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Initiation to a Higher State of Mind
4-Acetoxy-MiPT & Cannabis
Citation:   rocky. "Initiation to a Higher State of Mind: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-MiPT & Cannabis (exp49721)". Jul 21, 2006.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral 4-AcO-MiPT
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis
  T+ 1:00 30 mg oral 4-AcO-MiPT
This is a report of 3 experiences on the last of the 4-aco(ho) tryptamine compounds I wanted to experiment with. I have so far tried 4-ho-dipt, 4-aco-dipt, and 4-ho-det. The final one was 4-aco-mipt (miprocetin). I wasn't really sure what to expect from it. I wanted to get some 4-ho-mipt since by mr. Shulgin's notes is more potent, but I was only able to acquire some miprocetin.

I have tried 4-ho-dipt in ranges up to 35 mg, and 4-aco-dipt in ranges up to 55mg, and I have found out that iprocin (4-ho-dipt) was more potent and produced less shivering with higher psychedelic experiences, especially combined with cannabis - iprocetin was much more „shallow“ and not so psychedelic and mind expanding, so my conclusion was that HO compounds were actually stronger in smaller doses. I also experienced out of body experience with 4-ho-det+cannabis. There was one conclusion from my side in using these substances; cannabis was a very strong catalyzer and until I smoked some (I never needed much) the experienced was very weak in start but to fully blossom 10-15 minutes after smoking and I tried no to take any of these tryptamines without some cannabis prepared for the experience.

I finally received 250mg of miprocin and was very excited since generally I love tryptamines based on psilocybin, since they give me a warm and soft high. I must say that I had the „strongest“ psychedelic experience with iprocin+cannabis where I had the biggest ego loss ever, and it was really amazing, I was thinking in pictures and language had no meaning for me. I experienced ego loss before on LSD (2 strong blotters) and on 20mg of 2ce, but it was not so strong and overwhelming.

I will give you short description of my 3 experiments with this substance (miprocetin)

1st trial
As I said I wasn't really sure how I would react on this compound so I started with the 25mg which was less than that mr. Shulgin experimented in his reports (he took the 30mg max).

I was pretty surprised with the speed that this substance kicked in. After only 15 minutes I was able to feel the effects, and it was pretty strong. I felt some pressure in my head and was feeling little drunk and had problems with my balance. I could say these effects were not pleasant but also not unpleasant.

The coming up took about 45 minutes all together until I was finally peaking. This compound really has very big psychical part expressed. I was feeling the energy flowing through my body and this was pretty strong. Visually I had much stronger experiences, but I could compare it to 4-ho-det but with much more greenish colors present everywhere. Morphing wasn't strong but it was there. The only thing that really surprised me was the auditory change. Everything sounded a lot „deeper“ like coming from some tubes and on the peak all the sounds from TV were breaking, like I was hearing a sentence and some parts were played trough a guitar effects processor :)
The experience itself wasn’t very overwhelming.

After some 1.5 hours into the experience I decided to try to listen to music. After some trials I „heard“ that the music was too distorted and I was getting annoyed by it and so I quit from this. I decided to watch „the ninth gate“ with johny depp. I must say that this was a winner :) I watched the movie before but I was never so good – I finally understand that this movie was more than I ever considered it before. This was a „movie watching“ substance definitely. After the movie finished I was coming down and had something to eat (eating was OK, my belly had no complaints – I find eating much better on tryptamines that on the phenethylamines). I found a strong introspective quality of this compound. It was not as strong as on ethocin but I was pushed into a state where I started to evaluate my life and especially my decisions in the last year. I thought to myself that higher dosage would increase this and I was hoping that this was true. After about 6 hours after ingesting I went to bed. I took me some 45 minutes to fall asleep, but I had a good sleep, better than expected.

One more thing, after the general effects got weak I felt that I would like to take more, which was pretty strange to have this feeling so strong (I could compare it to the urge to take one more ecstasy pill after the peak has faded). I could say this was an initiation to this substance.

P.S. I had no cannabis on this occasion

2nd trial (3 days after the first trial)
I was free that day and decided to experiment with bigger dosage – 40 mg. The reason to increase the dosage was the possible tolerance and to have stronger mental effects which I was hoping for this time. Again I didn't have any cannabis, which (I know now) was a shame. After ingesting the substance, I saw that the come up was as fast as the last time and almost 40% stronger.

About 45 minutes after ingesting I had to sit down and I was feeling that my senses are going out and that I will blackout or I will have a really big peaking experience. Again I couldn't say if this was pleasant or unpleasant and I remember that I thought „did I really want this?“. On the peak of this come up the sensation all of the sudden became very, very pleasant and I was feeling like nothing could touch me and a big smile covered my face. Again this was the warm and soft effect like the other related tryptamines have. I experienced a lot more morphing and the feelings inside were much more ecstasy-like, not like iprocin or ethocin. The length of the experience was half an hour longer than on the first trial. The auditory change became more pronounced, even to that level that on the peak I wasn't sure if I understood what language did the people on TV use. Introspective quality was here but not so pronounced as last time, I think the reason for this was the tolerance. Again I had no problems sleeping, but again I had the feeling I wanted to take more when the effects started to diminish.

