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Not What I Was Expecting
Mushrooms & Cannabis
Citation:   Chloglith. "Not What I Was Expecting: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp44651)". Jan 22, 2007.

T+ 0:00
2.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 1:00 0.5 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)
For a few weeks prior to my first mushroom trip, I was extremely exited to try them. I was getting bored of weed (anyone who says it isnít a gateway drug is wrong), and wanted to eat some shrooms purely for the hallucinations. A few of my friends said not to expect anything, but I was hoping for the best. I bought the mushrooms on the weekend of some carnival thing that comes to my town, and all the kids are either high or trippin, and all the adults are drunk. Funny thing, after the carnival came they said they would never come back because of all the drunk people they had to deal with.

Anyhow, I only got 2 grams, I didnít want my first trip to be too intense, because I had no clue what to expect. I decided not to go to the carnival on shrooms, because I was starting to get nervous about what would happen (Iím kinda paranoid a lot), so I decided to wait a week. The next weekend seemed like a good time. I was chillin in my buddies basement with him (A), his bro (B), his broís friend(C), and his broís girlfriend (D). His brother is 2 years older than we are (weíre 16), so we kinda felt like the little kids, but it was all good.

I did absolutely nothing to prepare, although I hear thatís a bad idea. I had gotten high and had lots of good times in the basement I was in, so I figured Iíd have good vibes from it. I did avoid eating for about 6 hours prior to eating the shrooms, because I heard that gets you more fucked up than eating right before trippin.

I was the only one with shrooms, so naturally I would be considered the entertainment for the night. Iíve heard that it isnít much fun to be the only one trippin, but I didnít really care, I just wanted to trip. I ate the mushrooms at about 10:00, and everyone just watched me, it felt kinda weird. Most people complain about the taste of shrooms, but I actually kinda enjoyed it. They were good enough that Iíd probably eat them just for the taste on occasion. I chewed on them for about 5 minutes, until they were really pasty. Everyone was shocked that I was still chewing it so I quickly swallowed it.

Anyhow, after about 45 minutes or an hour after I ate them, I was kinda bummed out. I felt a bit funny, but that was it, I couldnít figure out what the hype about shrooms was, and I didnít even see any hallucinations. D had never seen anyone on shrooms before, so she was expecting to just laugh at me the whole night. By this point she was kinda bummed too, and said watching people on shrooms was boring.

I decided to go smoke a joint with A and C, so I could at least get a little high. We went to a small ravine to blaze, and I was much less paranoid then usual. I was aware of this and was wondering if it was because of the shrooms. Someone even walked through when we were blazing and stopped and stared at us from a distance, and I didnít even care, which is definitely strange for me.

When my friend is high he either gets really aggressive, or acts like a little kid whoís had too much sugar. Iíd never blazed with C before and Iíd only met him once before, but I didnít really care. Anyhow, A and C started fighting, not physically, just with words. They were arguing about who knew more people or some shit like that. I dunno what the point of it was but I guess they like to brag about that kinda stuff. Anyhow, I was getting a bit high by this point, and I was afraid the shrooms were gonna kick in and their fighting would put me into a bad trip. Instead it made me happier because they never passed the joint to each other, so I got twice as much weed.

By the time we started walking back they had stopped fighting, and it was like it had never happened. Just as we got back onto the street, the weed and the shrooms seemed to hit me hard at the same time. I couldnít recognize where I was, but I still remembered to cross over to get to a sidewalk. A and C were walking on each side of me, because I told them I was feeling ďdifferentĒ, and I guess they knew the shrooms were kickin in. Then, colours started changing. It happened the same way it does when you adjust the colour on your TV. Everything would go from green, to red, to purple, and just keep changing every 5 seconds. I started laughing and going on about how I was trippin out, so A and C decided to play around with me.

They started putting their hands all around my face and shit sayin it was bats. I knew they were just fuckin with me, and I tried to tell them I knew what they were doing, but I could barely talk anymore. I started to see patterns and stuff over everything, they were dim stick like things that would spin around and collide with each other, then switch directions. It was cool, but I was worried about getting home, because it was hard to focus. All of a sudden an animal ran across the road, and I said ďDid anyone else see that?Ē, and A or C replied with ďYeah, when you start hallucinating, your know for sure.Ē

The second we got into the house A and C rushed into the basement, just incase Aís parents were still awake. They kinda left me alone and I was worried, so I quickly took my shoes off and went downstairs. B and D were snuggled up on the floor, and I was afraid I had intruded on them having sex or something. I thought A and C had already came down, and I panicked when I realized I had just barged in. I tried to say ďI hope I didnít intrude on anything.Ē But I think it just came out mumbled, because they didnít really respond.

