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Citation:   Xorkoth. "Beautiful: An Experience with DOC (exp49923)". Jan 27, 2006.

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T+ 0:00
2.0 mg oral DOC (liquid)
  T+ 2:46   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 9:38 4.5 mg oral Ergoloid mesylates  
  T+ 9:38 1500 mg oral Piracetam  
  T+ 9:38   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 12:37   oral Alcohol - Hard  
The only thing that is edited are the T+x:xx's.

11:52 (T+39) - No going back now! I put 2mg of DOC suspended in water and alcohol under my tongue at 11:13. It burned due to the alcohol, but I held it there for about a minute, and swallowed. I ate some food, not too much, but enough to make my stomach not empty, a few hours ago. As of now, I'm feeling very relaxed with the initial buzz creeping in. It's subtle for now - we'll see how it progresses.

12:36 (T+1:23) - I can feel it engulfing me. This is interesting. There's a great amphetamine energy coursing through my body, but gently. I feel like I could sleep right now. I was sitting downstairs, watching TV, and my mind kept leaping into tangential thoughts that weren't entirely logical. My pupils are beginning to dilate. This is certainly slow and gentle in the come-on.

1:41 (T+2:28) - Oh my goodness. Craig Ferguson is absolutely awesome to watch in an altered state! And in an altered state I surely am. But at the same time, my body is so comfortable... unfortunately I have to go out to get my headphones. However, from my wonderful desktop of technology, I see that it's 50 degrees. Which means, I will probably not be cold when I go out..

1:59 (T+2:46) - The hits of cannabis seemed hardly to have affected it. However, Pink Floyd is. The music is captivating. I keep getting stuck

2:49 (T+3:36) - I really have to work into this one. I feel as if I'm absorbing the experience of others but have little yet to contribute on my own, as I read experience reports

6:09 (T+6:56) - Attempting some sleep for a while, after a long period of integration of others' experiences into my own


8:51 (T+9:38) - This is finally coming together into a well-humored, intellectual plateau. Hah! Also still going very strong, though below peak levels. A day of integration follows. I also just took 4.5mg of hydergine, 1500mg of piracetam, and 600mg of choline. And some cannabis is in order before Leslie and I run some errands!

Please note that I was never able to sleep at all! I just laid there feeling nice and relaxed for a couple of hours until Leslie got up.

Time dilation last night was extreme! I notice this because right now it's still pronounced.

Although at the time it seemed like my state was a bit of a waste last night, I've come to realize that I did a truly massive amount of raw perception, which I feel can be integrated to good use today. Specifically, I read all about Ketamine, DMT, and heroin, and have absorbed vast quantities of information regarding those altered states as well as addition to opiates, which, through kratom, is a problem I sometimes face. Also, I was experiencing them in a unique fashion, as if I was unable to separate the writer from myself for some of the more well-written reports. I experienced, for example, the tremendous ego-loss of ketamine on a somewhat personal level through my reading.

12:08 (T+11:55) - Hmm, those few errands turned into many. But look at all we got done! Rarely have I gone into public this altered, and even more rarely have I thought it was fun! Also, we bought trivial pursuit. Unfortunately, it's the pop culture edition!

12:50 (T+12:37) - We haven't partied down like this in a while... tequila at noon on Saturday! I really treasure this state of mind that I've been in all morning.

This is the kind of drug that is so involving, I don't want to stop to write about it. It permeates everything.

3:10 (T+14:57) - My ability to intellectualize, hypothesize, and rationally discuss the way things are on all levels has NEVER been so clear and focused as it is now. This is absolutely priceless. I feel so sharp!

I can see why 'Be Here Now' is a mantra during the full-on tripping hours for other reporters of DOC experience.

3:24 (T+15:11) - Leslie is catching my vibe BIG-TIME! I think she's really loving it, and we're having an absolute BLAST of a Saturday! Probably the best since moving to North Carolina. She just claimed to have seen fractals as her eyes unfocused after taking a hit. Keep in mind she doesn't know of my activities nor has she partaken of any psychedelics. But she's lovin' my vibe! I feel like a social machine. I could talk and relate with anyone at all right now and have a wonderful time doing it. This is the way I wish I always was with people, instead of being so shy and reserved. I'm finding myself hoping our friends want to hang out tonight! [They didn't]

4:44 (T+16:31) - I think I'm going to have a lot to say when this astounding chemical finishes its run. Which certainly isn't yet! To me, DOC feels like a 'mature' psychedelic. Like, all these other phenethylamines (except 2C-E) are a bit fake, in that they manipulate my emotions. DOC doesn't get in the way of ANYTHING - body, mind, or emotions. It's a doorway to simply BEING. This is a very interesting concept to me, as it's the first time I've really explored a compound of this kind. It's like, I really respect this chemical, because it's not trying to be something it's not, or show me something that's not real, or make me feel some way that I don't. In fact, there haven't been any sort of fundamental insights into the psychedelic nature of the universe or anything like that. Its message is quite simple - I need to let myself relax and go a little bit more, and to just Be Here Now (not to sound cliché along with the other reports of DOC, but it's true!).

And it sure takes a long time to come full circle and let me know what it's all about!

