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Perspective on a Divine Being
Cacti - Trichocereus spp.
Citation:   Mr. Inapplicable. "Perspective on a Divine Being: An Experience with Cacti - Trichocereus spp. (exp48509)". Apr 15, 2006.

  oral Alcohol (liquid)
    oral Cacti - columnar (liquid)
I have been growing Trichocereus peruvianus since the age of 15 for well over a decade. First specimen was obtained in a store in the 1990’s. This is an unusual phenomenon as I have purchased dozens of Trichocereus Pachonoia specimens from Nurseries, mail order companies, and box appliance stores over the last half dozen years.

The occurrence of finding a True Trichocereus Peruvianus specimen is 20:1 for every T. Pachonoi or “San Pedro” cactus. I have tried several dozen specimens of San pedro cactus in substitute to the over-exploited and mined Lophocereus Williamsi or “peyote” cactus which will probably become extinct within a few short decades, natural L. Williamsi will be completely extinct along the Rio Grande and Chihauaha desert region with the next fifty to seventy-five years.

This cactus is often confused with Psilocereus or cereus cactus which take on an uncanny similarity. If people have taken a supposed T. Peruvianus cactus they probably ingested a Psilocereus cactus which to 99% of the population looks identical to Trichocereus Peruvianus. It has a bluish tint, long spines, a V-shaped notch, and very fast vertical growth. However, this cactus contains no notable traces of mescaline or phenalanayine compounds, making it psycho actively in void. It is my belief several studies done on the psychotropic properties of T. Peruvianus were probably on a mis-identified specimen.

Trichocereus Pachanoi, I will need two to three feet of this cactus to create a full blown psychoactive effect. With Tricocereus Peruvianus I will need six inches to 1.5 feet determining the origin and environmental factors to which the cactus has been exposed. San Pedro is a much less adaptive species then T. Peruvianus. The cactus is very susceptible to over-rot, heat burn, and over watering. T. Peruvianus benefits in its ability to grow in drier, hotter, and more hospitably detrimental environments.

T. Pachanoi loves nitrogen, it’s a selfish plant, asking for nutrients constantly in relation to other cactus. Tricocereus Peruvianus is a larger cactus in diameter, it can therefore store more moisture content without the risk of drying out. San Pedro “T. Pachonoia” is a light colored dark green cactus which seems to prefer extremely high nitrogen content within it’s soil in proportion to other cactus. This cactus is tall and columnular, light to medium green, and has very short spines within the range of 1/5 to ¼ inch. The cactus is probably good for an average person in content of mescaline content. The beast probably contains anywhere from 300-500 milligrams.. This psychotropic substance is on average recorded within a good 12” to 16” specimen of T. Pachonoai. Only the green tissue is used as the white and core areas are completely devoid of most alkaloid activity. This is comparable to a 30 gram dry amount of “Peyote” and inhibits certain nauseous circumstances which the drug may produce. T. Pachonoia takes roughly 60-120 grams (dry weight) to produces a decent mescaline mind melting experience. The problem with San Pedro is the variability within the cactus. The cactus can vary within it’s mescaline potency within a huge duration and time frame. San Pedro grows within the Andes, Peruvian, and South American High Mountains. This cactus grows several thousands of feet in elevation from 2000 to at least 3000 meters in elevation.

Most of what people find is grown in greenhouses, under ideal conditions, and is therefore deficient in desirable amounts of mescaline. Nearly all is grown in Southern California of Florida, an extremely favorable climate for growth, but unsuitable for forcing the plant to produce higher concentrations of mescaline.

T. Peruvianus is a hardy cactus into the lower teen temperatures. It produces it’s mescaline from the inhospitable environment from which it thrives. The cactus enjoys freezing temperatures, extreme heat, and sever drought. This is one of the most tolerant and most adaptive molecular cactus that the human race has encountered. This cactus is a paradigm of the human soul. It grows in the most adaptively advantageous conditions, flourishes in extreme conditions of heat and cold, and constantly pushes the boundary of it’s surroundings. It is my experience that this cactus possess the ability to transfer frigid conditions into high concentrations of mescaline in a last ditch effort to save itself from frigid cold.