Something else must of happened at this point that I forget, because the next thing I remember was sitting on a chair, with A, B, C, and D sitting all around as well, and we were watching Family Guy. I think I was still acting pretty normal at this point, because no one paid much attention to me. Even D, who was looking forward to me trippin out, was still just watching TV. All of a sudden my world changed. Everything was still there, except it all kinda melted, and there were no sharp corners on anything, everything just seemed to be smooth.

Then the colours of everything changed to either baby blue or pink, and the entire basement seemed like a playroom for babies. Some random objects around the room even started to turn into toys and stuff. It was weird. The only thing that remained normal was the TV, which I was still watching while this stuff was happening. For some reason I wasnít too amazed by what was going on, I knew it was weird but I was still interested in Family Guy. All of a sudden, Bís feet looked like pig feet. Both his feet were kind of together, which formed the two halved of a pigs hoof, then I guess I was seeing double and saw two of them. It was weird but I was still calm, and just enjoying it.

All of a sudden the floor seemed like a river of some mysterious liquid, that looked kinda pink. It wasnít wavy like a regular river, just calm and oozing. Everything in the room seemed to be floating on it. Then I saw what looked like a sudden drop, at the end of the river, and I figured it was a waterfall. I didnít panic and just kinda sat there waiting to fall, but it never happened. Then all of a sudden everything sounded clear, my hearing must have been heavily muffled and I just didnít notice, because all of a sudden I could hear conversations again.

I remember hearing ďHeís trippin out pretty hard eh?Ē, and stuff like that. I realized I must have been doing something pretty stupid. Things had pretty much gone back to normal, everything looked normal, sounded normal, and felt normal. I looked at the clock and only 5 minutes had passed, I was shocked. I then wondered how a mushroom trip could possibly last 8 hours, and figured people just meant thatís how long it felt like. For a second I thought I was done trippin, but then realized that thereís a slim chance Iíd only trip for 5-10 minutes.

I tried to talk again but just mumbled, and then D said something like ďI heard one person on shrooms can communicate to another one, and they can just talk to each other by mumbling.Ē. This made me really want another person to trip with, and all of a sudden I felt kinda of lonely, being unable to communicate with the outside world. I looked over to C, who was staring at me, and he asked how I was doing, and I tried to respond with ďAwesome man.Ē, which was mumbled but I think he understood.

I was feeling a bit tired, so I decided to rest my head on my hand, but I quickly pulled away when my hand felt like it had melted into my head. As I pulled away it seemed like my hand was stuck to my head, and I was some sort of liquid goo stuff, that stuck to everything when I touched it. I kept touching my face with my hand and pulling the goo out, and letting it snap back to its original place. This was a really weird feeling that is kinda hard to explain.

Anyhow, after this I started melting. I actually felt like I was melting, in a downward diagonal direction, and apparently I was moving into a big heap like I actually was melting. It was funny stuff. After doing this for what seemed like 20 minutes, I kinda went back to normal again. This time everyone sounded far away, and it felt as if they were nowhere close to me. All of a sudden everything went in slow motion. I would tell my hand to move but it seemed to be moving with a second delay. After a few minutes of this I started laughing really hard, to the point where I closed my eyes, and this got everyoneís attention.

I saw crazy patterns when my eyes were closed, I canít really remember them but I remember they were moving around frantically. I felt like I was leaving the world and getting deeper and deeper into these visuals. All of a sudden I panicked for a second or two, I didnít want to lose control so I fought it, and got snapped out of it. Then I decided it was alright to let myself go so I just closed my eyes again. I was pretty sure everyone was watching me at this point, but I couldnít care less.

I went back to the visuals, and went further and further into them until they became reality. I had read that it was bad to fight the drug, and just go with it. This was surprisingly easy, as I imagined it to be quite difficult. The visuals then became 3D, I still donít remember what they created but it was quite amazing. I had become one with them, and I completely forgot who I was, or even what a human was. I forgot about life, death, shroomsÖeverything. All of a sudden I heard laughing, and the visuals returned to 2D. I was back in the real world again in every way except visually. I forgot what everything looked like, and I had forgot my eyes were closed. It turns out D was laughing at me, because I was making strange movements or something. Then all of a sudden I remembered what the world looked like, and I could see the room from an overhead view, with my eyes closed.

At this point Iím not sure if my eyes were closed or not, but either way, the image was extremely clear. I could see myself sitting in the chair, and everyone else around me watching. Then all of a sudden the image broke apart into separate 3D cubes, which separated about a foot from each other, in between them there was complete nothingness. I could feel the spaces between the cubes where my body was, and my body was separated into about 20 different pieces, which felt amazing. I had heard about seeing things like this on shrooms, but not actually FEELING them. I was scared, impressed, and amazed at the same time, it was a really cool experience.

