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An Easy Experience, a Long Night
by William_Again
Citation:   William_Again. "An Easy Experience, a Long Night: An Experience with MDPV (exp45787)". Apr 19, 2007.

14 mg oral MDPV (capsule)
    oral Caffeine (liquid)
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


This is a basic report on my first experience with MPDV (and by me/my/I I mean someone who isn't me, it is more convenient and quicker to type I/me/my instead of SWIM or the persons real name).

Sorry but its a bit long.

There isn't much known about this substance, but with the few reports out there a few things can be concluded: 10mg is enough to feel the effects, it is similar to ritalin in effects, and doesn't have many noticable negative effects. It also should be noted that some info out suggests that it is similar to methylone (for obvious reasons) but I can't compare the two since I have yet to jump on the pricey methylone train.

I measured out 14mg of MDPV and ingested it in a capsule with a glass of Diet Coke. Before I go further I would like to say that I have natural high tolerance to stims and even more so from substantial stim use. I had taken 75mg of ephedrine 36 hours before hand, but prior to that it had been 5 weeks since any ephedrine use and roughly 4 months since any amphetamine use (I am trying to stay away from stims). So that is why I chose a slightly higher starting dose.

The first noticable effects came on at around 1 hour after ingesting the chem. I was out grocery shopping and I had the definite want to be in motion and moving, this was slight though. But even more so I felt extremely sociable and unerved by all the people in the stores, which is something that is a bit alien to me since I have quite a bit of social anxiety. At this point a bit of stomach cramping came on and lasted through the duration of the experience.

After getting home (90 minutes after taking the chem) it was peaking. There was an even greater urge to keep moving, sitting still was a bit difficult and focusing was harder, I resorted to walking around my house, cleaning, smoking a few too many cigs. I felt no real euphoria, but a good feeling of well being. I also started to feel some slight but definite empathongenic feelings. I was alone, but I had an inner monologue and I kept thinking how I should contact a friend who I have lost touch with over the years and apologize for what has slowly been driving us further apart and try and form a bond again. This feeling was slight, but it was definately there. Also at this point I noticed a my heart rate was a bit faster and whenever I did anything physical (basic movement around the house) my heart rate would skyrocket and later come down after I sat still. I was also surprised by the complete lack of appetite/thirst. With ephedrine and adderall/ritalin eating is not necessary but it is more than possible, but this drug felt more like meth in that way cause eating/drinking was extremely uncomfortable and not wanted at all.

The peak lated for about an hour at which point there was a noticable crash. It was nothing intense, but I could feel the drug wearing off. My want to be in motion subsided and focusing on a task became quite easier and more pronounced. I felt some slight tiredness in my body that faded quickly, but thats it, no headaches or body pain. At around the 3 1/2 hour mark I was back at baseline. Apparently even though the main effects of the substance had long subsided after the 4 hour mark, I could not sleep that night at all, even with the help of some sleeping pills. Eventually I fell asleep after 22 hours of being up, and when I did I didn't experience any other kind of crash.

In conclusion I will say this, at a more moderate dose (10mg or less maybe) the physical effects would prolly be greatly reduced and the mental ones more pronounced making this a great alternative to modern ADD/ADHD meds. At the dose that I took, it really cant compare to good 'ol meth/xtc but it prolly would be a decent substance to take when going out somewhere where a little lubrication and extra energy is needed and I don't want people to think that I'm on something. At a higher dose this could very well be a powerful short acting stimulant with some nice empathogenic overtones. It could also be a decent appetite supressant if used correctly. Finally I would like to say that one thing that is definately missing here in this substance is that forceful push to make me active. Like I said sitting still was not easy, but I had no need or want to go running, or dancing, etc...but it was missing that forceful push that I find in ephedrine and meth, but not in ritalin/adderall. Since this stuff is decently priced I wouldn't mind experimenting more on it in the future, but if it was any higher I advise anyone interested in it to look elsewhere since it is a bit subtle.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45787
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 19, 2007Views: 44,949
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MDPV (377) : General (1), Alone (16)

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