Mescaline in my opinion helps to “normalize” the soul. It does so by re-connecting the body with the soul matrix which provides humanity a sense of presence within the natural world. I personally believe humankind possesses abilities to trans-migrate feelings of higher sub-conscious thought and transmute it through the use of expansive psycho tropics (theory still pending). All human beings possess this ability but due to their overwhelming limiting distractions they have yet to realize these abilities. Humanity has the capacity to enter the fourth dimension of time space but has yet the spiritual means by which to follow these doctrines.

As of this time I have suffered from a psychotropic disorder known as schizoid personality disorder. This is separate from sociopath disorder in the sense that I find a need to exploit humankind. I otherwise derive a need to exploit human emotional states. I never fully developed a sense of true identity through the use of psychotherapy. In order to achieve a state of equilibrium I derive psychological stability through the use of achieving a sense of human insouciance. My happiness derives from my disinterest within humanity. I view humanity as a parasitic organism which ultimately needs to reduce it’s number significantly. Humanity is a plague, a parasite which exploits it’s natural resources. No other mammal exploit’s the resources the way humankind does. We are incredibly efficient at doing so. We destroy nature’s equilibrium by indulging in self reluctance for our actions. By harming other human beings we become predators. They are either the predator or the prey in this frame of existence. Most are the lamb to the slaughter. I exploit other people because they have exploited me. People exploit, it is within our nature.

As a central nervous system stimulant, mescaline will take the body and mind into a place it has not yet ventured. Mescaline slowly inebriates the mind, flooding it with a sense of calm euphoria. It is the ultimate aphrodisiac coupled with the worlds most intense sense of orgasmic release.

Sometime during the summer of 2005 I took 14-16 feet of Trichocereus Peruvianus and let it callus off for several months. The cactus had over the course of a year started to turn a faint yellow color. During this time I took the entire cactus and attempted to root out two foot sections of the cactus, most were disastrous. They began to rot and start to turn a predominant brown color. This color spread from the base of the cactus and started to progress northward. As the “rot” began to move forward I started to cut off the infected areas and saved the valuable “green tissue areas.”

After a six month period within the growth period between july-novemeber I managed to root over four specimens. It is quite easy, I rooted two 2 foot specimens and 2 6”inch specimens which during the course of the growing season began to grow big and very healthy. These specimen of cactus had been stressed in the extreme barren desert-like environment for over six months at a time. The twelve foot segment of cactus which I saved, completely rotted within it’s root ball and stayed alive for well over a year before I discovered it’s plight.

On December 2nd 2005 I took roughly five pounds of the outer quarter inch tissue of the cactus and seeped it in a solution of 10:1 water to citric acid solution to let it thaw out overnight. When I returned the next day the water had turned a dark amber drown color. This solution was then heated and left to lightly boil for 3.5 hours. Realistically one 45 minute extraction and two additional 25 minute extractions should suck most of the mescaline into the acid solution.

The solution was boiled down to about 30 ounces of sludgy brown liquid. I decided to drink 1/5 of the solution. The concoction was chilled in the freezer for a matter of minutes then taken out. I brought it up to my room and began to slowly sip the frothy brown solution which tasted almost exactly like pure stomach acid, horribly bitter and gag friendly. I distracted myself as I consumed the drink over the duration of 20 minutes. I went onto the internet and looked at information on the Peitan 2003 wine of the white varietal Alberino. North Spain makes some excellent full bodied white wines. Traditionally a Celtic region, beautiful vineyards.

As of 6:45 pm I had finished the concoction. I knew the mescaline would come on incredibly slowly over the next hour and a half so I decided to write out some information on European wines. I also downloaded a picture of one of my T. peruvianus specimens onto the computer. I may upload it to the erowid site for reference.