4:58 (T+16:45) - DOC seems to compulse me to just be, and experience in the rawest sense of the word. During the (extremely long) peak, it was as if I was blowing along in an intense psychedelic breeze that allows no room for anything but intensity and awe, not even enough time to think about anything more than exactly what's in front of me, though I ponder deeply about that, as I was doing with the experience reports I was reading. Not only was I unable to write my thoughts during this peak, but I was indeed unable to even think the thoughts in the first place.

For a while, until this morning, actually, I didn't think the experience was worth it and although the body high felt quite distinctly good, it was frankly slightly disturbing at times with how strong it just constantly was. And let me tell you, I could FEEL how long it's gonna last. It just feels like this VAST buzz. I felt that since I wasn't really thinking about anything in particular except for the 'mundane' task of reading experience reports, I had just essentially fucked myself up for an intensity that was at once both actually pleasurable of a body high, and unpleasant. By unpleasant, I mean there was just this faint sense of 'something's fucked up here, something's a little alarming about this'. I tend to get this voice during every trip I have, but generally subdued to a murmur. This was the case last night, and I was never actually afraid at any point, but I just had that duality of 'this is both awesome and I wish it would just end.

I don't mean that to sound like I have 'tripping issues'... indeed, this was probably the overall most pleasurable trip sensation I've experienced before, at this faint murmur of discomfort was kept to below even my usual level during the easiest of trips. The body high felt very distinctly amphetamine, with the speed and waves of pleasure like that drug gives. However, the mind was strangely unaffected by the actual speedy effects of amphetamine, and only gained the enhanced perceptions and clarity of that state, along with a hefty dose of visuals (remind me to describe them later!), and when I combine that with the fact that there were absolutely no gastrointestinal side-effects or any sort of body load whatsoever, all of these factors conspire to make DOC one hell of a pleasurable drug, dammit!

5:21 (T+17:08) - I feel as if I'm tapped into some sort of kinetic energy realm of the thoughts. I'm so immensely motivated right now to communicate, to create, to make music, to express myself in every way I can! At this point, I feel totally back to baseline functioning right now, but another phase of the drug has kicked in, which is the one I just described. It's been building all morning, actually but has just now fully arrived. I just feel very ... ENHANCED. I also still have a nice residual amphetamine high and every so often, some crawling in the sides of my vision remaining. It's strange to be this altered and feel BETTER than baseline in terms of social skills.

Damn, I want to keep writing but as this drug has begun to teach me, I need to just be and not worry about my 'work' (of dutifully notating my subjective experiences in order to make a good report) so much. So Off I go, to more inspiration, and I'm fairly certain I'll want to express that in a bit.

6:20 (T+18:07) - I've felt a noticeable decline in the clarity of the psychedelic amphetamine high, though not tremendously. It's just a little less forceful now. Now that I think about it, I haven't really given the visual effects much thought yet, despite their intensity. Everything was morphing, crawling, with quick, neon hues. Objects I looked at would become awash in different colors as I looked, and change in size somewhat. Also, occasionally it would look as if 'drips' from objects would break off and fall upwards, as it were. In the dark or with eyes closed, the imagery was pretty fantastic, and I wish now that I had explored it more thoroughly. I was unable to actually see through the neon patterning in very dim / unlighted areas. The visuals, however, were quite benign in appearance. I had actually expected a bit more distortion. Even though I've only done low doses of LSD a couple of times, I can tell that DOC feels quite 'lysergic' in the body and mind, but especially in the visual field. The mental state was one that was much more calm than I imagine an acid trip of equal intensity to be. I definitely had an electric sort of energy running through my limbs. Very energizing, yet unlike LSD, DOC simultaneously allows for complete physical relaxation. I think if I did a little bit of a higher dose, the visuals would be truly astounding!


Well, around 11:00pm last night (T+24!) the final vestiges of the drug left my body and I became intensely tired, not with the urge to fall asleep so much as the urge to just lie there with my eyes closed, unmoving. My body was exhausted! This is definitely not an every weekend type of experience, as it took a lot out of me. However, after sleep eight hours last night (8 hours for the last 48), I feel fine and rested and am ready for the rest of my day.

I had an absolutely great day yesterday! I am a bit floored by the sheer staying power of this drug, and the incredibly smooth transitions between its two main stages of effects. I love how DOC allows plenty of time for integration. In fact, I feel as if I have already fully integrated this drug's rather simple message, which is to just relax, chill, and just Be sometimes, and to remember that I always have the ability within in me to make my day great and to be inspired. Despite the rather intense first 8-10 hours, which are still amazing, it's really the long, long plateau of the drug that makes it a great one. That's the thing about DOC - every time I reach some level of effect, I can rest assured that I'll be feeling it for a LONG time, and considering the pleasure of the state, that's a good thing to know, indeed!

In general, compared to other psychedelics I've tried, DOC seems to be a lot lighter, at least at this dose, on the 'cosmic lessons' side of the psychedelic experience. In this way, it seems much less directed than almost any other chemical I've tried. In fact, this lack of direction IS its direction, causing me to simply be and experience for a while and leave my silly inhibitions and concerns behind. In this way, I've found it to be wonderfully therapeutic, but to just make sure I have at least 18 hours at my disposal, if not a full 24!

All in all, I will be waiting a while, but this one is definitely a shining example of a Great Psychedelic (tm), and one that I will definitely experiment further with when the time is right. Happy travels! And remember to let go...

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 49923
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 27, 2006Views: 52,062
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