3rd trial (3 days after the 2nd trial)
I really don't know how I decided to have another go with this so soon, but I was just compelled by some inner voice since I was sure there was more to this chemical. Every time I used this substance on come up I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this, but at the end I was pretty satisfied with the experience - but I was still lacking that deep tryptamines psychedelic experience. The other thing that was troubling me was the feeling to take more on the end of the experience and I was feeling like I didn't get what I came for. This time I prepared very good cannabis to support the trip. I decided to ingest 30mg and another 30mg about 1 hour after the ingestion to ease the come up. Cannabis really did soften the come up and I was really surprised on smoothness of initial effects. After one hour the effects are getting stronger and I ingest the second 30mg. I was ready to have a rough ride but anyway the best trips are the rough ones :)

About 30 minutes after the second dosing I smoked another half of a joint. At this time miprocin rocketed me really high. I don't think that I EVER had such strong visual morphing (I could compare it with DOC in intensity but the colors and the feeling was much different - calmer and deeper, and the colors were in another spectrum, a lot of green and red-purple). For example I saw curtains where there were none; the floor looked like it was made of liquid. I was really feeling like I was floating in space. I also had a feeling of euphoria and I really wanted to speak with somebody. I must say this feeling was much better than on any phenethylamines I ever had. It was deep, I felt internal happiness. It is also a very introspective tool, as I experienced this on smaller dosages but this time it was much more pronounced. I was thinking about my university, my work and all the failures I made, but it wasn't bad in any way I wasn't scared I just wanted to get it all right. I wasn't really thinking about my relations with other people, I was not reevaluating my friendship and love, I was evaluating my qualities, my target in life and I really tried to learn from my mistakes. This lasted about 30 minutes and then I think I reached the combined peak :) I could really compare it with few grams of very strong mushrooms, but it was still different, not so dark.

What was really strange for me is that I was very hungry at that moment. I had some chinese food so I started to eat, it was very good and my appetite wasn't affected by the strength of the experience. I'm not sure if the food was the reason but after eating I had a cosmic experience. I could say it was mystic or ethereal, but what I saw and felt was just incredible. I was looking at the plates where I had the food and at one moment all the plates turned into planets and the table in between the plates and air became space, real cosmos. I could see the stars I could see the space dust. I was on the brink of tears, I felt so calm inside so in place with everything, I was a part of that space and I was floating in it for whole eternity. This lasted for a pretty long time. I could see space patterns (like the space was tearing through my reality) on most of the things in my room. The feeling was out of this world. Auditory changes were the same as on the second time, I couldn't listen to any vocal music since the voices were pretty absurd (I tried to listen to david bowie but it was too weird).

So I had an idea. In the last few days I was trying to listen to classical music. I could say music is an important part of my life but somehow I just couldn't understand this genre. I sat down and put some vivaldi (the four seasons). I tried to relax but I was still watching the TV. I realized that I had to let myself go to the music so I shut the tv down and closed my eyes. This induced a mind opening feeling for me, as if I just realized some complex mathematical procedure that I was trying to figure out for the last 5 days and thought I would never figure out. It just became so clear to me. The music was playing with my emotions, it was talking to me. I had a feeling that it was the most remarkable thing I ever came to understand in my life. It was so remarkable, so intelligent. Then I realized that it takes a lot of genius to create such music. What also came to me was the importance of the instrument players, how skilled and precise the violin player has to be to present the emotions, landscapes and complexity that interweaved this musical composition - he just has to be one with the instrument.

After about 15 minutes of listening the weirdest thing happened – I started to cry, I was so happy that I just couldn't help myself. I understood this music and it was touching my essence. When I closed my eyes I saw a landscape of a forest with various animals playing and how the music went on the landscape was changing (spring, summer, autumn, winter). It lasted for a good 45 minutes. After that I just fell asleep. I didn't try to sleep, the music finished and I just submerged in the dreamland. I woke up after about 7 hours of good sleep. I think the whole experience (from the start of the effects till I think I fell asleep was about 7 hours). The next day I was full of energy and I wasn't feeling any bad effects. I finally got what I was looking for and I must say that I put this substance next to my favorite compounds (lsd, 2ce and doc).
P.s. I didn't feel the need to take more this time, miprocin gave me what I was looking for

I will definitely take this again but I need some time to rest on it and think about all the things that happened to me during this experience.

I really am an experienced psychonaut so the quantities I took were larger than I read people take on several forums and reports.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 49721
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 21, 2006Views: 10,139
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