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Another Fantastic Voyage
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
Citation:   Mezza. "Another Fantastic Voyage: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp46913)". May 9, 2006.

  oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
My girlfriend and I went on a short 4-day vacation over the weekend to Cape Cod, Mass. We had a great time just hanging out by the ocean, shopping, etc.

We had planned on going on a little voyage before we left, so I packed the necessary supplies: Some good weed, about 5g of P.Cubensis Equadorian mushrooms, and ~25mg of 2CI just in case.:) Sunday night was our last night there, and after racing back to our hotel after dinner to catch the sunset, we went back inside for a bit to hang out. It was around 8:30pm, and we decided to take the shrooms.

My girlfriend ate a very small amount, maybe about 1g or so. I had about double that. We chewed the shrooms whole and washed them down with water. These mushrooms had hardly any taste, if anything they've a bit of an 'earthy' flavor. After dosing, we decided to go take a dip in the heated outdoor pool.

When we got outside, the night was literally perfect. A brilliant full moon hung overhead in a deep midnight blue sky. There were thin, whispy clouds moving quickly through the air, and as they passed by the moon you could make out subtle tones of purple, orange, and blue as the moonlight refracted through them. Stars speckled the sky soon as I looked up I thought of the lyrics of the Incubus song ' diamonds strewn across a blue blanket' - it was very picturesqe - so much so it was hard to believe it was real.

The night was crisp and cool but still very comfortable and when we got in the pool it was like bathwater. We swam around for about 30 minutes and then leaned against the wall in the shallow end, looking up at the night sky in all its magnificence and trying to find pictures in the clouds like we did when we were kids. At this time, I was barely feeling anything other than being in a really good mood from having the chance to be outside on such a great evening.

We kept pointing out shapes to eachother - I saw a yellow dragon in the clounds encircling the moon. When I showed my girlfriend she said 'I see a dragon too, but the moon is his eye!'. When I looked at it that way, at that instant, I got a slight alert from the psychedelics that had started working their way through my system and a rush of euphoria shot through me and I saw it for an second- an enourmous dragon head in the night sky with a gleaming silver eye. It looked so real! We played this game a bit longer and the clouds became the faces of ancient wizards, smiling down at us. I imagined them wishing me well on the journey I was about to embark on, and I smiled back and thanked them for their blessing.

This was about T+00:45 and we decided to get dried off and head back inside. Of course it was kind of fridgid standing in the night air, so we took a nice hot shower as soon as we got in and got dressed in some comfortable clothes. (sweatpants, baggy T-shirts, clean socks, etc.). We sat down to watch TV for a bit and, oddly,at that time I really didnt feel that much of anything. I felt stoned and had a mild buzz going on, but honestly it felt almost exactly like a time a few years back when we tried taken shrooms 24 hours after taking mescaline...when all that happened was a nice strong buzz and no trip because of the tolerance involved.

I was kind of disappointed. I had really wanted to trip, but thoght that maybe the shrooms just werent that potent. I hadnt tripped in a good while, so there wasnt an issue with drug tolerances. My pupils werent even dialated at all.

So I decided that I'd eat some more - if they were going to be weak, another gram or so wouldnt hurt.:)

I pulled a good sized stem out of my bag and swallowed it down, then went back to the couch and watched some TV with my girl. We packed a nice full bowl and took several hits each. Now I just felt really high - still no signs of a trip (other than the slight alert in the pool), over an our after initial ingestion. We figured 'Oh well', and tuned into some show on TV and just kicked back and relaxed.

About 30 minutes later (it was now about 9:45) I started to feel energetic.

Really energetic!

A minute later this energy was combined with a subtle giddyness that crept up on me like warm ray of sunshine. I stood up and started pacing around, my girlfriend smiled - we decided it was time to go outside.:)

The place we were staying at is in a really cool location...there's a nice beach on one side and a marshy-type bay on the other. You can rent your own little cottage (which we did), and all throughout the grounds are these orange lights (the bug repllent light bulbs) that are on the outside of each house. They're on the black iron posts in antique looking glass enclosures - it looks really magical at night. The green grass, the orange lights trailing off into the distrance, the silver moon against the deep blue sky, and the smell of the ocean air...even sober its a magical view!

