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Festival Regimen
DOI, 2C-E, MDMA, DMT, Mushrooms - P. tampanensis, Alcohol, Cannabis
Citation:   serpent. "Festival Regimen: An Experience with DOI, 2C-E, MDMA, DMT, Mushrooms - P. tampanensis, Alcohol, Cannabis (exp46230)". Oct 5, 2005.

T+ 0:00
2.0 mg oral DOI (liquid)
  T+ 3:00 1.0 mg oral DOI (liquid)
  T+ 5:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 9:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 17:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 21:00 2.0 mg oral DOI (liquid)
  T+ 24:00 10 mg oral 2C-E  
  T+ 31:00 0.5 tablets oral MDMA  
  T+ 31:00   oral Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 0:00   oral MDMA (liquid)
  T+ 43:00 1.0 mg oral DOI (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 10 g oral Mushrooms - P. tampanensis (plant material)
  T+ 0:00   smoked 5-MeO-DMT  
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
The other day I was lucky enough to come by some DOI and thought it would be a good idea to put it to the test in a festival environment because of its longevity. I was in a good mood with 3 other people, 2 of whom joined me and 1 who didnt. The tents were set up and everything was set, we were in for some excellent visual effects and top class music for the weekend (in my book anyway).

At 1700 I ingested 2mgs of DOI in a water solution of 1mg to 1ml. My friend with me took 1 mg. After about half an hour I could detect something there but it wasnt very strong. This gradually increased at a slow pace with slight colour enahncement, jaw tension and a feeling of anticipation. If I wasnt aware of how long this drug took to come up then I would definately have been tempted to do more at the 2 hour point. I didnt however, but did take another mg at 2000, as did my friend, with my girlfriend having 1 1/2 mgs also.

By 2100 I was definately up, although not yet at a plus 3. The music sounded incredible and the urge/will to dance was strong and proved to be highly enjoyable. Everytime I blinked I would have the freezeframe of the stage surrounded by lights on my eyelids, with the familiar red and green shading with patterns over peoples faces which I also get from shrooms. We carried on dancing until about 0200 where we sat down to socialise with people that we hadnt seen for a year and smoke some weed. My friend had decided to go back earlier as he was feeling some nausea, however I felt fine with no ill feelings at all. The DOI didnt apear to have any of the downside that I link with amphetamines (jaw grind, paranoia, sweating, shaking etc), there was a definite sense of clarity and lucidity with conversation freely flowing and a sense of being right on the ball, with a very trippy edge to it. Around 0500 my lady and I decided to retire to bed to get some rest, if not sleep as the main music had finished and we were starting to feel cold. The DOI didnt warm me up as speed would have, but then again it didnt make me sweat either.

Once we were in bed we were both aware of the sexual side to the drug, but not to the point of being able to ignore the noise of the tent next door. As we lay there cuddling I could see patterns shifting and forming on my eyelids. I found that I could control them and make them more intricate or more random, like a bunch of lines, but not connected, or shape a pattern. As the patterns got more detailed I would start to get this amazing feeling of warmth and love and well being in my chest, when it got really strong I would release my grip on the pattern and the joy would sink back down again. It really was an incredible feeling, I have never been able to control patterns to such an extent, let alone to have the patterns effect me directly physically.

We didnt sleep that night and just lay there, occasionally rolling up a bit of charis that I'd bought upon arriving. We came out of the tent around 1000 and decided it was time to drink beer, yesterday before we were peaking (2200) I had drunk some and decided that it wasnt going to agree with me, but now I felt ready for the TOMSO effect. I think that my friend having some to drink may have added to his stomach upset the night before. We went to get something to eat, all I could manage was a few small doughnuts, this stuff is very anorexic.

