigorously striking and sticking to my skin and finally seeping into my body.

These sort of hallucinations, accompanied with complete depersonalization, composed my apartment from 8:00pm to roughly 8:00am. I had taken the LSD at around 4:00pm the day before, so this adds up to a solid sixteen hours of complete dissemination of the surrounding universe, no dwindling away of the LSD strength, it ran strong and hard the entire time, visuals were as intense as the peak until I slipped into a frizzle-fry daze between 4:00am and 7:00am, all I remember during this last phase of the trip was the sounds one would expect to hear on a spaceship as the alien captain spills his space coffee on the command-post.

I realize that I was borderline freak-out with the whole situation. I whole-heartedly believe if I didn't carry the phrase, 'Mind over Matter,' throughout my experiences in hyperspace, I would not be 'here' today to discuss this report.

If there's one thing I regret about this trip, it's the fact that I never let go to flow with the current, I felt I had to wade in the liquid-existence in order to preserve myself, but I learned this all could've been greatly more enjoyable if I would just swam with the tide, rather than gently fighting it.

Negative side effects: immense internal pressure (resulting in back pain and bizarre physical sensations, e.i. twisting limbs, melting internal organs, boiling/popping/frying brain), greatly exaggerated mental fatigue (thus the downtime between 4:00am-7:00am), forced viewing of unwanted frighteningly vivid visuals (e.i. the living dead in my apartment).

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50701
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 28, 2006Views: 57,343
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LSD (2) : Various (28), Difficult Experiences (5)

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