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Irresponsible Acid Use, Undesirable Effects
LSD & Cannabis
Citation:   Johnny. "Irresponsible Acid Use, Undesirable Effects: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp44055)". Feb 14, 2019.

  repeated oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
  2 g oral Mushrooms  
This is a report of what I believe to be symptoms of HPPD caused by irresponsible use of LSD and mushrooms.

It was Thursday and after my friend had returned from out of state. He had quite a bit of real, quality acid. It came on a yellowish notecard with lines like graph paper constituting the doses. I had bought a five strip for $25 dollars (I sold 1.5). I had never had LSD and I only had one strong mushroom trip. I had been smoking cannabis regularly for four years prior to that.

November 9th was an exciting day for me, as the sequel to my favorite video game had come out, and I had real acid. I immediatly took one hit at 6pm. Throughout the night I ate about 1.5 more hits, as I kept cutting small slivers and eating them.

I had work the next morning, and I wasn't prepared for the night. I can't remember much of the night, as I did what I normally did (just with a head full of acid) and didn't embrace the trip. I did smoke a bowl in a dark room listening to '60s garage rock and at points the walls flowed with color, melted, I saw silouhettes of naked women moving in very seductive ways and the music (particularly the guitars) would slow down. The music slowing down also caused a spiraling effect on my brain, increasing hallucinations.

At 12am I tried to go to bed. Not happening. I get out at 2am and go downstairs. The entire kitchen is vibrating in a rainbow of color and I am still tripping. Eventually at 4am fall asleep, only to wake up at 7am extremly fogged.

It was a good experienced and I don't think it would have permantly effected me if I hadn't been so irresponisble a week later.

On wedensday the next week I didn't have work and I decided to take my last hit. I ate it at noon and smoked a bowl 45 minutes later. Within 15 minutes of smoking the bowl I was really stoned, and started to trip. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and looked at the grass. After a few seconds I saw the same brown leaf on grass pattern tile for infinite; I would not of been surprised to hear the drone of a sitar. Minutes later a military C-130 transport plane flew over extremly, and I ran into my house. For some reason I didn't go back outside for a very long time.

Hear is the beginning of when things go wrong. I wanted to get more pot because I was out, however, I couldn't drive in my current state. I asked my friend who got out of work if he could drive me, and he said he would after he smoked a blunt with some people. For some reason I thought that was a bad idea, but I wasn't going to tell him not to smoke it and sound weird.

It should have taken him an hour at the most and he wasn't there. I called his phone repeatedly for what seems like hours, he never picked up. He is a good friend so he wouldn't not pick up for a reason, so I was worried. I figured he was arrested.

I was right. It was the worst thing that could have happened. There I am with a head full of acid worried that my best friend is getting arrested, and it turns out he is. I was tense for hours.

Two days later I ate 2 grams of mushrooms. All I wanted to do was smoke weed, I was stressed, but no one had anything.
Two days later I ate 2 grams of mushrooms. All I wanted to do was smoke weed, I was stressed, but no one had anything.
I bought mushrooms and stupidly ate them instead of saving them. They didn't do anything. Later that day when I was gettin a ride home we got pulled over and the cop said it smelled like weed in the car, his words 'The more I stand here the more it fuckin' smells like weed.' We hadn't smoked in the car. I wasn't feeling anxiety during the stop, and luckily he didn't search us. But when I got home, I was gripped with tension and anxiety.

For a month afterward I saw fractal patterns, heard a strange noise when I watched tv (I watched a lot of tv while waiting for my friend to call back not arrested), and had a huge anxiety. Also I had a profound fear of being in a car with anything illegal, basically I turned into an extremly careful paranoid person.

The anxiety still persists, the social fear is not as great anymore. What sparked me to write this whole experience is this:

I was just reading 1984 and smoking a bowl of rather good pot. I noticed after a few hits that my wall had a row of lines, like the design of my sheets. going horizontally across my wall. When I close my eyes, I see lines of text with a green background. I am feeling a little tension. Beside me are two yellow post it notes on the wall. I am looking forward but I see them in my vision, strangely darker and floating on the wall.

I smoke more and I am overcome with a tension in my body. I close my eyes and see a lot of letters, no words. A tension is going through my body and I feel like I did that day waiting for a call.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 44055
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 14, 2019Views: 1,713
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