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Trip to Heaven and Hell
Salvia Divinorum & Kava Kava
by Marcus
Citation:   Marcus. "Trip to Heaven and Hell: An Experience with Salvia Divinorum & Kava Kava (ID 4870)". Jan 10, 2002.

2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
    oral Kava (capsule)


Setting: I decided to do my experimenting without a sitter (not sure that was such a good idea) in my bedroom with lights out and no sounds and lying in bed.

My first experience with the herb was a some dried leaves which really didn't have much of an effect except a good buzz. Seeing I was interested in a journey and not just a buzz I decided to find a more powerful extract or extraction method.

Sage Goddess Extract:

I bought this strange green liquid and was so excited when I received the package. That night I took it home and read the entire pamphlet on the dosage, effects, etc. I had three attempts with the extract over the next two nights. Each time I put a quantity on my tongue (3 droppers, 4 droppers and then 6 droppers.) I used water as per the instructions to dilute the mixture because it burned my tongue big time. I held the liquid under my tongue for the required 15 minutes. Then I swallowed the stuff. The first two experiences were just buzz fests. I was glad I started out slow because I didn't want to find myself in a full blown Salvia Journey without a sitter. The third attempt was quite strange but no breakthrough. After about 10 minutes of sublingual absorption I forgot why I had this liquid in my mouth. I forgot what Salvia was for and why I was taking it. I still held it in my mouth for the last 5 minutes. Something in my head was saying that I needed to keep this liquid in my mouth for the required time even though I didn't know why. I spit it into a glass afterwards and I freaked. I couldn't remember what Salvia was so I got up, ran across the room to the lights and turned them on. I ran back to my bed and got out the pamphlet to read about what this stuff was. I was reading the words but nothing made sense. After I finally remembered what Salvia was all about, it was too late. A failed attempt!! I decided that sublingual at this time was not going to work for me. I have had a lot of experience with LSD, but this stuff was weird.

5X extraction:

I finally decided to make an extract. I figured if I smoked it I would be in Salvia space before I had a chance to mess it up. I took 30 leaves, crushed them and placed them in a jar. I poured denatured alcohol over them until the liquid covered the leaves. I then sealed the jar carefully to prevent any sudden and unneeded explosions. I let the leaves steep for about 2-3 hours. I poured the liquid into a pyrex dish. I crushed 5 leaves and put them into the dish too. I put a fan on it and opened the windows to let the liquid evaporate. I was left with some mushy (watery) leaves. I placed the dish in an oven, preheated to 250 degrees and shut off, for about 15 minutes. I then scraped the leaves out with a razor blade and placed them in a bag.


I used my water pipe and loaded a small portion into the bowl. After preparing myself mentally (like I was preparing for a space flight) I proceeded to inhale it in one nice big hit. I'm in buzzville, ready for hit number two. After hit number two I placed the lighter carefully on the night stand leaned back closed my eyes and waited. I sensed a feeling of being lifted out of bed and up into this giant plant machine. Roots were moving through my body and I was being carried away. I forgot about Salvia again but I decided to just let it go and ride!! I was moving in directions and at angles I could never describe to someone in terms of 3-D space. I felt that if I ever gazed upon someone with their eyes closed again I would never be sure if they were traveling on the same machine as I was. Half machine/Half Plant. Terror took over my head. I thought that I didn't want to go and leave everyone behind. I opened my eyes and ran out my bedroom door into the hallway. I could see part of the machine apparatus in the corners of the room and in the hall. I realized after entering the hall that I did want to go on this journey and I went back in the bedroom. The effect was gone so I did two more hits as before. I was in the machine again, though it was slightly different. I saw myself in the machine with what looked millions of other people. (Matrix?) I ended up in the hall the second time, really freaked. I decided that I was not going to cut another Salvia trip short again. I went back in bent on going.

The third time was nothing like the first two. I was ripped out of my body and flung into Salvia space. There was no way out. I knew that I could never describe to someone what I was feeling or where I was. All I could do was repeat 'There are no words for this!' a million times. I repeated the phrase to mark the time, not describe it. I had this overwhelming terrifying feeling in my head. I thought I was in hell and I kept repeating that I was in hell. I felt like I was repeating the same phrase for an hour. I finally remembered that Salvia was a teaching plant and I must be open to her teachings. I thought about it and realized that I was feeling intense fear, more fear than I had ever felt before. Then it came to me. I was feeling all the fear I had ever felt in life all at once. Fear of not asking a particular girl out, fear of giving a speech, walking down a dark alley alone. I then decided that I would never let fear run my life ever again.

Then a new feeling come over me. I felt like I had become crazy. I had this overwhelming anxiety for the first time in my life. I thought that Salvia had driven my brain into Psychosis and I was destined to stay there forever. I finally understood how the criminally insane must feel. How they feel inside. I got up off the bed and started walking around. I walked through the house thinking that I had to live with this anxiety the rest of my life. I thought that I could deal with the anxiety and still get through life, but that I always will have this feeling. I went back to bed and had this feeling for about 4 hours. It finally went away and I went to sleep.

5X and Kava Kava:

The next day I was perfectly fine, but profoundly changed. I looked at everything differently. I thought about the last night and realized that I was a little stressed out from work before I went on the journey and maybe this had an affect on the experience. Maybe Salvia magnified my feelings from the day before. I decided to take some Kava Kava first in order to relax before using Salvia. I took a few Kava Kava caplets 30 minutes before departure. After my two hits (out of a pipe this time) I was back in Salvia space. The difference this time was I felt totally joyous. I felt more joy then at any other time in my life. I started to laugh when I was thinking to myself how I would explain this feeling to my friends and how my language would break down and the puzzlement that would be on their face trying to figure out what I was talking about. I thought again that there are no words to describe where I was. I had the impression that other beings were with me and they were pleased to see me. They welcomed me back to Salvia space. Did I pass some test the first time? I felt like I could die and be content because of the feelings of joy I had. It was extremely intense. I couldn't imagine anything happening in normal life that would give me this pure joy. It was approaching a feeling of what heaven must be like. It lasted for about 30 minutes, which felt like hours. It was wonderful. I went out for some food and came back and took another trip. Went to the same place with the same feeling of joy. Amazing!

I'm going back soon. I think I like the goddess very much.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 4870
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 10, 2002Views: 29,228
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