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Time Control with the Good Doctor
by psych@delic
Citation:   psych@delic. "Time Control with the Good Doctor: An Experience with DOC (exp48161)". Mar 2, 2006.

T+ 0:00
4.0 mg insufflated DOC (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 14:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 14:00   oral Alcohol  


Past Psychedelic Experience: I have experience with 2c-I, 2c-p, 2c-b, 2c-c,
5-MeO-A-MT, Mushrooms, HBWR, LSD, Cannabis, Alcohol, Salvia, Datura, and Nitrous. Thatís all, I think.

Mind Set: Lately Iíve been in a pretty good mood. I used to be kind of depressed, but lately Iíve seemed to get some better friends and I have a girl friend now kind of. So all-around pretty good.

Setting: The beginning first few hours was spent at my house in my room, up until I left to go to a party Hill which I got to on the bus. After all of that I went home and spent the remainder of the trip chillin/trying to sleep.

Basic DO-X Overview: The DO series is incredibly annoyingly long-lasting. DOI I could feel well past 24 hours. DOB I didnít get to try cuz I lost my hit, but DOC was fucking awesome. I hav found that the DO stuff is kind of like the 2c-x form, except a lot stronger and reminiscent of LSD.

DOC Overview: I love this shit. Itís the only thing Iíve ever had full-blown auditory hallucinations on, and it has great visuals. It is a lot like LSD and mushrooms, but unique in its own right.

Trip Overview: This trip happened last Friday night.

Experience: Coming up on this drug is pretty hard, at least for me. After I did it I got nauseous, so I went and laid down on my bed for a few minutes. As I was laying there I could feel myself coming up fast, I probably did within 15 minutes. At about 10 or 15 minutes into it, I realize that Iím going to puke, so I just run to the bathroom. I get there in just enough time to explode all over the sink. So I cleaned that up, everything was swirling around etc. then I go back to my room and lay down. I was listening to Phish, Waste. But the sound was really weird and annoying; I just wanted a bit of time to myself. So I lay down and close my eyes and press my head into my pillows.

I donít know if youíve ever noticed this before, but whenever your somewhere really quiet and I listen really closely, I can hear a sort of general background static thatís always there. Well as I was listening to this, it started getting louder and louder. Thatís when it started changing. It was kind of like that drum intro to the beatles song come together (I think). I also think Iíve heard something like that in a pink floyd album. Well, this sound sounded like an oscillating drum beat kind of thing that was coming to and fro repetively. This was really weird. It soon turned into the sound that a helicopter makes when flying. Joining in this chorus came a wide range of sounds that youíd hear on the street; lawnmowers, people, traffic, planes taking off, jackhammers, helicopters, everything was there. Now as I was hearing all of this I was somewhat freaking out at the intensity, yet I started getting visuals. They were like tons of little pixels of color or glitter swirling around and forming things. Eventually this whirlwind turned into my house from a far high-up angle, and I could see the helicopters I could hear flying around my house.

This was all getting to be too much for me, so I decided to get up and listen to some music. I put on a version of 46 days I have on my computer, and started listening to the music. Right off the back, everything sounded weird. Especially music. The music was weird, but it didnít sound bad. It actually sounded like the best music ever. And I couldnít understand why. So then I asked myself ďhow come the music sounds so great on thisĒ, when a voice/thought/intuition popped into my head and told me that it was so great because I could control all of the aspects of it. So I immediately began to change the drum beats/rhythm/etc. I was speeding up and slowing down the tempo, rearranging it, changing lyrics. Anything. It was nearly scary.

I soon decided that it was just too much, and turned off the music and started wandering around the house. I was really cold, so I was trying to find warmth. I ended up laying on the floor by the heater, thinking. I went on the internet etc. to find bus schedules and talked to a few ppl. This part of the trip is rather uneventful aside from my thoughts.

I left the house to catch a bus to Oakland and then to get to a party I was trying to go to. While waiting for the bus, all of the carís headlights were surrounded by rainbow fractalling halos. It was very pretty. I was listening to the song ďme and my uncleĒ, sang by Bob Weir, played by the Grateful Dead, and I donít think Iíve ever had a song touch my soul so deeply. Just the way that Bob was singing, it seemed like the song was so heart-felt from the tone of his voice and the way he faintly clung to the last notes of a lyric.

Okay, so then I got to the party and was just looking at the visuals/smoking some bowls. Cannabis GREATLY enhances the trip, and after Iíd take a hit Iíd feel a bit nauseous for a few minutes. I drank some beer but mostly just mingled until my girl came up. I hung out sitting with her on my lap on a chair at the basement for majority of the party, aside from the time we left to go makeout outside. Where it was coldÖ

Well, the party ended, and I caught a bus home. Got home around 1130, and just kind of chilled for a while. I played some guitar after I got home and that may be the best sounding solos Iíve ever tried. I was hardly even thinking. Just looking at the instrument mathematically, and calculating what notes to play next based on ideas and so forth.

At around hour 14, I smoked 2 bowls in hopes of being able to fall asleep. That notion, however; couldnít have been further off. The weed brought back the trip to the point that floorboards were pulling up and rocking back and forth. It was ludicrous. Then I layed in bed for like 4 hours trying to sleep. I donít remember how long it took or what dreams I had, but I was kinda tired the next day from little sleep. Not hung over or anything.

All in all, I think that DOC is one of the top Research Chemicals; right up on par or above LSD.

Definitely one of my favorite trips.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48161
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 2, 2006Views: 12,694
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