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The Time Game
2C-T-4, Hashish & Alcohol
by Case
Citation:   Case. "The Time Game: An Experience with 2C-T-4, Hashish & Alcohol (exp48824)". Jul 21, 2006.

20 mg oral 2C-T-4
    repeated smoked Cannabis - Hash
  4 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine


We have a pact: No drugs the weeks before exams, especially not weed. Well, yesterday our last exam was over and we promptly went home to A, drank some beer and rolled up.

The plan for the evening was taking either 4-aco-dipt, 2c-t-4 or AMT. We (Me, A, B and, of course, C) all opted for 2c-t-4 since we wanted duration. While waiting for C to arrive we had taken the oportunity to smoke a few more spliffs, and when he arrived we smoked a few more, emmidietley after taking our 20 mg each.

We were assuming the comeup would be three hours (since that was what Tihkal said, and it was C's previos experience with the chemical) and took our fair time. At about
t+1 h we came to the conclusion that we needed more candy and pizzas since we were all having the munchies like crazy, and since we counted on three hour comeup, we figured there was no danger in going shopping. On the way to the door I realize I'm to freaking stoned to go anywhere but to the couch to lie down, so I tell the others who understand, wish me luck and leave.

So I lie down on the couch in A's microscopic room and close my eyes to keep the nausea at bay, and my mind begins to wander. Suddenly I realize that my head is playing its own trance music by adding bleeping sounds to my throbbing pulse, and that my thoughts are slowly racing (if you catch my drift... I was having the weirdest disjointed trains of thought but they weren't at the usual thoughtracing panic-tempo, but rather in a slow stroll). After inventing a 'missing link'-theory consisting off ape-scientists and tree-machines I get lost in the CEV's... When the door is suddenly kicked open, and my fellow psychonauts return from their mission. I immediatley tell them of my trip, and realize that with my eyes open the world is totally normal, and I begin wondering if the trippy patterns and the thoughtrace was just placebo, or an effect of the hashish-use, since we'd consumed so much more than I'm used to.

From this point on continuity is hard to figure out, and what has happened and what hasn't varies greatly depending on whom you chose to ask... A short while after the shopping expedition we all find ourselfs placed in different places in the room, just lying with our eyes closed, mainly. We all agreed that none of us had ever felt so relaxed before, and I felt I hadn't got a worry in the world. Somwhere around now a wierd nausea is setting in, wich won't leave me for the rest of the trip, and I remain horizontal for most of the time. Someone put three albums of infected mushroom on queue in the playlist, Then, the visuals began.

The next 6 hours are just a mess, and I have no clue what happened before or after what. I have no recollection what so ever of most of the things I saw. Here comes, none the less, some kind of account of the peak and plateau.

As I lay on the couch most the time was passed watching the AMAZING CEV's incredibly complex, sometimes disturbingly lifelike patterns and situations, then I would have to open my eyes, mostly because it became too intense. When my eyes were open, for most of the trip the world was pretty normal, and we could carry out, short, not too complicated, conversations. As I rose towards the peak the trip became more and more dissociative in nature and I found myself completely forgetting who I was, or what I was doing (more than usually), and sometimes I found myself in some weird circumstance, realising 'this probably isn't my physical body', and struggling to find my way back to open my eyes, just to get shocked by the fact that I'm lying down, and realize I can relax all those muscles. During this dissociated period the moments of lucidity were a lot shorter and fewer, and when I opened my eyes I found myself in a very distorted room, sometimes with dimensions that don't exist at all (but that might have been with my eyes closed, as I said, it was hard to tell). Suddenly I found myself coming back from the bathroom saying: 'I'm pretty come down now' and meaning it, A and C agreed, and soon thereafter, so did B from under the table.

I started to develop a headache (I'm prone to migraine), so I suggested a spliff. A rolled the first of many after-trip-spliffs, we leaned back, and started talking things through.

A few things:
* One of the weirdest things was time. It seeemed to move impossibly slowly, and we played a game throughout the evening wich consisted in everyone guessing the time. The first few times everyone was off by hours. Then after a few time people started guessing intellectually, instead of from gut feeling, but given the state everyone was in, this resulted in a lot of guesses before the previous readout from the clock. Then everyone started to get it. and guesses became better. I think the Time Game was a good thing, since it in some way gave us a sense of what was going on in the physical world while our minds were wandering.
*After the greatest peak we all tried writing, which was weird, it was as if trying to put my thoughts on paper contaminated the open eyed world with CEVs and the letters writhed and moved on the paper constantly.
*I was emotionally completely cold throughout the trip. Some of the visuals consisted in pictures of me dead, operations and nails poking through people in fractal patterns.

In spite of this I stayed completely calm, something I could NEVER have done on shrooms or other hallucinogens. A, B and C on the other hand report very emotional trips even though no one ever freaked out the least bit about anything (in the beginning of the comedown we agreed that if babylon was coming to get us, they better bring pizza, and we are usually a VERY police-paranoid group).
*Today, (the trip was yesterday), I slept 'til 6pm and am still very tired, and a lot of muscles in my body hurts from constantly flexing during the peak.

That's it... Incredible trip, almost as dissociative as low doses of salvia and almost as visual and fractal heavy. As usually with 2c-t-4 reports; not what I expected...

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48824
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 21, 2006Views: 11,804
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2C-T-4 (274) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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