It is now 12:31 am and I am currently half-way through the experience. The initial effects did not start to begin until 7:30pm. As with most of my mescaline experiences my consciousness begins to shift very gradually. It is as if I am somehow able to objectify my existence through a set of eyes which are not quite the shade I once had before. If you had hazel eyes (as I do) it is as if I am looking at them from a more pure perspective, say rich viridian green. Objects seem to take on more depth, detail, and color. Certain feelings including chills in the back of my head begin to come in and fade out, like ripples in a pond. So gently does it blend in with the natural state of mind it seems so natural and tranquil. Mescaline somehow feels at peace with my body in a way no other substance can match.

Perhaps the phenylalanine-related compounds are over stimulating my hyperactive neo-cortex, but this seems far to superficial to me. After all consciousness is nothing more then chemical messages sent to receptors from one of our five senses directly to the brain. This triggers neurotransmitters and hormones to respond accordingly in order to make sense of our outside surroundings. The brain is constantly bombarded with numerous chemical signatures on a micro-level every second of the day.

The Peruvian cactus experience is in essence another piece of input information on the super-chemical “highway.” A divine plant source who allows humankind the opportunity to tap into a fourth dimension of consciousness. We all possess this ability without the need for any additional outside chemicals but I believe mescaline and other “psychotropics speed up the process” a bit. Yet we are innately animals with our more advanced primitive cerebellum overriding the more primitive and infantile neo-cortex. Thus we are left battling between a state of primal sin and salvation. There within lies the paradox, sin is nothing more then our primitive cerebellum superseding our logic center in the brain. The logic center of our brain is what allows us to differentiate from lower organisms. Without it art, culture, and reasoning would not exist. These are the elements which makes the human species remarkable. Within it’s capacity to adapt to the most extreme circumstances, much like cactus.

This is why I have such an affinity for cactus, they can endure extreme drought, cold, neglect, and darkness for weeks, months, even years at a time. This is a parallel to my own life which has been filled with numerous periods of peril, substance abuse, physical trauma, and mental instability.

I cannot describe it, but growing cactus has expanded my mind far greater then any mescaline trip X1000 could provide. This ultimately is what the cactus is telling me to tell others. I speak through it, I am compelled. Nature is God, and god is nothing less then every atom within the universe (and countless infinite others). The simplicity of nature is it’s profound beauty, the way the veins in your hand correspond so similarly to outer portions of a tree and it’s limbs. The way the hair from my scalp grows through thousands of porous follicular units much as grass sprouts up so readily from the nourishing soil deposits below.

Nature is God, therefore in order to get closer to God I must nurture it and support it. The most minor and miniscule things are what makes the most difference in the world. Picking up a piece of trash and throwing it away. Planting a small tree, which in maturity can suck up as much as 20,000 pounds of toxic dioxins, carbon monoxide, and harmful pollutants once fully mature.

Human character is deficient, that is its subsequent single greatest strength and weakness. The ability to acknowledge and to rationalize situations. It is after all the only thing which keeps us going, every crime, dirty deed, malice behavior is rationalized, why? Because it keeps us functioning therefore justifying our innately primal urges. If we come up with an excuse than we can justify our morose, sadistic, and hedonistic ways. And we do it just fine! That’s all we’ve ever done and will continue to do. I know that every thought I perpetuate is completely and selfishly motivated and yet I must enact it in order to sustain my existence. The paradox is sin compels the human soul because every single, fucking, solitary thought that we have on some sub-conscious, primal, basic, and primordial level is completely self motivated. Yet this self-motivation propels and compels us to do wondrous things, devise the cure for polio, send a man to the moon, expand consciousness into a fourth dimensional frame.
The irony is sin is our inherent basic human response to all outside stimuli. Sin in my opinion is any action which is harmful to that of another being and or oneself. Yet through our sin we learn and through learning how to produce sin we are able to deter its spread. I have sinned in disturbing my bodies natural equilibrium by incorporating a foreign psychotropic substance. Yet through this sin I have been provided insight into why I am sinning and am able to if anything acknowledge its existence. Bottom line: sin is your primitive cerebellum attempting to override my advanced neo-cortex. Because my cerebellum is more evolved it will predominately win out. This is why human sin, betrayal, death, and destruction supersedes it’s relatively obscure accomplishments.

