The Tale of the Accidental Trip
2C-I & Cannabis
Citation:   Xorkoth. "The Tale of the Accidental Trip: An Experience with 2C-I & Cannabis (exp49933)". Mar 18, 2006.

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T+ 0:00
200 mg oral Tryptophan (capsule)
  T+ 1:00 2.5 oral Cannabis (edible / food)
  T+ 1:30 9.5 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)
[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

My friends, allow me to regale you with the Tale of the Accidental Trip - while bearing in mind that as I write this, I am still affected by the tail end of this journey.

The night started with a fair amount of anticipation. For the past week, we'd been planning the 'vaporizer party', which was going to be a bunch of marijuana-friendly friends and acquaintances smoking my recently harvested nugs in my vaporizer. I have had pleasing results before from taking 8.5mg of 2C-I, where I didn't trip at all but felt the nice body buzz and a bit of social lubrication. So I had been planning to take about 9-9.5mg tonight, with hopes of about the same results, with maybe a little more strength to them.

At 6:30pm, I took 200mg of 5-HTP, which may account for some of the unexpected intensity of the experience. I was just finishing up with baking my last batch of 'special cookies' for the party and for myself in the future. I ate 2 and a half at 7:30pm, in anticipation of us getting to the party at 9:30. Then at 8:00, I went to dose with my 2C-I. To my dismay, I discovered that my usual graduated cylinder for measuring milliliters is missing, and I can't find it anywhere. So I remember that 1 teaspoon is equivalent to 5 milliliters, and so I filled up one of those to just under being full, with 1mL = 2mg 2C-I solution. I then put it in a shot glass, and added water. Unfortunately, I spilled just a little bit out of the glass as I was moving it, so I added just a tiny squirt more of 2C-I fluid, certainly no more than a quarter of a milliliter. Once I finally accomplished that, down the hatch it went. It tasted kind of like the 25% Everclear I added to help preserve the solution, and partly like the strange chemical taste of an exotic phenethylamine.

So, 9:00 comes around, but of course my girlfriend begins to exacerbate her insecurities and spends a half hour in front of the mirror, so we don't leave until 9:30. My first sign, at about T+1:00, that something more might be going on tonight than I had planned was when I became acutely aware of this, and began analyzing it on many levels, mostly leading to my sorrow at her being in such a state. Anyway, after a while we left, with me driving (not recommended by the author, but remember I thought I was going to get significantly lower effects, and I'm pretty experienced with 2C-I and the phenethylamines in general).

First, we headed over to our friend J's house, to gather up some people and follow them to the party, since we didn't know the way to the house. When I stepped inside the house, I knew that I was in for a night, being that we were going to a party, a social gathering by definition. The reason I say this is that by the time we got there, everyone else was already there waiting, including some high school kids that I've never met. I found myself very self-conscious in the room with all those people, and began to realize that this was a sign of a real psychedelic experience. However, having no choice at this point, I got back in my car and followed some people. As it turns out, however, they have to stop to buy some wine and beer for the party. I park, and my girlfriend L goes inside with them, while I choose to remain inside and safe, and commune with myself for a few minutes as this psychedelic come-up continues. In the car, I am listening to Pink Floyd, a great live version of 'Time' first, which was great and provided thinking material, followed by 'Cluster One', a lesser-known later tune from 'The Division Bell' album. These songs were deeper sounding than usual, and provided me with much mental and emotional stimulation. This was starting to get good!

Unfortunately, I was not in the best of places to be tripping. I began to realize that dogs were barking, one from behind my car and one from an indefinable place to my left, towards the store. I didn't pay this much attention at the time, but then L came back, and we were still waiting for the last friend to be finished inside. L begins to notice the dogs, too, and then, with a sinking feeling, we realize that, a few rows behind us, parked in an empty spot, is a cop car, and another is to our left, in front of the store. Fortunately the cops were not in them. Unfortunately, they were both labeled as K-9 units, and the barking, on second appraisal, was definitely coming from them. Shit, I thought to myself, I have two dozen weed cookies, two jars of nugs, and a vaporizer in my trunk. This was becoming a real situation, and as you can imagine, it was especially intense for me. The friend, M, who we were waiting for seemed to take forever, and as we drove away, I breathed a sigh of relief that the cops had not yet returned to their vehicles. We were safe, but what a close one!

Finally, we arrive at the party at 10:30. As it turns out, some of the acquaintances my girlfriend invited a few of their own, so there were about 40-50 people, some high schoolers and barely any that I knew. Right off the bat we had to ration the goods - it was simply a matter of fact, as we couldn't feed all the hungry masses with only two loaves of bread. This caused a certain vibe of social tension, of conflict between two groups. We set up the vaporizer in the guy's room whose house we were in, and only the people I had invited could hit it, as I only had so much. It didn't really make me feel bad, as over half the party got to smoke it anyway, but I could certainly feel the social dynamics flying through the air; I could almost see it. As more and more people took their vaporizer hit, it became obvious that I had unleashed the beast. Many had also had cookies that I distributed as I arrived, and everyone was so high they were unfit for public. I became acutely aware that my own energy was flying off of me and affecting these poor kids, many of whom had obviously never experienced a state of mind anything at all like what I was right then.

But the more I watched their reactions, actions, and emotions play out across their faces, the more I understood that they were feeling the same trip as me. I had entered into a completely social trip by now, which is interesting to me because I generally have trouble tripping with anyone, let alone people I barely know are getting weirded out by my vibe. I was seeing all the normal, everyday social interactions playing out, and deconstructing them down to their basic parts, to analyze why and how humans perform such behaviors. It was quite enlightening, but made for some social weirdness as well, as I would sense vibes between other people, and then that vibe would 'bounce' off of me and get sent to everyone else. Their waves came with my waves; it was really quite uncanny. I find it interesting that, in PiHkaL, Shulgin has a report about a contact high that he got from people who were on 2C-I, because that is definitely what was happening here.