At 1400 I decided to take some more so that I didnt start flagging later on. I dosed myself with 2mgs this time and again it took 3 hours before realy starting to notice it on top of the residuals from the night before (there was still some visual distortion at 1400 but it was past its peak) and I remembered reading about 2CE and DOI making a good mix together. This was about 1700 again, so I took 10mgs of 2CE hoping that the fact that I hadnt eaten much would stop the 2CE from wreaking its usual havoc with my guts. It was fantastic! The two synergised really well, the 2CE added just enough psychedelia to satisfy me without me having to risk unwanted amphetamine effects by taking more DOI. Dancing felt fantastic and royksopp (headlining band) were amazing. Everywhere I looked there were happy faces jumping around, everyone I had eye contact with was smiling or shaking my hand, a very good sociable mix. Unfortunately my girlfriend felt that she was totally down at midnight and declined more as she wanted to sleep, meaning her 1 1/2mg trip had lasted about 28 hours. She does have quite a low tolerance for these things.

The people we were with the night before came over and gave me half a pill and some lovely liquor shots. This really did give me a boost, but I still cant understand drum and bass, no offence. I was also given some MDMA in my drink which added to the overall buzz. I did start to overheat a bit and noticed that I was sweating more than others so went outside. There were a few moments the night before on the 3mgs where I felt somewhat anxious at the heat and the amount of people. We walked back after the music and were going to go off somewhere else, but it started to rain, just as I met someone who'd known nicholas saunders and was interested in ibogaine as well.

I got back to the tent at 0500 and actually properly slept until 1000. I awoke feeling fantastic and raring to go, if a little hungry. This was the last day and I was determined to make the most of it, so at 1200 I took another 1mg, reasoning that this would probably come down by 0200 the following day, ready to get a good sleep before coming back home. I also rolled 2 small DMT pinners for the last set of the festival to share with my reunited friends that had been treating me to goodies the night before.

On the way into the main arena again, another friend who was with me was looking at some legal highs and asking me what he could take. He has a condition that prevents him from taking just about anything but mushrooms. I said I was really sorry but since they were banned I might have trouble getting him any. Suddenly a voice chimed in 'I've got some truffles', so we bought 40 grams of truffles, split between 4 of us. Wow! I thought there may have been some tolerance issues, but no, I was up there in truffle land within an hour, even to the point of slight visuals in daylight from them. My friend whose first trip it was (at 43!), was in stitches, as was my other friend whose first festival it was. There was a lot of bonding between the 4 of us and so much giggling.

The truffles had worn off by 2100, so the others had some nitrous and I just stuck with where I was at until the last dj's set came on, when I decided to light the DMT pinners. I have found that smoking low doses of DMT causes me to dance really fluidly, something that only ketamine would achieve until I came across DMT. We smoked the first 1 but it only had a slight effect, I think due to it possibly drying out a bit by coming out to festivals with me and waiting for the right time to smoke it. So I got out the 2nd and we smoked that, much better, this bit was a lot fresher and straight away all 4 of us were boogying down like mad. All too soon it ended and the dj thanked the whole festival, I was starting to feel really mellow, like I'd had a valium, so we went back to the tent to have a beer and a few spliffs.

I felt incredibly lucid and articulate when we got back, (probably a swelled sense of self importance), but it felt good to expound my views on the state of the moment, I do like to get on a soapbox on the last night/last legs. Went to sleep at 0200 as planned, with no problem.

I was up again the next day at 1000, with a big appetite. I didnt actually properly eat until 1500 that afternoon and was aware of a massive glow of wellbeing upon doing so. The trip soon dissipated totally after that if it hadnt already.

All in all a very worthwhile chemical for tripping, dancing and being very alert all at the same time. Best bit was the visuals in bed on the first night and the truffle combination on the 3rd day. On the down side, I did feel a slight aching in my joints and muscles and my body did not feel as supple as it normally does when dancing, hence the DMT use at the end to remedy it. I have a suspicion that this one will go very well with other 2C's and am looking forward to meeting DOI in conjunction with others in the future. I just wish there were some more festivals to go to this year.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46230
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 5, 2005Views: 21,583
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DOI (259), Mushrooms - P. tampanensis (133), 2C-E (137) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), General (1)

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