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Return to Reality
Citation:   Jason. "Return to Reality: An Experience with 2C-E (exp44305)". Erowid.org. Jun 8, 2006. erowid.org/exp/44305

T+ 0:00
15 mg oral 2C-E (liquid)
  T+ 4:15 0.5 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 16:45 0.25 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Fasted twelve hours prior to ingestion. Substance was prepared using 190-proof grain alcohol at a ratio of 1ml/mg. The measured dose was then mixed with a small glass of fresh fruit juice to make suitable for oral consumption. It should be noted that the compound used in this experiment is nearly one year old. It has been stored in a cool, dry place, properly sealed, but some questions remain as to current potency. I have selected a 15mg dose, as it is presumed to be just above threshold, or at least fairly mild. This will be my second experiment with this substance. The first, nearly one year ago, was by chance my last previous psychedelic experience.

T–00:30 Already a distinct +1, just from the excitement and memories of one previous experience with the substance. Have planned the night before, woke early and done some mental exercises to prepare for my upcoming experience.

T+00:00 TIME OF INGESTION: Have calmed the mind and slowed the breathing a bit. Still a little bit anxious, but not nearly as much as before. Ready to begin…

T+00:15 AFTER INGESTION: Spent exactly fifteen minutes meditating, slowly ingesting the substance. Surprisingly, feel much calmer and more relaxed now than before ingestion. Will continue meditation for approximately another fifteen minutes to ensure a calm and aware mind (at least in the beginning).

T+01:00 Subject has reached a distinct +1 again, this time the effects of the substance are beginning to take effect. No pronounced effects as of yet, but slight floating feeling with some strange sensations and pulsing ‘energies’ running throughout the body.

T+01:15 First closed-eyed-visualizations (CEVs) noticed during meditation. Further practical meditation quickly becoming impossible.

Throughout the ‘coming-up’ process, subject has been blessed with an inexplicable feeling of calmness. Feeling felt is certainly not unreceptive or passive, but simply a feeling of serenity and acute clearness of being. Subject continues to be amazed at the surges of energy now flowing entirely throughout the body. Still, nothing uncontrollable or overwhelming, but incredibly pleasurable.

After competition of a few menial tasks, subject realized further exercise of ‘everyday’ utensils or activities to be impossible.

T+01:30 Clear open-eye-visualizations (OEVs) noticed at this point. Have reached a very distinct +2. Impaired motor skills and lack of verbal expression apparent.

T+01:45 OEVs taking control, still able to distinguish between chemical and reality, but it is becoming more difficult. Walls and ceilings begin to crumble, piece by piece at my command. There is a distinct female presence in the room, singing beautifully, as if directly into my ear.

Music and other stimuli are becoming increasingly forceful and at times nearly overwhelming.

OEVs can be described as fractaline, yet not altogether unreal. More accurately, incredibly sharp and clear, yet with more motion becoming apparent. Perhaps normal perception amplified to an nth degree?

T+02:00 seemingly impossible that only fifteen minutes have passed since my last entry. Complete loss of time perception.

Subject has quickly reached a +3 level, and felt in danger of falling asleep. More realistically, he was endanger of falling ‘awake’ or into prolonged periods of awareness from within reality, or at least the material world around him, could not reach. Upon noticing this state, subject proceeded to bathe, in order to refresh his body.

After lengthy (seemingly) time spent in the shower, subject feels, though no soaps or additional chemicals were used, incredibly refreshed. Shortly after entering shower, he heard a distinct female voice call to him, asking if he needed anything. To which he replied (in his own mind), “No, I’m fine.” “If you’re fine,” came the reply “Then why are you here?” After which the subject fell into a prolonged state of deep thought or meditation during which this female presence seemed to encompass him.

T+03:00 After initial ‘comeup’, subject has regained much more control (if not composure) over motor functions. Still many irregularities occur. Many visual and auditory stimuli much more enhanced than normal, some causing subject to become unnecessarily startled.