So we started walking through the parking lot toward the beach, and as we were headed over there, the shrooms started kicking in. LIKE A HAMMER! The stones in the pavement started to look embossed in full 3D, the sound of the wind and the ocean waves hit my ears in full dolby 5.1 stereo surround - I literally felt like I was floating on air as I walked along behind my girlfriend. And, true to form, the Equadorians we coming on with an amazing sharpness and lucidity. At this point on a B+ mushroom trip, I would have locked down to the couch writhing in an MDA-like ecstacy. Now I was walking along, visuals starting to flow into my field of vision, with a completely crystal clear mind. Throughts were flowing like my brain had a million new neural connections...I felt superhuman.

When we got to the beach, the trip had ebbed back a bit (as mushrooms do, coming in increasing waves on intensity until the peak), There was a swing set to our right and we each took a seat and started swinging, laughing and talking - the cool night air whizzing past my face. The moon was out infront of us, reflecting off the ocean. I could see the lights from other hotels and other boats far across the bay and the glint of the starlight in the waves as the gently washed up on shore. As I looked down at the sand, I could see it start to move, to come alive. I skidded my swing to a halt and gazed in amazement at the sight in front of me:

There were 2 floodlights attched to the building that was directly on the shore, then they illuminated the sand in a pale yellow glow that was enough to see where you were going, but not so much to be obtrusive. With the moon light so bright in the sky, it literally looked like it was the moon shining directly down on us and lighting up just our little section of the beach! When this notion hit me, the scene before me looked incredible beyond words. It was like I was sitting in that segment from The Neverending Story where Atreyu goes to see the Southern Oracle. It was such an utterly perfect view that it almost brought be to tears! Then the stars and the sands began to ripple in a very mushroom like way, and headed toward the ocean to walk along the waters edge. At this time, I was still very clear minded...

The trip intensifed as we went along. Ancient patterns that looked like an Atzec or Mayan painting were overlayed in my field of vision. Yellows, greens, blues in various geometric shapes dancing in my view with every crash of the waves against the sand. I turned to look at the building at the top of the beach (the one with the floodlights), and it looked exactly like an enourmous Chinese dragon!! The floodlights were its eyes, and the sand in front of me was rippling so vividly that it looked like water. I froze and stared at the dragon until it became the building again, and continued along.

We walked out of the lights and across a break made of large boulders. It was very dark, the only night now coming from the stars and the moon. I could make out faces in the rocks, my girlfriend had to keep calling to me to get me to come along, as I kept getting fixated on various objects. The patterns in the dark grew more distinct and vivid, and my mental clarity started to slip. The trip was starting to really envolp me now, and the psilocybin mind fuck was knocking on the door to my consciousness.

I started thinking about stuff I had done in my life that I wasnt proud of, mistakes I'd made, people I should have been friendlier too, opportunites that I had passed up. I started to feel guilty and paranoid. I took a deep breath, and mentally puished those thoughts away from me and the radiated outward from my body. I kind of learned this 'expel the bad energy' technique when I was working my last job that I couldnt stand. Sometimes Id smoke a bowl by myself afterwork and get all paranoid because I hated my current place in life. I would focus on 'pushing' the bad vibes away from me and replacing them with happy thoughts. Sounds corny, but it really works:P

So anyway, we went over to the lighted area again and sat on a picnic table and stared up at the clouds. There were the same Wizard faces I had seen at the pool!! They were smiling down at me, and I heard them in my mind congratulate me for overcoming the first wave of intensity. Maybe I was congratulating myself.:P I looked over at some bushes that had these large red berries growing from them and they looked computer generated, I inhaled deeply the fresh ocean air and another wave of euphoria washed over me.

After a shortwhile, my girlfriend wanted to head back our room so away we went, and chilled out in some lawn chairs on the patio outside our little house. The orange lights im so fond of had briallant multicolored orbs around them, the night sky and the ocean were rippling in unison, as if dancing to music that I could only hear within my mind.

At this point, I realized that I had to go to the bathroom *really* bad and I fumbled for my keys and went inside. This was another 'low point' before the next wave of the trip kicked in, and I felt kind of sober. As I sat on the toilet contemplating the events thus far (such a perfect place for reflection, the toilet!):), I realized that we had eaten the mushrooms only an hour after a huge dinner...No wonder they took so long to kick in!! I kind of chucked to myself and forgot where I was for a second as I became entranced in the bathroom tilework that had started to come alive infront of me.

I headed back out and sat on the couch, my girlfreind wanted to watch some TV and we tuned into some crazy show, I dont remember what it was. She kept flipping through the channels, I started losing myself...the next wave was hitting me and it was very, very dark. I had picked up a shell on the beach and it was sharp on one end. I started pressing into my palm until it hurt a little, and I kept doing it, because I enjoyed the sensation. Suddenly, there was a voice in my head, screaming:

'Go on, stab yourself!! You know that's what you want, FREAK!' Oddly enough, it sounded like a cross between the devil and a used car salesman.

