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One Click On The Cerebral Dial
by Smash
Citation:   Smash. "One Click On The Cerebral Dial: An Experience with Ayahuasca (exp47082)". Oct 14, 2005.

20 g oral Banisteriopsis caapi (roots)
  20 g oral Psychotria viridis (leaves)
  205 g oral Syrian Rue (seeds)


Preparation: Had not eaten anything for 8 hours before ingestion, also avoided anything that might conflict with MAO Is. Basic tea preparation, included 20 grams of Banisteriopsis caapi and 20 of Psychotria viridis. 5 grams of ground Syrian rue seeds were eaten 30 mins before tea. Although the mixture was a bit funky it was nowhere near as bad as I was led to believe.

Experience: I had heard a lot about this mixture and couldn't help but be intrigued, I had a free night so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to try it for the first time. As I was coming up I just was relaxing, listening to Leary's turn on, tune in, drop out, then put on winamp and milk drop with infected mushroom. As time passed I felt more and more sedated/intoxicated as if i was REALLY drunk yet my mind stayed crystal clear seeming to get clearer.

30 mins: My body felt like a rag doll, i could move if i wanted to but honestly i just didn't care (which explained to me how people lose motor control on this substance). Colors started to appear more vibrant and I started developing tracers unlike anything i had ever seen before. Where ever I looked it seemed like there was ripples of clear jelly following, it made my visual reality seem like a farce.

40 mins: I was hunched over in my chair unwilling to move or open my eyes anymore. All the sudden it started to hit me, the exact thought in my head at the time was 'it feels like every natural disaster possible is happening on top of my brain'. The most INTENSE vibration I have ever witnessed started to build in my brain accompanied by a very loud noise comparable to the sound in the Matrix when agents take over peoples bodies. At the peak of this vibration it was so intense that it literally shook the awareness out of the back of my head and for a moment I remembered where I was from, where we were from. This moment occupied maybe a second but stretched for eternity. When that moment was over I was overtaken by complete bliss, comparable to ecstasy but it was not forced and it was profoundly more genuine.

1 hour: At this point I was relaxing in the bliss listening to various music and watching the visuals. It was at about this time when the nausea started to overtake me, I have a strong stomach and have handled my share of substances but this was not comparable. I grabbed my trash can and threw all the garbage on the floor and got ready to puke my brains out but somehow I managed to put the nausea out of my mind and retreated to my bed since I heard that laying down would lessen it. It worked and I felt a lot better.

From this point so many things happened, if I had to describe this substance in one word it most defiantly would have to be 'unexpected'. At certain points I felt the strong presence of spirits passing through my room and at some points caught a glimpse of them. A thought I had at the time was that this substance was like getting free access to god's encyclopedia, it was truly a bizarre feeling, whenever i would ask a question i would have this intense deja vu where i was already given the answer before i had thought of the question. One of the most memorable moments from the experience was the thought of this girl, i did not know her, she was somebody that I had seen many years ago at a party and glossed over like so many people we do in our daily lives. All the sudden I knew her life story, the joys, the struggles, and it wasn't just that i knew, for a moment I was her. I even lived out one of her experiences where she was extremely upset over a problem with her boyfriend, I felt her exact feelings and the mind processes that led her to them. The experience was really indescribable.

One very notable part of the experience was when my awareness was stretched out into infinity but interestingly it only seemed to be going straight forward and straight backward. The only way that I could think to describe it is if you were playing a video game of a person playing a video game of a person playing a video game, etc. Everybody has equal parts but nobody is truly in control. I spent the next few hours laying in bed somewhat nauseous but my mind could easily overcome it, it did make me uneasy though because I didn't trust my senses at all. I listened to Shiva space technology, aphex twin, pink floyd, and phish-the rift. Each song completely blew my mind, it felt like I was being overflowed with bliss, like it was seeping out of my pores. Songs that I thought I understood before totally took on a new meaning partly because I did not feel stuck in my preconditioned state, I was free to wonder my mind as I pleased.

When morning came around I was feeling very sickly, when I walked it felt as if gravity was pulling me from all sides. I went to my kitchen and ate a granola bar and drank some water and started to feel VERY ill. I ran to the bathroom and puked more furiously then i have ever in my entire life, yet it was somewhat enjoyable because of the blissful state I was in and getting rid of all the toxins was making me feel utterly brilliant. When I was done in the bathroom I washed up and went back into the kitchen to eat another granola bar and drink some water. I felt like a million bucks and decided that I should really get some sleep since by this time I was really sleep deprived. It was really hard to get to sleep but somehow I managed, even after I woke up I still lightheaded, had intense tracers and balance issues.

Conclusion: This is a remarkable substance and deserves the utmost respect, although I did what I could I still feel I didn't give it as much respect as it deserved. Although I had an AMAZING time I could see how it could easily give someone a nightmarish trip, with unlimited mind capabilities you need to keep your thoughts on the right track. Also this experience was followed by a afterglow that is almost as remarkable as the experience.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, Peace and safe journeys =)

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47082
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 14, 2005Views: 29,025
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