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A Stoned Weekend
Blue Lotus & Cannabis
Citation:   Floater. "A Stoned Weekend: An Experience with Blue Lotus & Cannabis (exp49929)". Aug 28, 2006.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    repeated smoked Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea (dried)
    repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
Blue Lotus seemed to be a very subtle, and calming drug. Something I had been looking for. A sort of calmer weed alternative (Sometimes weed is too strong to just 'relax' to.) I purchased an ounce (28 grams) of the plant (For the amount needed to have a regular dose, and for the price, it's a very good deal.) Upon receiving the plant at the postal office, I immediate rolled a joint of the material.

Jan 20th, 2006

Around 5 pm; Rolled and smoked 3/4 of a joint of Blue lotus, packed very tight.

5:00-5:30; A very subtle, warm, loving feeling all over the body. I constantly think about how it would have been to ingest blue lotus and lived in ancient Egypt (as many reports and sites say that Blue lotus was a very important herb to the Egyptians.) The effects are mild, but are very enjoyable. There is a definite feeling of just not wanting to move, but to just relax, and think. It's almost sort of like a meditative aid.

5:45; My bud and I go for a ride to go pick a friend up to go to a concert, and effects are still noticeable.

6:00; I am dropped off at my friend's (c’fs) house, thought I end up walking around his neighborhood twice. My friend (c ) and my other friends will not arrive to c’fs house till 7.

6:00-6:55; Walking constantly around a dark neighborhood, the effects are still strong. It feels so good just being out side, though it is January in Massachusetts, it is in the 50's outside, and there is a nice breeze. A very lovely walk. I was not anxious for my friends to come back to his house, I simply enjoyed the walk. I remember stopping at a humming electric generator and noticing how amazing it sounded (I had only ingested blue lotus). I am a drone artist, and I enjoy listening to drones very much, they represent a lot to me. I found the peaceful hum and hisses of the electric box very enjoyable, though I decided to move on after a couple of minutes

7:00; I meet up with my friends at his house and go into his basement, the next 10 mins or so are just us talking about Blue lotus, and how it mixes with cannabis, etc. General small talk about different drugs, and things we heard on line.

7:10-7:15; Packed 2 bowls of blue lotus mixed with strong weed. A 50/50 mix, just about. The entire feeling of the weed is different, it is more serene and relaxing. Others agree. Though, a bit later, the blue lotus effect is almost gone since the weed we had was headies, being really powerful at even low doses. It usually takes a bong and 4-5 bowls for me to feel this high on midis. Everyone says that they are unsure of how the blue lotus is mixing in with weed since it is so strong.

7:15-7:45; Everyone is really high. We listen to many different types of music, and talk about the effects of the blue lotus and cannabis mixed. We decide to jam out (We're all musicians.) and have a fun time jamming out. My friends are in a different band and they decide to play their set for me. I am still very high off the headies. Visual and Audio hallucinations present.

Around 8; They are done playing their set and we agree that we could handle more of the 50/50 mix of headies and Blue lotus. We go on to smoke 5 bowls of this mixture, till we realize how high we are. No one can even pack a bowl. I could of packed a bowl, or even rolled a joint because I am so used to the state, but my throat told me to chill out and just enjoy what I had.

8:00-9:00; Everyone is completely stoned and is weed tripping, hardcore. I am used to such things, so I am able to handle myself, but there were a couple of girls that started to freak out because of their inexperience. I would compare the trip to a very very mild LSD trip. The sort of mind puzzles that come up were present during my weed trip (that I usually get on LSD), though, I would only think so far, so little, and then I would forget, and be amazed that I was this high off just weed.

I ended up taking care of the 3 girls that couldn’t handle it, everyone else was too stoned to move. I carried them all to bed, and made them drink water, and just to chill out while I hummed a melody (I have learned over the years, when tripping, human humming really helps. I am not sure why, but there is just something about it.) I was rubbing the back of this girl (m) and humming a nice little tune (nothing in particular, but just something that I came up with.) They all eventually fell asleep but (m) stayed up and cried. She started to tell me of all her problems, till she started to freak out again and I told her to just relax and sleep. She eventually did.

Around 9; I go back downstairs, and my friend S’s girlfriend brings over beer (she is much older, 26, while most people at the party were 16-19.) She simply just got us beer for no apparent reason, besides out of pure love. Everyone was quite happy. I remembered that Alcohol goes very well with blue lotus. I told the rest of my buddies and they all decided to drink a beer.

9:15-10:30; Finished my beer (at 9:15), really slowly because of how much of my body load is. My head feels really clear, and I feel really drunk. I should not be this drunk off one beer, at all. It felt as if I had Drank 5 or 6 beers. I believe at this stage, my head was clearing up. I don't know if it was the beer, blue lotus or what, but I felt sober already around 10:30. Sober in the way that, My mind could operate perfectly normal, but the body high and visual/audio hallucinations were present. I go upstairs to drive (Yes, I shouldn’t of drunk, but I am good at operating vehicles under the influence. I drive everyone home on time with my friends (j’s) car, and go back to my friends house (c’))

I did not keep track for the rest of the night, but I will try to put everything in order from here on.