One guy, however, stood apart from the rest; we'll call him E. Actually, his girlfriend seemed different as well. It started to become apparent to me that this guy, though I knew he had considerable experience with weed, also had experience with psychedelics. When I looked at him, he stared back at my eyes and he understood. I know he was feeling the vibe, and it was sort of confusing him. I heard him say softly to his girlfriend, '...starting to trip' and then later, more clearly, 'Who brought the acid...'. Suddenly, I found myself in a conversation about spiritual mushroom experiences, and the usefulness of tripping. I'm filled with excitement, since I haven't talked with another human face-to-face about such matters in over 3 months, since I moved to NC. I got the distinct impression that we really understood each other, and that he knew my energy was affecting his and the rest of theirs. It was such a great feeling - it made me feel like I was part of a secret community. In my receptive state, this was amazingly intense and joyous.

Another guy we were with, James, proved to be connoisseur of some of the more exotic mushrooms from time to time, for spiritual purposes, which was awesome because he's actually starting to become a friend anyway. My mind begins to construct a social system to this, as it was doing with everything, and I felt that we three were all in this counterculture society, but that E and I were similar in 'level', for lack of a better term, though he is higher up than me by sheer experience. James, on the other hand, is on the same level of consciousness, but is a few steps lower than either E or I. Everyone else at this party is a step less aware. They were catching a glimpse of the undercurrents swirling around this party, but they lacked the proper facilities to understand them.

At this point, certainly the mental effects were what I was most focused on. But the visual aspect was actually quite interesting as well. Everything gave me the impression of 'zooming' closer and farther away, and objects had gained a hint of the waving, growing, and breathing that they would do with a full dose of 2C-I. At one point I was packing the vaporizer and staring at the fresh green inside, and I began to see it in extreme detail, as if I were seeing it microscopically and macroscopically at once. It was quite intense, and it caused me to stare with wide eyes for a few minutes, earning me strange looks, though not from E; he understood. White surfaces had a bit of a sparkle to them, with faint color tones causing them to not really be white anymore but rather a sparkly, iridescent indefinable 'light' color. At this point, I realize that everyone has smoked just one vaporizer hit, and we had all left Kansas behind a while ago. I had successfully gotten an entire party (well, most of it) high as all hell with probably less than 2 grams of nugs!

Well, E had some, too, but since mine was homegrown I provided most of the ammunition. The mental effects consisted of my mind being extremely active and quick, constructing social structures and mathematical relationships on many levels. The racing thoughts definitely gave it an 'edge', in that this was an exhilarating ride with no few episodes of fear and discomfort. However, I'm just enough in control of it at this point that it's a lot more fun than unpleasant!

Unfortunately, as 12:30 rolled around (T+3:30), my poor girl had had too much drink and began throwing up everywhere. As if on cue, E and his girlfriend leave, as I think she had been trying to get them to leave for a while. Meanwhile, L is getting very sick and I feel terrible for her. She's here, looking like the drunken fool, puking all over a schoolmate's bed and bedroom, and she's immensely embarrassed, literally filled with shame. In my state, I take this on a bit personally, the party definitely becomes an environment that we have to leave. I know our real friends will just be sorry and nothing will have changed, but I feel so bad for her because I'm fairly sure that, for some of the schoolmates of hers there, she will always be less in their eyes now. Sometimes people can be so cruel.

At this point, I find myself needing to drive, but experiencing a moderately strong 2C-I trip in its full force! Unfortunately, I had to go, and drive gently to boot to avoid further throwing up that would end up in my car. As I pull away, I suddenly remember that I don't know how to get home. However, I'd been there before and I had managed to find the way once before, and I remembered at least the general direction I needed to go, so I set off. It was interesting, because along the way I made split decisions that were based upon certain factors that I considered each time I reached an intersection. As I was making these realizations and determining where to drive, I remembered having the same realizations last time I drove home from this house. Basically, I went through the exact same thought process that I did last time, but at the same time realizing that I was. In this haphazard way, by somehow piecing the clues together from my memory that were surfacing, I recreated the situation and found my way home. And no police on the way! Again, this driving that I did is NOT recommended. So don't!

And that brings us to an hour or so ago... actually, I guess two hours have passed since I got home and started jotting down notes for this report. At this point, 3:15am (T+6:15), I'm definitely starting to come down a little. The effects at this point are a mild back tension, amusing and flowing thoughts, altered sentence structure, and a faint shimmer to white surfaces. Also, I keep hearing faint noises that the cats are making downstairs get very loud and sound like they're coming from nearby. And of course, I'm not even remotely tired. And I'm intensely hungry, due to lack of food being consumed today. I think I'll eat some ice cream...

All in all, it was more than I had planned for and it took me by surprise. However, it was a fun, exhilarating journey with a definite edge, but I had a blast! I made a new friend, strengthened a relationship with another, and found out some interesting things. Also, my 'group high' experience tonight made me wonder about a possible application of 2C-I. I can imagine taking it by itself or with other psychedelics to try to impress the insights and state of mind that you're in onto others who are in close proximity. This is particularly interesting to me because, after last time I did 2C-I and saw spirits, I've been thinking about how this chemical seems to do something with my latent psychic abilities. This would correlate to its ability to produce a 'contact high'.

Anyway, this is speculation but I'll have to give it further trials at some point.

Be safe and happy journeys!

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49933
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 18, 2006Views: 8,261
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