The more advanced neo-cortex (area for art, culture, complex thinking) is simply not advanced and evolved enough to deny the more primitive impulses. I am in no way condoning that this justify criminal behavior, I am only suggesting this is one possible reason for it’s predominance. If some want to blame it all on society, the people who screwed them over in school, the world, they may. But if anything, negative stimuli creates a more complex and psychologically adaptive being. We need sin in order to grow spiritually, a sick yet necessary sadistic game.

Look at a cactus, the more neglect and drought it receives the more psychotropic energy it channels. The same can be said for humankind. However, most of humankind which has endured hardship has encountered its ravenous and destructive effects. Self-hate, psychological distress, and abuse. Instead of adapting to our surrounding environment we have only learned to become desensitized to it. It is simply a coping mechanism which is inherent within all of us. But as we become further desensitized to increasing negative imagery, scenes, and thoughts, we loose pieces of what makes humanity so special and unique. Our capacity to love, empathize, and help corresponds to our level of conscious clarity. What I mean by this is an awareness, acknowledgement, and acceptance of our surrounding biology. This brings me to another point, the wonders of technology. It is like a trans fat “Frankenstein fat,“ conveniently and synthetically devised to add to product shelf life. But destructive in every way to our diet. A blessing in disguise. However, far from the truth.

Technology will completely destroy the human species as we know it. As we become increasingly dependent on it’s dominance we are slowly disintegrating our communion with nature. Through the computer we now shop, date, and encounter the outside world without embracing it’s presence. There is an implantable chip being developed to allow people to interface with the internet through the back of their eye. They have already designated the being who possesses this chip “homo-cyberneticus,” scary shit!!!! A cross between technology and humanity. As our biology retrogrades and entropies so will our soul. We will see, it will all come to pass. Genetic engineering will evolve the elite upper class who can afford it. The rest of us, that much more discrepancy between the privileged few and everybody else. Two hundred years from now we will not recognize ourselves, a new species connected onto a global grid through Nano technological advances.

A further loss of individuality and diversity of homo-sapiens. Diversity is after all what nature is inclined to create, only then can we reach our full potential. I have seen these things.

Currently 1:33am, I have been writing this entire time.


I have just returned from the store at 2:03 am pacific time. I decided to venture outside in order to feed my increasing dependence on alcohol, the single most destructive, callus, and despicable substance ever to grace humankind. I hate this shit!!!!!! It is fucking destroying my life and I cannot stop my indulgent and impulsive actions which feed the beast. It is a disease, progressive and relentless in everybody it embraces. I am sitting here right now negating the effects of the wondrous and serene mescaline with the polluting and poisonous fermented yeast waste which sits before me in a puke green vessel. This very second I am relentlessly consuming the poison as it enters my mouth and travels down my esophagus. I almost want to gag because I know it’s poison and yet poison feeds me. Does this make any fucking sense? Why the fuck am I fucking compelled to give myself dry heaves, vomiting, and a general state of malaise. Alcohol is such a spiritually empty psychotropic the worst of its kind.

Although I must say the walk to the store was a divine experience. As I headed out the door the night was still and calm, without any activity, clear, and empty. My legs became beacons, heavy and solitude as they valiantly clashed against the sidewalk. At first calmly then with increasing force. I began to wonder what was compelling my need to buy alcohol at this hour and under these conditions. I believe the cactus was telling me what I needed to see. At the time I only focused on my legs as they firmly lay content on their final destination. I had completely mapped out the location, cost, and consuming route to a science. This brought me to the store in utter haste. I mechanically chose my poison of choice then headed to the cash register. I must say I felt a horrible sense of dismay and disgust at myself as I paraded up and down the alcohol isle probing up and down at my utterly endless choices of consumption. This is the point which changed my mood from a lovely ecstasy based experience where I felt compelled to question and probe with love within my heart. Now is where the mescaline comes in and I begin to embark upon a sense of introversion within myself.

