Good High With Minor Visions
Cacti - T. pachanoi
by ryan
Citation:   ryan. "Good High With Minor Visions: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp50694)". Aug 26, 2018.

12 in oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (liquid)
san pedro experience

Hi I am just going to submit my report on san pedro.Well I am 15 and am pretty experienced with drugs drugs include shroomz,acid,coke,dramine,robo,weed,etc.well I got from my cousin some san pedro with I have been wanting to try.He gave me a 12inch peice about 2 inches wide I cut it up in stars did not bother to cut off the stickers because I was going to strain it.So I blended the stars with a cup of water lemon juice and some salt(for taste)and blended to a foamy mess put it in a pan and let it boil for 2 hours till it reduced down to a cups worth put it in the frige for a day.Took it out put lemon in it and salt put lemon on my tonge and gulp TASTE LIKE SHIT not the worst thing I tasted(2 bottles of vicks 44)but the most bitter thin Ihave ever tasted put a sock in my mouth kinda helped.

3.00 drank it

3.10 maybe felling something proubly placebo going to take a shower

3.30 shower felt very good will check up soon.

3.57 not much finding it hard to keep up in a sentance music sounds pretty good.

4.35 feel pretty good energy vibes feels kinda like a low dose of x music sounds bomb.

4.57 getting stronger and it is harder to type feels like a mild dose of x feel like talking going to talk to my mom she knows I'm on san pedro.

5.48 not that much feels like it is wearing off still energized still fells like a light dose of x not as intense though

6.00 getting weaker

6.49 feels like it wear off

7.40 yep it's gone

Well overall it was a good experience next time I will do 24in see how that works but 12 in is a good high simalar to x but diffrent only visions I got were minor cevs just colorful shapes well good experince will try agian.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50694
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 26, 2018Views: 1,230
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Cacti - T. pachanoi (64) : Unknown Context (20), Personal Preparation (45), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), General (1)

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