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'Heavy Tofu'... That Sounds About Right
Citation:   bluedolphin. "'Heavy Tofu'... That Sounds About Right: An Experience with 2C-D (exp46855)". Oct 18, 2005.

T+ 0:00
40 mg oral 2C-D (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 4:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 4:00 250 ml oral Alcohol - Hard  
Last night I finally got to try the only phenethylamine that I still really had much interest in, 2C-D. I had nothing better to do and I asked two of my friends, J and K if they were down with tripping. I had only one 40mg dose of 2C-D saved and I had dibs on that. K liked my description of 2C-B so I gave her my last dose (23mg) because I don't seem to react as well to 2C-B as I did my first couple times. J thought a 14mg dose of 2C-E sounded like a good plan for himself.

During this trip report you'll notice comparisons to 2C-I and 2C-B, for two reasons. First, these are the only other 2C-x chemicals I've tried. Second, 2C-D seemed to be 'in between' these chemicals in several ways.

So around 10:00pm we all ate our doses. Soon after we ate them J's flatmate, who tends to get on my nerves, came by with his younger brother. His brother was fascinated by all the psychedelic activity and I discussed the origins and effects of these drugs he'd never heard of. Then of course I had to explain that no, I didn't have any for sale. But I knew this kid would have his eye on me and my fellow trippers that night.

About 5 minutes after dropping the 2C-D I felt my first alert. A mild, but unmistakeable 'phenethylamine' feeling was building. Soon after this I noticed my heart rate had increased by perhaps 50%. At this point I was unsure if it was just the anticipation or actually from the drug.

Perhaps 30 minutes after dropping this kid Frosty came over and brought Need for Speed Underground 2 with him. We popped that in the PS2 and took turns drag racing and circuit racing each other. We played for perhaps an hour, and it was during this time that I experienced the 2C-D comeup.

The first thing I noticed was a bit of muscle tension, which wasn't all that different from the effects of 2C-I or 2C-B, but less pronounced. Also my heart rate seemed to continue to increase to around 100bpm, perhaps faster at times. It seemed like the 2C-D was definitely stimulating my cardiovascular system, but well within the acceptable range. Smoking a bowl of cannabis would have done about the same. Soon I noticed that the video game was getting more 'intense'. At first this was great, and I had a few great races and was almost unbeatable. But soon I wasn't all that interested in playing the game and was happy just to watch for a while.

Soon after, perhaps by the T+1:00 mark, I noticed a significant mood lift and increased sociability. I enjoyed the conversation with my friends and the couple people I barely knew, and had no anxiety about tripping around these people. I was getting fairly high as well. The body feeling was pleasant, with less uncomfortable stimulation that I find with 2C-I and less of the shakey/tense feeling that can come with 2C-B. Really, I thought it was smack dab in-between, and seemed to be the best of 2C-B and 2C-I. As I engaged in conversation I noticed the reported 'smart drug' effects. Indeed, my memory, concentration, and thought processes were far from impaired. In fact I felt kind of like I had taken a nootropic like piracetam because I was feeling rather sharp. But, as I looked down at the carpet and saw the first signs of movement, and the body high increased, it did become more difficult to communicate. Yet I remained social, laughing at people's jokes and occasionally chiming in. My sense of humor was most definitely heightened.

I had to pee so I finally got up off the couch and walked to the bathroom. On the way there it seemed the visuals finally hit me. Wow, this stuff is really beautiful! Once again it seemed almost like a cross between 2C-B and 2C-I, but certainly with its own character. I find that 2C-I has very crisp, flowing, flowering, patterning visuals... 2C-B seems to have more diverse LSD-like visuals with color shifts, perspective distortions, as well as patterning.

2C-D once again seemed like the best of both. When I walked into the kitchen, on the way to the bathroom, I immediately noticed how brightly colored everything was. With most psychedelics I can identify the primary colors that they enhance... LSD for example seems to emphasize blue and yellow. Mushrooms seem to emphasize red and green. 2C-I tends towards purple, pink, and ceramic-looking off-white colors. Well, 2C-D seemed to enhance every color equally, so instead of looking like normal color shifts towards certain ends of the spectrum like with most drugs, everything simply looked very colorful and with an added degree of bright/dark contrast. The tiles on the floor weren't really flowering or patterning so much as lifting up, sinking, and twisting. But the most unique element seemed to be the perspective visuals. When I turned my head it really appeared as if the room turned half way to greet me. If I moved closer to a wall it looked like that wall was coming closer to me. So I spent a couple minutes simply turning my head in different directions because this was really interesting, especially on top of the intense colors. Really, everything looked pretty cool. When I got to the toilet it was hard to tell the real color of the toilet water, and as I pissed in it the toilet squirmed around a bit.

Around this time I remembered Morninggloryseed's description of 2C-D as 'heavy tofu', and I thought this was pretty accurate. I was tripping at a high ++, yet I was experiencing very little anxiety, having a fun social evening, and the 2C-D felt pretty easy on my body. However, I was not enveloped in a fully psychedelic mind state, which, given the nature of the evening, I am glad for. My thoughts were not twisted or 'out there' like on many other psychedelics. My thoughts were clearly my own, with an added sense of humor and an added sense of intelligence.