A truly divine mescaline experience can only be accompanied by self-examination. This is the true potential and benefit of this psychotropic management tool. If I take the cactus without a purpose then I am selling yourself sooooooo short. I didn’t even want to consume it. Tonight I just wanted to get high, I didn’t want to think about all this shit, it just happened. That is the beauty of this substance, this is it’s divine presence over any other psychotropic substance known to humanity. And I should know, I have tried them all. I have taken 2,500 milligrams of dextromethorphan, 200 milligrams of Dimethyltryptamine, 1,500iu of Lysergic acid diethylamide, a probably lethal dose of psilocybin. (I took 14 P. Cubensis mycelium cakes and extracted them into cranberry juice………….lets just say I not only contacted extra-terrestrials, I became one within their soul-matrix network). I also took a couple grams of GHB and found myself awake in an emergency room with half a dozen doctors resuscitating me. Apparently If the paramedics had came 20 minutes later myself and my friend would have died.

I say these things not to impress but to disgust by the desire I have within myself to end my life. I have slowly become an alcoholic over the last two years. Gradually it has built up to a daily “fix” or need. I consume several ounces of wine a day, probably at least a gallon or so. The beauty is I have not experienced any of the agonizing long term effects but I am aware of where this path will eventually lead. Yet substance abuse is in my opinion more powerful then the need to eat, sleep, and fuck. It becomes THE chemical entry point within the mind that unlocks every little nuke and crummy at only a temporary waypoint. That is where addiction begins, the constant seek to unlock these “dopamine producing” entryways within the mind. We are utterly helpless, our biology will win 9 times out of 10. We allow the body to be in control of the mind, this refers back to human lack of neo-cortex evolution. Detoxification and withdrawal force the mind to seek out these “dopamine producing” substances in order to remedy the body.

My consciousness does not correspond to this frame of reality. I have always felt maligned and out of place within humankind. Never fitting in, an outcast, generally sympathetic and of good intentions. However, over the years I have grown to hate humanity, it is a disease which has run rampant over it’s surrounding environment. If I was of a higher organism and conscious state of mind I would pity humankind for its utter conflict between it’s primitive and advanced capacities. This is hell as we all know, the battle between good and evil. Hell is here within us, fuck Dante, he glamorized it. It exists within every action we take, every thought we perpetuate, we are doomed to destory. History repeats itself, this is true. Hell is knowing what we are doing and helpless to act against it.

It is 2:33am and I feel like I have been writing in this imposing cell for a fucking eternity. Honestly looking back over the past few hours I can hardly recall what I have written. I am writing this to you in a stream of consciousness as it flows from my mind into my fingers triggering the impulses to stroke the keyboard into every single word, syllable, and letter. What a trip if your tripping!!!! It is like trying to describe the color cerulean blue to a blind man. How do I explain the vast and malevolent beauty of the luminous sky to a blind man shrouded in absolute darkness, it is absolutely impossible.

I will leave this experience at that. It is impossible to even fathom trying to gather into words an accurate account of mescaline and all the effects of what it produces within the body and mind. This account is simply miniscule in touching the surface of what I acknowledge this cactus wants me to express to the public. I wrote this account of mescaline more for myself then anybody else. I have tripped on this stuff more then anybody I know, at least sixty times or more. And every time I feel that it helps me piece together that much more of the puzzle to my life. I don’t know if this makes sense, or even will to me when I’m sober. But in this state of consciousness and reference of mind, I believe it pushes me further and harder into exploring myself and how I can improve. This is our purpose in life, to acknowledge our problems and improve upon them. In doing so we will help not only ourselves but more importantly other people and it will be genuine and true. And this is our only salvation from the hell with which ravages our souls.

What I have written tonight is under the influence of mescaline derived from Tricocereus Peruvianus, a divine being. I know this is not a traditional account, but I felt freely written thought is the most powerful tool for conveying this divine substance.

(Unrecalled source)….You are not a human being living a spiritual experience but a spiritual being living a human experience….

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48509
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 15, 2006Views: 27,384
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