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Vast Unpredictability
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
Citation:   Michael. "Vast Unpredictability: An Experience with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (exp44030)". Apr 24, 2007.

  repeated oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
I am going to share two experiences with The LSA containing Woodrose, once when I tried it myself for the first time and the second with two of my friends. This might give an indication of the unpredictability of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose in terms of effect and mood.

I acquired a back of 50-60 or so seeds from a Herablist. All nervous smiles, passing stuff under the counter, knowing winks; this is Australia and The Woodrose is illegal here. She told me the seeds were very old and so therefore their potency would have worn off.

My first attempt was during the day while my best friend was around. This was my first experience into anything hallucinatory, unles you count marijuana, which gives me a number of psychadelic experiences: dilation of time, choppy movement, warped perception etc. I consumed eight seeds because I was convinced into thinking their potency was weak; I presumed I'd be taking the equivalent of five and that would give me just a titilation, if anything. I scoured the seeds of their hairs and downed them with anti-nausea drugs to cover my bases.

The first two hours I basically felt stoned. I was quiet, passive, withdrawn, but had that odd 'calm feeling before the storm', a feeling like something like you've taken something that is counter-intuitive of the body's normal function but at the moment it is still latent. Alongside a feeling in my stomach like there were small lead weights weighing it down. Anyway I went for a walk with my friend to take my mind of the slight nausea, and after a couple of hours we basically got bored with me acting quiet and detached and left. I went back to my room feeling sleepy and was thinking 'great this just makes me feel stoned whoopdy doo.'

Then, for no apparent reason, I had the singular urge to lie out the back with a beach towl. It was a beautiful warm day, and the back yard is full of plants and birds; it was when I was lieing there, my mind gradually but rapidly began to change. Firstly I was admiring nature, basking in the warm glow of the sun, watching the rays slowly move, listening to the birds, and then my hands started digging into the dirt and it felt absolutely WONDERFUL! Old childhood memories started flowing, and I felt like I wasn't hallucinating but that my mind felt more aware and clarified- I was getting swamped with insights. It was soonafter I had two thoughts that were a catalyst for the hallucinatory phase: the first thought came to my head when two birds were fighting, that was 'Aren't trees and plant so elegant and graceful?' while 'Aren't animals so loud, clumsy and vulgar?' the second thougth I had was that I felt I wanted to sink into the ground and lose my human form and be part of the earth forever.

At that instant I jumped up with this immense feeling of Euphoria. I felt I had just died and was reborn. The garden was so vibrant! Shapes formed in my visual periphery, I felt meglamaniac, like a god, soaking in the power of the nature around me. If I felt great before the rebirth, for the next half an hour I felt as good, if not better than my best MDMA.

I rang up a buddy to tell how great I felt but then had the thought that he wouldn't understand. I wanted to ring up everyone else I knew to tell them how great I felt, but stopped myself; at the back of my mind I felt I would sound stupid and no-one would understand. This was the beginning of the goodbye good phase. I listened to my favourite songs for a while, they felt GREAT! Then I went into the bathroom and noticed that my arms appeared as though looking through a microscope; felt I could see every bacteria on my skin. The bathroom was looking cool; the room's edges seem to distort in odd picazzo like forms.

I went to lie down in my bed, and noticed fractal patterns forming on the venetians. Slowly, I became frustrated that my thoughts became too flickery, I couldn't focus on anything in particular, and I was alone in my experience and no-one would understand. It was at that moment that one of my rellies I was living with came home, and even though he knew I was experimenting and was cautiously cool about it, the timing couldn't have been worse. I was thinking 'now I have to act normal, he will think I sound stupid and pathetic and I'm incapable of doing fuck all at the moment.' So I walked out and attempted a conversation, I sounded okay but incredibly spaced out, and I will getting filled with paranoia. I felt like back when I was 14 getting caught with stealing my parents booze; like a naughty boy who was messing with things he shouldn't be.

I went back to my room, and was thinking 'I'm stupid and immature, why did I take these? Oh my god this is what they call a bad trip, I CANNOT have a bad trip, this will last forever?' I closed my eyes, got weird keleidoscope visuals, so looked at the curtains again with their fractal pulsating waves. Yes, I was in stereotypical bad trip territory in an hour, but I got through my worst stage by throwing up in the toilet and having a shower. This seemed to make me feel 'purged' of my negative feelings.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

By then I felt better so I drove 5 minutes to a friends place (silly me this was only 5 hours into it) and felt drained: I spent the whole night feeling relaxed but unable to get to sleep for ages, the friend was helpful though, he had taken LSD before with a bad trip so could sort of sympathise.

Although in that experience I have never felt happier OR more paranoid and pathetic within an hour of each other, I took some seeds a few weeks later with two of my friends at my holiday house. I thought the bad parts the first time was a result of unsympathetic environmental conditions.

Anyway I consumed 7 seeds, My guy buddie (let's call him guy) took 7 and my gal buddie (let's call her gal) took 9 (from scant memory.)

We all started off feeling the same: That sedated stoned feeling for two and a half hours, feeling vaguely poisoned and tampered. After a couple, we all diverged into our own experiences. Mine was the least interesting; my head started hurting, and my nausea got so bad I puked in the toilet and then felt ill enough to go to bed. Nothing much happened from thereon: I was tired (hey it was 1 am and I had been drinking the night away) but I could only half sleep; my mind had the scattered thoughts again but they were bareable.

'Guy' did NOT have a good experience. He felt tired and sleepy at first, had scattered thoughts that wouldn't go away, had what he says to be 'half an hour of absolute joy' and then more scattered yet vivid thoughts they could not hold his attention too and were driving him insane. Around 6:30 in the morning he was half balling his eyes out, and I had to drive him home where he knocked himself unconscious with antihistamines.

'Gal' on the other hand claimed to have her best time EVER. The next day she said she could not remember having a better experience. She was quite content to walk around the naked, soak up impressive visuals, and have the kind of trip that we all take these things to get.

The moral of the story is this: 60 seeds all from the same bag, and I assume the same few vines. Both times I tried I had a completely different experience (or non experience the second time.) Three of us, taking the same substance together, ended up diverging on COMPLETELY different paths. The kind of effect almost seems to be chosen arbritary. Environment and mood does play into effect, however on my second time everyone was in a pretty neutral mood.

'Guy' will never even look at the things again. 'Gal' doesn't want to take them again because another trip will never replicate the best trip of her life, and I MAY take them again but I think I've moved on already. 'Gal' has San Pedro growing so I expect we'll be munching away sometime soon. I'm also budding for some DMT, Ketamine, and 2C-B sometime soon but no hurry. I think I'll try everything at least once, but LSA (at least from the Woodrose) is a little too unpredictable for my liking.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44030
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 24, 2007Views: 14,838
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