I had the extreme munchies and proceed to eat a mountain of food. I had 3 muffins, 2 small microwavable pies, and I don't even know how many other snacks. This of course was accountable to the weed. The rest of the night was spent smoking blue lotus, because everyone was baked already. Only my close friends and I, who are very experienced in drugs decided to keep smoking weed. We had a private stash going, and I rolled a fat joint mixed with headies, blue lotus and some hash put in with it all. I remember only finishing half the joint, and being completely gone again.

My high was ridiculous as ever. No sickness though, which I account to blue lotus. I usually become very sick when I smoke a lot of headies. Accounting for all I ate and smoked, I probably would of puked heaps without the help of blue lotus. Everyone left at 11:30 (about). I was alone with my best friend (c*). My ride was coming at 1-2. Me and my friend 'c' were just hanging out talking about all the first timers in the group and all the old times we had started to smoke weed, etc.

I told him about what happened with the girls and he was laughing saying he felt bad that he couldn’t get up and help them since he was so high. We had a great time just talking about the whole night. I think we connected in a new way, we could feel each other auras and it was some sort of grand ancient spiritual connection. Something indescribable. I believe the combination of all the drugs just allowed us to experience that connection. Anyways, we decided to smoke more weed. We packed another bowl of weed, but decided we had enough blue lotus in us already, so we didn’t put any in the bowl. I remember only taking small hits because of my sense of movement was so hyperactive, I couldn't tell if I was hitting hard or not, though my high did increase more. We listened to Gorillaz new cd, and it was a great experience.

I rolled two more joints of blue lotus, and went outside at 1:12 (I remember looking at the clock). I smoked the joint of blue lotus while my buddy *c went to bed. I was waiting out side of the house in the drive way. It was so peaceful and silent outside. It was a very amazing moment. I was looking at the shades of the trees in the lamp light (his garage light was on). Everything looked so beautiful. I cannot grasp the moment in words because of it sheer impact it had on me. I wish I could say, but it was just that, amazing, beyond all things.

My friend finally arrived to pick me up around 2:15, which I didn't mind, because it was nice out, and I enjoyed being with nature. I was still pretty high, but my mind was very, very clear. I could follow all my thoughts, and things made sense, unlike the overload of weed. I concluded at that moment that the mixture of weed and blue lotus was the best way to (spiritually) use weed. The clearness of the mind, and the calm of the body and soul allow for a vehicle to the other side.

As I approached the car and saw the lights on the car, I realized how strong my visual field was still affected from the weed. It looked as if the car was a giant space ship. I knew it wasn't, but it sure looked like it. I got in the car, leaned back my chair and rolled down the windows. Me and my friend *d discussed our nights (he went to a concert), and we were both tired, but it was very serene out. It was so nice. When we arrived at his house were we basically just prepared to go to sleep, and we did.

Next day; Jan. 21st of 2006 (another experience)

7:45-10:00 I woke up before my friend *d did. (he was surprised though, I always tell him when you smoke weed your sleep is doubled, as in one hour of sleep feels like you slept 2 hours.) I brewed a nice big mug of blue lotus tea (not having tried ingestion in tea form) and It worked stronger than did smoking it, I was very impressed. The morning for me was really lazy.

I listened to acoustic jazz (Pat methany? One calm evening, I think it's called.) It was still nice out, sunny and in the mid 50's. I sat in my friends chair, sipping blue lotus tea, enjoy the music and reflecting on my night before. Love, life, etc. It was a very nice experience. I woke up my friend *d, he had to go to work for 11, and I at 3. He let me borrow his car after he left for work, and I drove back to my friend *c's house to go smoke some more, and chill out before I had to go to work.

11:00-11:30 I got to *c's house to find that his back door was locked, so I went in through the garage, and went downstairs. I smoked a bowl with my friend *c, who had apparently slept in his basement instead of going up to his bed like he said he would (the night before), and it was quiet humorous. We laughed about it for quiet a while. We packed one light bowl of blue lotus and weed. The effects came on almost immediately, and it was just as it was the night before.

I asked him if he wanted to go on a ride, and so we got in my friends car, and drove around for a very long time, aimlessly. We smoked the second blue lotus joint (that I had rolled the night before) at a park in the car. We drove till about 1:00 when he (c) had to get home.

The entire experience was blissful riding around, windows down, blasting music, and such nice weather. At 1 I decided to have practice with my band before work, and I went down the jamming space, and jammed. At 2:45 I drove to work, and I had a nice after glow through out the day. I leave out details on this day, because it can be accurately described in a general review (blissful in one word would be suffice).

Jan 22nd; Review

Two days of interesting experiences, both very, very positive and absolutely great. I feel so much better after these experiences. The realization that life is so precious, and that so many things, so, so many things are taken for granted in the American culture we live in, is solidified in my mind. Let us love and acknowledge all that there is, was, and will be because it is life, and love.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 49929
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 28, 2006Views: 68,586
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Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea (105), Cannabis (1) : Combinations (3), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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