It surprised me when I answered him without thinking (again in my head)
'Yes, master...'

Then the demon hollared with joy and laughed, proclaiming that he had my soul.

This was SO strange.

This demon was screaming at me, and part of me was answering him, agreeing with him. It was as if there were three people inside my mind, the crazy used car salesman demon, the part of 'me' that was complacent with his demands, and the real 'me' who was standing on the sidelines, listening intently to the whole charade. Like a crystal clear 3-way conference call in my subconscious.

I listened to more ramblings for a moment, and then I realized that this 'demon' sounded ridiculous. He literally sounded like a detuned version of the sleezy landlord my brother and I used to rent from a few years ago. Then, the part of me that was just listening, consciously spoke:


When I had the beast's attention, I started telling him that yes, I would join him and I would do his bidding, etc. He wailed and gloated and called me all sorts of absurd names, and then when I thought I had him convinced he'd won me over, I said:

'Just kidding fuckwad! Get the hell out of here you PIECE OF SHIT!'

And then he started crying, asking me why I wouldnt be his friend, etc. and then apologized for bothering me. It was all very, very odd! It was obviously the beginning of what could have been a huge ride through the 'darkness', and in reality I think it may have lasted only a few minutes or seconds (time distortion was in full effect at this point). It was like a battle in my head. I had control of my wits the entire time, and 1/2 of me was vey calm and collected, and the other half was terrified. Its was like a nightmare that was taking place in my mind while I was fully awake...even though I guess it was a little disturbing, I thought it was awesome! I guess, whenever I take a good quanity of mushrooms I expect a bit of a head trip -Ive never felt like I had literally split into 3 disctinct consciousnesses though.

I guess this is what they mean when they say a trip can mimic the symptoms of schizoprhenia. As strange as it was, it paled in comparison the the first time I took mushrooms and we had convinced ourselves we were going to die!:)

When I got through it, I looked up and my girlfriend had one of those 'America's funniest home video' shows on and it was all about animals. We started laughing *so* hard at these acrobatic kittens, it brought the mood of the trip right up into the stratosphere. I was buzzing with euphoria and excitement, visuals were coarsing through my peripheral vision, I was clear headed yet enraptured in utter joy at experiencing such an incredible trip so far.

After a while of just hangng out, watching TV and digging the visuals of the trip, my girlfriend was getting tired and wanted to go cuttle on the bed. Remember, she had eaten about 1/3 the shrooms I had so her trip was starting to wind down. I *really* wanted to go back outside at this point - but I didnt want to leave her either so I grabbed my MP3 player and my headphones and joined her on the bed. She flipped the channel fo find something to watch, and she landed on the beginning of one of my favorite movies from back in the day: Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone and Wesly Snipes!(I love all those old R-rated action films from the 80's and 90's where the hero is practically invinciible, the acting is kinda bad, and there's more explosions and car chases then there are lines of dialogue:)) How cool was this?! I thought to myself - here I am in the the middle of an incredible trip, one of my favorite movies comes on and Ive got my Mp3 player loaded with some really good progressive house that I had downloaded from some Internet radio stations the week before. Sweet!!

Another, stronger wave of the trip started coming up again. I kept trying to fight it back but I realized there was no chance of that, so I layed back, closed my eyes and flipped on the music. AND BAM! When the first beat of the first song hit me, it sent a shockwave through my body. Colors and patterned CEV's *exploded* in my minds eye. The music took on the form of some sort of organic machine, weaving its way throgh my mind and soul, every nuance a different facet of its perfect design. The high-hats were like blood pulsing through its veins, the kick drum registered in my brain like a giant metallic spider skittering along the mega-highway in the technicolor crystal city constructing itself in my imagination. When the synth pads swelled in I could feel it through every cell of my body.

I really can't put it into words - its was just so awesome I could barely breathe. I got control of myself for a second an opened my eyes. I was engulfed in visuals that were so intense I can only describe them as shroom visuals with the detail and speed of what Ive seen on LSD! The stucco patterns on the ceiling were morphing and weaving into themselves in such ways that it literally looked like the ceiling was folding in on itself. I dont know how much time I spent in this state, but it faded as the wave subsided a bit and I sat up and watched some more of the movie and cuddled for a while.