All of a sudden I hear people saying that I was completely gone, because my eyes were closed. I wanted to see reality again so I fought to open them, and eventually succeeded. I assumed everyone was watching me, but everyone was still watching Family Guy. D realized that I was back to reality, so she just looked at me and laughed. I figured that I had put on quite a show. A, B, and C had all done shrooms themselves, and B and C have done many more drugs than I had even seen, so all 3 of them werenít paying too much attention to me, I guess it was an everyday thing to them.

My memory is kind of hazy about what happened next, but Iím pretty sure I just experienced that melting think again for another half an hour. The next thing I remember was at 12:00. B and C were going to take D home, and then come back. They asked me to come, and I was really looking forward to a walk, but I had to turn it down. In the state I was in I was too afraid to even stand up, I didnít know what this melting feeling would do to me. I turned the walk down, which got C pissed off, so he started calling me a pussy and other shit as he walked out the door. At this point it was just me and A, and his high had pretty much worn off by this point, and he was kinda burnt out. I knew that you canít sleep on shrooms, but I canít sleep when Iím burnt out either so I knew I was going to be up the whole night either way. A was burnt out and went to lie on a couch. C came back after what seemed like a few seconds. I figured time just went really fast, but it turns out he didnít even go for the walk, and decided to chill with us little kids for a bit.

He yelled at A for goin to bed to leave me trippin the whole night, but I told him it didnít matter, I had no problem trippin out alone. Right after I said that, C passed out on another couch leaving me all alone. I pulled up a footrest and lay on the chair and tried to sleep, even though I knew I wouldnít. All of a sudden I felt myself traveling through dimensions. I was traveling through symmetrical realities, itís difficult to explain, but lets just say it felt really cool. I found one reality that seemed to fit me bestÖeven though they were all the same, and left it there.

After that my high had worn off a bit, this was about the 3rd of 4th hour in, but my mind felt really tired so I wasnít too devastated. All of a sudden I felt a feeling that I thought was happiness, Iím assuming it wasnít though, because it left me unsettled. All of a sudden I wanted to be unhappy, because I was convinced it was causing the unsettling feeling I had inside me. I tried to think of unhappy thoughts to get myself into a bad trip, to make me feel unhappy, but it didnít work to well. I started thinking about hell, even though I donít believe in it, I figured the thought would make me unhappy. All of a sudden the room went red, and I saw what looked like a cardboard cutout of the devil, lying on the floor. I laughed at the thought that people found that image scary in a sober state, and the unsettling feeling within me was gone.

Then B came back, he had taken D home. He then complained about what a bad friend A was, because he passed out and just left me to trip alone, and that C should have at least been responsible enough to wait up with me for a bit. I told him I didnít care, and that I wasnít peaking anymore, but he insisted that he should stay with me for a bit anyhow. Even though it didnít really make a difference to me, I was happy that he cared enough to stay downstairs for a bit, which dissipated the feeling of loneliness I had throughout the night.

Again I started to melt, so I decided that my peak wasnít over. It didnít feel as fucked up this time though, and it felt more natural. I couldnít remember what being sober was like by this point, because it seemed like it had been an eternity since I ate the shrooms. At about 1:30 B got up and left, Iím pretty sure he was sleeping the whole time because he didnít talk to me at allÖalthough we usually donít talk anyhow. He just got up and left, and didnít even look at me, which seemed really weird to me at the time. Iím pretty sure he was sober, but he might have blazed when he walked D home, Iím not sure.

Anyhow, I was alone again, and coming down by this point, so I decided to just watch TV. It was much funnier than it usually is, and I caught myself laughing extremely loud when something funny would happen. I got pissed at myself because my friendís parents were sleeping right upstairs. While I was watching TV time seemed to travel at a normal speed, which was a good thing because by this point I wanted my high to end.

After about 2 hours of watching TV (it was around 2:30 or 3:30am), C woke up and turned the TV off, and moves somewhere else to sleep. I took the couch he was sleeping on and tried to sleep, because I was quite tired by this point. After about 15 minutes of trying to sleep, I became very agitated, and I started hitting myself as a result of boredom and distress. I was aware that I was high, but I couldnít tell what was different about me. I still had forgotten what being sober felt like, but I knew I wasnít quite there yet. Iím not sure what I did for the next hour, I probably just thought about stuff like I usually do what I canít sleep (I consider myself an insomniac). By a little after 4:30 I was nicely asleep, and when Aís parents came downstairs at about 6:00am, I woke up still a bit high, so I pretended to be asleep. By about 1:30 I woke up and I was feelin fine and dandy.

Overall the trip was great except for the comedown, which is some peoples favorite part, but maybe I just didnít enjoy it because I was alone.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44651
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 22, 2007Views: 219,213
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