Overall, very tranquil, natural effects felt. Visualizations (both CEV and OEV) occur, more frequently and intensely when focused upon. At this point, subject can control much of the chemical’s effect, but when allowed they will completely overrun both visual and mental fields.

At one point, upon entering the swimming pool, subject was forced to leave after having severe hallucinations of serpents surrounding him in the water.

T+03:45 Peak seems to have been reached, though effects remain very strong, especially when environment or situations change.

Subject feels very pronounced effects and a feeling of ‘oneness’ when walking through the woods. Though he felt no fear, he was very aware of every snake, bird, mosquito, etc., that may have crossed his path or come into contact with him. Auditory sensations still very pronounced and there is a feeling of perceiving every tiny sound within 100m or so? Upon focusing, can find sounds within sounds that (I think?) would not normally be perceptible.

T+04:15 INGESTION OF CANNABIS – smoked, approximately one-half gram. Though previously found to be fairly weak, upon consumption by subject at this point, was found to produce very strong results. An overwhelming sense of calmness and oneness swept over subject. Immediate intensified OEVs and color sensations.

Shortly afterward, subject proceeded to meditate to music, whereupon the entire creation of the universe seemed to be revealed to him in a single song. At one point the notes of the music became so intense, the occurrence of the next note seemed almost impossible. Each note was displayed in the mind as a moment, existing infinitely and equally precious. Then the next image would display, the other fading away, but still imprinted upon the subconscious mind.

All this was then bottled and presented to the subject in the form of small jar of honey.

T+06:30 Physical effects finally noticeably diminished. Still many tracers and other small imperceptions in visual field noticed, but no major hallucinations. CEVs still incredibly prominent, and prolonged meditation leads to many worlds, hidden behind one another, all within my mind.

T+07:00 Subject feels much more stable than perhaps one hour ago. Back down to still a heavy +1 level. Thinking is becoming clearer, though still very mentally active. Mind and body are fatigued, but refreshed. It seems as though much in the mind has been dismantled, completely picked apart, and reassembled; perhaps in better fashion than before? Though the parts are still becoming used to their new orientations.

T+07:45 INGESTION OF CANNABIS – smoked, approximately one-quarter gram. Small amount of cannabis proved useful in diminishing residual agitation or anxiety. Feeling of peaceful pervasiveness remains with subject throughout.

T+09:30 Finally back down to nearly baseline. Subject was able to conduct business he had delayed throughout the day with no problems. Mind thinking clearly, though perhaps just a bit foggy or tired from the day.

Slight (almost imperceptible) headache noticed, subject believes to possibly be from lack of fluid or food intake throughout the day. Nothing major.

T+10:30 Subject will now take a light meal, finds himself quite hungry. Completely back to baseline now, almost no or no perceptible residual effects at this time. Body and mind feel wonderful, as if after a day of vigorous exercise. Afterglow remains, as the sun sets, subject finds a special, calming beauty in the close of this day.

T+13:30 Ready for sleep, still a little antsy and some achy muscles, but no real side effects or residual effects noticed.

After Effects: Subject realized, nearly 08:00h after ingestion of substance, that he had not subsequently ingested any liquids throughout the day. Needless to say, he was considerably dehydrated after his journey.

Subject slept well through the night, woke fresh in the morning, and was able to work quite a long day of physical labor with no problems. Felt very alive and fairly energetic considering the toils of the day before.

End Notes: The above text has been edited as little as possible from the time of writing. I have made small typographical and/or spelling corrections only to facilitate reading. I have tried to remain as qualitative as possible when discussing a subject such as this. At many times during the procedure however, the subject experienced states beyond verbal explanation, and cannot be asked to accurately describe what is truly felt. Also, though many hallucinations (both auditory and visual) were experienced beyond what is recounted here, there is no want to try to describe each of them here. If they are recounted here, it is only to attempt to clarify some qualitative points with other more subjective evidence.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44305
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 8, 2006Views: 23,585
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2C-E (137), Meditation (128) : Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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