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Screwed Over By a 'Friend'
Mescaline & Cannabis
by Minerva as a man
Citation:   Minerva as a man. "Screwed Over By a 'Friend': An Experience with Mescaline & Cannabis (exp49333)". Dec 21, 2006.

3 bowls smoked Cannabis  
  2 capsls insufflated Unknown (powder / crystals)


[Erowid Note: A substance(s) in this report might be identified incorrectly. Erowid reviewers question the author's identification of the drug described. Although the report is included in the collection, the substance might be something other than the author believed it to be.]

[Erowid Note: The chemical described below as 'mescaline' is very, very unlikely to be mescaline. Mescaline is not typically available in the general market in the U.S., the dosages are hundreds of milligrams (a lot to snort), and its price is generally much higher than '$10 a piece'. We've marked the substance as 'unknown', but it will show up in searches for Mescaline as well in order to highlight this problem.]

I had been curious about mescaline for weeks before trying it. Before purchasing any, I made sure to research about the dangers and the overall experience, I am also a big fan of Peyote so mescaline was very appealing to me.

After asking many of my dealers where to find some of the medicine, I realized that it isn't the most popular substance around my area. Finally one day my brother told me that he knew a guy who would sell some for $10 a piece and $80 for 10, I decided to buy ten and save the rest in case I enjoyed the night.

After purchasing the mescaline, I went over to a friends house to begin the mind expanding journey. Before deciding to take the medicine, we decided to prime our stomachs and minds with a couple bowls of herb. We then went to the kitchen and broke 4 pills and made one line (2 pills each) and proceeded to snort our lines (Neither of us felt like waiting for it to absorb).

My friend snorted his first, he took half and said it hurt really bad, then he snorted the rest. About 10-15 seconds afterwards, he stood up and complained about his stomach hurting, then ran downstairs to use his restroom. While he was gone I straightened my line out and snorted it very slowly. He was right, it does burn pretty bad when snorted, but I got over it within minutes and the I began to trip instantly.

I stood up right after snorting my pills and began to look around the room to see how strong the visuals where, I looked down on the floor and saw a rug with a Native American pattern on it and the design appeared so detailed and beautiful and flowing. My Stomach began to ache as well so I decided to go outside to lay down breath in the fresh air and relax my stomach.

I was laying down on a bench when I reached in my pocket and found a pack of cigarettes (American Spirits) and looked at the picture on the box of the Indian smoking the piece pipe and it began to make me think of my days on peyote and I began to try to find similarities between the drugs.

It had been a while since I had seen my friend so I began to worry where he was (worrying is definitely something to avoid while tripping) I decided to go downstairs and check on him, he was in his room talking to his girlfriend and when I walked in he began flipping out and asking me if I was ok and telling me he had been puking up blood and bleeding out of his nose, I looked closely at his face, the toilet, trash can sitting between his legs and the toilet paper he was holding and realized he was making it up because there was no blood or vomit anywhere. I tried to assure him he would be fine and tried telling him that he hadn't puked at all, but he wouldn't believe me.

I sat in his room for a few minutes trying to calm him down but he wouldn't listen and eventually ended up telling me to leave him alone to talk to his girlfriend, I didn't mind leaving him alone because he was ruining my trip anyhow. As I left his room, I began to relax again and lay on the couch admiring the moving walls, and ambient colors in the room, that was when I began to worry that my friend was going to end up doing something stupid, I went to go check on him again and right when I walked in the room he screamed at me to get out, I realized he wouldn't accept my help and knew he didn't know how to handle his trip so I decided to go back outside and meditate about God and my loving family, I also tried to imagine myself walking around the Burning Man city while on the medicine.

While I was sitting outside, I sat on the wet grass full lotus, the position made my legs feel like medusa's head (multiple snake squirming around) I began to get focused on my inner thoughts and meditated on the beauty of life and the endless love from family and friends, hapiness only seemed to build into more hapiness and the closed eye visuals danced on my eyelids. I bgan to think of Shamans and how they search for their visuals, I was enjoying the medicine, however at the same time wishing it would end shortly because I began to have a fear start creeping up that something bad was going to happen.

All of a sudden I opened my eyes to a blinding light, I was laying on cold cement with my hands stuck behind my back and wondering how I ended up there and wondering why I didn't remember walking over to any cement. I began to hear voices asking me questions and the light danced around my face as I seemed to gain conciousnes. The light dimmed a little and I realized the voices belonged to two police officers. I remember them asking me what I was overdosing on, I explained as best I could that I had taken mescaline, I was still trying to grasp the concept that I was sitting handcuffed on my friends driveway talking to the police. I looked behind me and saw my friend sitting on the ground screaming at the officers.

After a few minutes of talking to the police paramedics showed up, they brought out a stretcher and wheeled it over to me, I tryed telling them to stop and convince them that I was ok and that a hospital visit would be pointless, but my friends behavior convinced them otherwise. They lifted me onto the stretcher and I began to 'talk shit' to the police and paramedics, telling them they should be saving someone who needs help not someone who's going to come down from a drug in about 3-4 hours. I began to wonder why the cops showed up in the first place, then I remembered about the pipe and small bag of mary jane that I had in my pockets.

I remembered beginning to feel like I was starting to trip harder during the ambulance ride, and eventually got knocked out (they gave me some Valium) I woke up in the hospital handcuffed to the bed with 2 security guards, a male nurse and a doctor whom I remembered from a past visit at the same hospital, I was still experiencing mild visuals and remebered looking at my arm thinking I saw blood squirting out of my finger (they pricked it to test my blood) there was an IV in my arm that hurt like hell which they where pumping saline through. The doctor asked me what me and my friend had overdosed on, I began to get upset and told them once again that we took mescaline, he said he didn't believe me and said I would have to pee for them or else they where going to 'Stick a tube up your penis and make you pee' the thought of anything going INTO that area made me shiver with the fear so I told them I would pee. While I was trying to pee, they became impatient with me and began to take my pants and underwear off and proceeded to shove to tube inwards... I felt very violated and extremely pissed off however I kept calm. The doctor then told me that my friend was going to jail because he was for one, on probation and his U.A. showed up hot for Cocaine and Cannabis, and also because he punched one of the nurses in the face!!!

I began to get frustrated realizing that it is people like my friend that give drugs a bad name. The doctor, nurse and one security guard left the room, the other guard walked up to the bed and began to make strange faces and noises at me and laughing, I told him to fuck off and he laughed and walked out of the room. I looked out the door and saw my friend walking down the hall with two police officers behind him. They ended up calling my dad to come and pick me up, he was extremely upset when he arrived and decided to be a good father and ignore my apologies (this built onto my anger). They made me wait 2 more hours and finally I was sent home and slammed with a $2000 dollar bill, plus two tickets (one for my pipe, one for my bag).

[Erowid Note: Any hospitalization should involve a toxicology screen that should have confirmed the presense and identity of any controlled substance used. It is too bad that this author did not describe following up on any of that and it is an additional point against the author being correct about the identity of the substance that they did not think to verify the chemical identity. Hospitalizations from mescaline are extremely rare.]

The most fucked up thing about the story is that my friend was the one who called the police, appearantly he thought there where helicopters above his house and he thought he needed a detective. I don't talk to him anymore... I guess the moral of the story is, always have a sitter present unless you have done the drug/medicine and know how to keep control and 'think happy thoughts' luckily my anger didn't get the best of me like it did to my friend... Don't think that I shouldn't do mescaline however, I ended up doing it again 2 weeks later and had an amazing night (Total perception cleansing/life changing experience) Just be CAREful....

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49333
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 21, 2006Views: 38,502
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