At this point I *really* wanted to be outside under the stars - but my girlfriend was still awake and I didnt want to leave her alone. Another phase of the trip was coming on like a tidal wave. I started to feel anxious and a bit scared again, and I realized if I didt just lay back and accept it I would have a difficult time. I flipped the music back on and closed my eyes once more - the CEV's kicked in again and a repeat of the previous trip wave came over me with a similar level of intensity. I kept thinking about being outside though, and it was sort of making me forlorn that I wasnt where I wanted to be.

Then, I had an idea. Ive been interested in astral projection after that experience I had a couple months ago (which I just repeated a week ago, btw - by accident again:)). So I pictured myself on the beach again under the moon, and tried for a split second to get myself in that 'vibratory state' that's supposed to precllude an actual 'projection' experience. And then, the most incredilbe thing that's ever happened to me on a trip happened: I was there!

Seriously! The crisp ocean air, the sand under my feet, that Neverending Story Scene, all of it in complete vivid detail. I couldnt even feel myself laying on the bed - I could actually feel myself walking along the beach! It only lasted a few seconds and then the scene broke down into CEV's again. But it was so exhilarating I was actually breathing heavy and my heart was racing when I came out of it. I can't really explain it better than was mindblowing!

After a short time this 'trip wave' pulled back and the warm, slightly euphoric body buzz started to give way to a mild 'cracked' out feeling. A sign that the peak had past and the trip was on its way down. And, obviously, time to pack a bowl and blend that fading shroom buzz with some good Sativa:) After taking a few deep hits I sat up on the bed and watched more of Demolition Man. My girl was now sound asleep...I knew I was in for more 'trip waves', and for the next one I was determined to sit outside and listen to some music and see what the night sky had to offer.

And what a show it was! The clouds, moon and stars rippling and pulsating with the music, it was just perfect. I got up out of the chair and I realized how great the night air smelled. Then, i got the notion to smell the grass, so I did. I got down and buried my nose right in the dew-soaked freshly cut grass and took a huge, deep breath. Then I stood up, walked back inside and exhaled. It was crazy, but smelling the grass actually kicked the trip back up a notch and I found myself having to sit down on the couch because I was overwhelmed with the fantastic sensory input.

Then I looked at the comforter on the bed, and there were the same Wizard faces I had seen in the beginning of the evening! Still smiling, and welcoming me back from the trip!. And at that moment, the first hints of reality started to seep back in. I didnt want the trip to end, and thought about 5-10mg of 2CI or another mushroom just to keep things going, but I came to my senses and realized that I should enjoy the ride out with style...:)

It was time for more weed, and I sat on the bed and watched the end of the movie, grooving to the house music during commercials and catching the odd visual display that would come up every now and again.

As Demolition Man ended, another movie started right up. Red Heat with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Balushi - another one of my favorite old-school action flicks!! I was nearly overcome with excitement, it was now about 2:30AM. The trip was definitely winding down but still quite strong. I headed back outsite a couple more times to smell the grass and watch the stars (and kick the visuals in again which it always did!). Then I remembered that I had a jug of my favorite beer in the fridge so I cracked that open, and heated up some incredible food that we had leftover from dinner the night before.

So here I was, drinking my favorite beer, watching one of my favorite movies, eating great food, smoklng a bowl of killer bud with this phenomenal mushroom trip still pulsing through me...I felt so extreemly content it was like the whole universe was telling me to kick back and relax for a job well done. I thought about all the events that had taken place during the evening and made mental notes of everything I could remember becuase i just had to write it down. (that's what Im doing right now:)) Around 4:00 AM the movie ended and I was on the verge of passing out. I turned everything off and packed up a little (we had to check out at 10am).

Eventually, I just covered myself up and disco napped to a sleep which came quickly. I woke the next morning a little tired, but invigorated and refreshed with a brilliant afterglow. We got everything packed up, checked out, and then had this huge,amazing breakfast at this place down the road and headed home.

And that's it! Sorry about the length, but this trip was one for the record books! What an awesome time! Set and setting couldnt have been better - that night was probably one of the most perfect Ive seen in a long time. I also re-affirmed my belief that different mushroom strains have their signature B+ trip last halloween was nearly as intense as this one - but had less in the way of mental clarity and much more in the way of extreme euphoria. The body-buzz/load was so great on the B+'s that it was kind of tough to walk around, where on the EQ's I was very energetic and lucid.

Visually, I think the B+'s may have been a bit more colorful, but just like before the EQ visuals were very distinct, fast moving, and crisp. Ive tried other strains of cubensis as well, but only B+'s and EQ's at these levels. In due time Im sure Ill have a description of more of them:)

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46913
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 9, 2006Views: 44,104
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66), OBE (332) : Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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