I went back to my place on the sofa and they were watching Family Guy or something like that, which was entertaining as usual and I cracked up at a lot of the jokes.

At some point some bowls of cannabis were passed around, and I took a few cautious hits to test the interaction. The cannabis really didn't seem to do much in terms of intensifying the trip. Actually the 2C-D seemed to overpower the drowsy / cloudy-headed nature of the cannabis. The cannabis mostly made me more aware of my body, which happens on many psychedelics. Fortunately my body was doing just fine. A noticeably, but acceptably higher heart rate. A bit of muscle tension, but not so much that I couldn't relax my body anyway. And a nice buzz which felt like signature phenethylamine and very smooth. I should note that my stomach, which absolutely hates mushrooms, HBWR, and sometimes 2C-I, was perfectly fine. Basically I have a pretty sensitive digestive system and it gets pissed off easily. The only thing the 2C-D did was give me a couple nice unexpected burps throughout the trip. Considering I had eaten some nasty microwaved fish which made me nauseous a few hours earlier I was impressed at how well the 2C-D treated my digestive system.

Perhaps 3 hours into my trip, while I was still peaking, this guy I never met before who looked like a cop (he was actually a firefighter) and his crack-whore-acting girlfriend came over. When they did I was really glad I was on 2C-D and not mushrooms or LSD, because there was no anxiety meeting these people.

K had brought over a video of a party at my friend's house a few years ago where all kinds of shit went down, stuff got broken, and the cops ended up coming. It was really entertaining to watch everyone in states of extreme inebriation doing stupid stuff on camera.

After this we watched a couple Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes, which I always think are hilarious. It was perhaps T+4:30 and I was still more or less peaking. I did not find that, as many other reports have mentioned, 2C-D drops off as quickly as it comes on. In fact the comedown was pretty drawn out and smooth, which I was glad for because I was really enjoying the drug and didn't mind it sticking around a bit longer than expected.

Then the firefighter wanted to watch some videos of this hispanic comedian... I forget his name unfortunately. The first video was entertaining. Most of his jokes were based on race and attempts at offending everyone possible, and his delivery was pretty good so it was funny. Then that was over, and we watched a 2nd video from this guy. Okay, it was still pretty funny, but more race humor. By the 3rd video, which happened to be way longer than the other ones, I was starting to get kind of pissed off. The comedian was basically saying that if you don't agree with him and his views you are stupid. The parts of his routine that weren't about race tended to be political jokes making fun of liberals and using misinformation and rediculous leaps of logic to support his conservative politics. The firefighter and his crack-whore girlfriend kept saying, 'Everything he says is true!' ... 'Oh my god he is so funny!' ... When he finally made a joke supporting the 'Three Strikes And You're Out' laws because, he said, without such laws people could murder three people and not go to jail, I finally spoke up.

Then I started thinking, how can drug-users and crack-whores support policies rooted in bigotry... the same policies that are designed to designed to put them in jail by the same people who look down upon them as a lower class of people? I consider myself to be a politically conscious person, and I am liberal in most of my politics. And it was a real downer on the tail end of my trip to have to keep watching this comedian who basically stood against everything I stand for, and to have a few people in the room constantly remarking about how brilliant he is. I closed my eyes and noticed line-art type visuals, and thought about the new generation of my ideological and political enemies. It was interesting, because many of them are fun people and I enjoy their company. However, on another level I realize that my country is ideologically divided, and it seems to me it is between those who are sensitive to other peoples' needs and welfare and those who are too wrapped up in self-righteousness to give a fuck.

The 2C-D was certainly not making me pissed off, but my environment was and the 2C-D was causing me to analyze this. I don't mean to piss anyone off in this trip report but what good is a trip report unless I am honest?

I forgot to mention after the 4th hour or so I was smoking bowls pretty regularly, which eventually started getting me pretty stoned on top of the weaning trip. Also, around this time I started working on about 250ml of Malibu Coconut rum, which I swigged right out of the bottle and finished off pretty soon. The rum tasted delicious and mellowed out whatever stimulation I might have still had from the 2C-D.

The only complaint I have is a mild headache that occured around the T+5h mark and persisted until I fell asleep. I still have a very mild headache today. This could have been from dehydration though because I was only drinking booze. Either way it was mild enough not to be a deterrent. Eventually I noticed it was 5:30am, and thought, 'Shit, I better get some sleep soon.' So I smoked a couple bowls, watched a couple episodes of The Simpsons, and passed out with no problem just over 8 hours after taking the 2C-D.


All in all I would rank this above 2C-I and 2C-B. It feels healthier, is very good visually, and causes very little anxiety. I hope I get to try this one again. Next time I would take 50mg or so. I imagine at the 10mg to 15mg range this stuff would really improve lucidity of thought if I was trying to write a paper or something. Even today, 20+ hours after taking the 2C-D, I feel a bit of nootropic-like cognitive enhancement.

Good stuff

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46855
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 18, 2005Views: 22,931
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