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I Was Freaking Out
Divalproex & Cannabis
by Rob
Citation:   Rob. "I Was Freaking Out: An Experience with Divalproex & Cannabis (exp49527)". Erowid.org. Oct 22, 2020. erowid.org/exp/49527

2 tablets oral Pharms - Divalproex (pill / tablet)
  Repeated hits smoked Cannabis (flowers)
One night me and a few friend-of-a-friends invited me on a blunt cruise with them since one of them wanted to get me high. The person who invited me, we shall call Tony, was my classmate thought about me doing DXM to be pathetic (although ironically, he had done syrup before) and wanted to introduce me to 'real' drugs. This would be my first time doing any recreational drug besides DXM and my first time doing drugs with other people.

Me, Tony and some friends who I can't remember any names except for one named Steve drove around, smoking a blunt and getting high. The biggest effect from the marijuana high was that during the peak I had an uncontrollable desire to laugh. That was the only time getting high I ever felt that uncontrollable laugh though. This would be my first time doing marijuana in a psychoactive amount.

After hitting up a gas station for munchies and more driving, Tony pulled out some pills and told me to take them. The pills were large, oval-shaped blue pills he called divalproex. He wanted to give me 5 of the pills but Steve talked him down into just giving me 2 for a first time user. I'm not an expert on pharmaceutical pills so I am not sure completely what it was. I remember they were around 350mg each but not sure if that was the dosage.

Afterwards we drove for a while we all went into a weed dealers house. We were all down in the basement. Some of Tony's friends bought some marijuana and we all smoked some bowls. I noticed that my heart was starting to beat fast and thought the divalproex was going to be like a stimulant.

After spending what felt like an hour after ingestion, the divalproex started taking effect. My hearing started to become weird. Like the sound of people talking with an eerie echo. I can't describe it but the way I perceived sound just freaked me out. Next I started feeling like I have no past or future, the only thing that exists is the present with the people I am with. Before the divalproex kicked in I felt kinda giggily from the pot but I noticed afterwards that I couldn't feel any psychoactive effects from the marijuana. It's like divalproex drowned out the weeds effect.

Then the physical effects came. I felt like a hot air balloon rising up and down. Not just lightheaded, lightbodied. I could feel like I was rising up. I even thought I could even hear air rising up alongside the feeling. Then I felt like I was sinking down. I tried to sit but I couldn't and the couches I couldn't lay on due to the room being crowded. I came pretty close to panicking several times. But also it felt psychedelic in a way.
the couches I couldn't lay on due to the room being crowded. I came pretty close to panicking several times. But also it felt psychedelic in a way.
I felt like I was about to see open-eyed, otherworldly visuals. I also could not feel my heart beat and the rest of my body was partially numb.

Everyone realized I was freaking out and decided to leave. When we walked to the car I felt a bit of vertigo. Felt like I was gonna puke but the weed took care of whatever nausea I thought I was gonna feel. We drove away. There was techno was playing in the car with Tony moving his arms around in a rhythmic motion to the music. Watching the arm and hands motion with the music was trippy as hell. Tony also showed me this trick of moving my hands and head in a certain motion would allow me to feel like I was outside of my body. I also got a few very mild CEV while doing this out-of-body-experience effect.

Afterwards the drugs effect alternated towards being tolerable and near-panic. I decided to go home as this environment was crowded and uncomfortable. I felt around 100 times better after I got out of that stuffy car back into my house. I laid down listening to music with my eyes closed. I noticed something odd about the music. It sounded slower as if I could hear every instrument play every note. Also it felt like the music 'spinned' in a semi-circle. Then I went to sleep and woke up feeling fine.

I have not heard anyone outside Tony's circle ever talk about getting high on divalproex so I have no information on how much to take or what the right substance is. Although it did freak me out I would certainly try the experience again.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 49527
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 22, 2020Views: 1,903
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