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Colour Shifts and Strange Perceptions
Nutmeg & Cannabis
by AX
Citation:   AX. "Colour Shifts and Strange Perceptions: An Experience with Nutmeg & Cannabis (exp43916)". Sep 11, 2008.

T+ 0:00
2 nuts oral Nutmeg  
  T+ 2:30 5 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
About two years ago, me and a friend were planning to try nutmeg. We were searching for something that was relatively cheap and easy to get and we found that nutmeg was the thing to try. Neither me nor my friend ever did any drug other than cannabis and it was the first time I've heard about nutmeg and its psychotropic abilities. Needless to say mental preparation was almost an obligation as we all didn’t know a single hint of how a 'spice' trip could feel like. So me and my friend, S, were off in search for some nutmeg and we found them quite easily at a vegetarian grocery. We bought 3 bags containing 4 nuts each, which means approximately 20g per bag. Being informed about the dosage, I know that we wouldn't take all of it, but we decided to buy this much just in case, it was pretty cheap anyway (1$/bag).

When it was the time to get high we realized that we didn't have anything to ground the thing so we thought “What the hell” and just ate the nuts whole. We took two nuts each. Thinking about it, this was quite hazardous since we didn't really know the dosage that a whole nut could contain. But it just happened to be the right dosage. I've read about “the awful as hell” taste that people were complaining about on some of the experiences, but to me, as I was chewing, the nuts had only a extreme bitter taste. And liking everything that's bitter (especially strong coffees and coca nuts), it didn't disturb me too much. My friend, though, had a hard time trying to swallow it down and had to use water to get the thing in. He told me it was because of the strange texture, which he compared to trying to eat wood. I agreed, although I didn't notice at first.

We didn't know exactly when the trip would kick in, so we just decided to wander on some internet sites. I thought it was taking quite long for the trip to kick in (2 hours actually, which is in the average – I'd learn about it after) so I said « damn it's not working, let's order something to eat ». So we did. While waiting for the food, we listened to some ambient music and that's when I felt the first wave coming in. I felt very heavy, my head was like a rock, my body felt like it was made of soft and heavy clay and my moves were very slow. S said he wasn't feeling anything yet.

After about 20 mins, the the lunch had arrived. While eating I found that the food tasted extremely good, although a bit strange. I was eating chicken wings and they had a « smokey » taste or something like it, but it was very good and delightful. It think I was beginning the trip, then. Everything around me, every colours and shades were more vivid but they were also very dark at the same time. They were appealing to my eyes but they were looking very “old-fashioned” (can't find a better description). And then I felt very relaxed, looking at the “old-fashioned” walls of my kitchen. Euphoria is slowly growing and every perception, especially sound and vision, is getting slightly different.

A few minute after we finished eating, some friends came by and one of them had a shitload of weed with him. Almost immediately after he had arrived, he prepared a bowl and offered me some hits. I was hesitant to smoke because I was just beginning to feel the nutmeg buzz and didn't know what to expect from it, but I decided to take a few hits anyway. And, God, it just happened to be a damn good decision.

Upon smoking, I noticed the colours were not dark and “old-fashioned” anymore but very clear and blue-green like. I have to say that I am an synesthete (someone who can see colours when earing words, music, or touching objects, textures, etc.) and during this part of the trip, everything I heard (music, voices, noises) instantly generated beautiful green and blue waves before me. I was not actually seeing these waves but more like « day-dreaming » them, as in most case of synaesthesia. I never experienced anything as vivid as this before, and I'm quite sure this is not due to cannabis because like I said it never happened prior to this. It seems like everything is getting more and more brighter, music is incredibly good and I'm having lots of sociability.

Cannabis, however, seemed to make every single things incredibly funny. One of my friend, JP, was sitting near me and I was watching him. Then suddenly it occurred to me that JP could be compared to a ring (don't ask me why). I told him so and he told me he didn't understand that comparison. Hearing him and seeing he was perplexed made me laugh like hell. My friend who had also took nutmeg seemed to be tired and wasn't laughing. He told me later that everything that was said during the evening didn't made sense to him, he said he felt confused and numb but comfortable.

About an hour later or so we went upstairs to watch Clockwork Orange. I was coming down from the weed and I noticed the effects from the nutmegs were more present as ever. The colours shifted back to the dark “old-fashioned” ones and I became quite tired but yet still awake to concentrate on the movie, or so I thought. I was watching it for the first time and as it was playing, the more I tried to understand what was going on, the more I became confused and lost track of the plot. Actually, it seemed like I was a witness of the events and I couldn't do single thing about all of what was happening to that poor bum being beaten up to death. Then I thought, « do I like this movie, or not? ».

Thinking about it, I guess the nutmegs seemed to make objective judgements quite a hard task. After half of the movie, I became pissed off and went downstairs to make some cleaning in the kitchen to remove nutmeg rests and weed ashes. It seemed like I was cleaning for an eternity but I managed to do things quite fast. I can’t explain very well but it felt like I was acting faster than the speed of the time would allow me to. That was quite an odd feeling and I thought it was cool.

I smoke some more weed and go surf on the web for a couple of minutes. Then I notice that memory is seriously deficient. Everything I do is almost instantly forgotten. I didn't remember that I had done some cleaning and when I was about to go and do it, I noticed it was already done. Also, I was always forgetting what time it was and had to watch frequently at the clock.

The next morning, I wake up without remembering how and when I got into bed. I get up a bit dizzy but it's alright. I have a little headache and I still feel quite stoned, it felt like if I had smoked cannabis an hour ago or so. Everything feels good. Short-term memory is still very deficient and my eyes are still a little bit red. I play Age Of Empires 2 and I’m amazed that men once did what I’m playing. Actually, everything seems more amazing and interesting than normal. The rest of the day fells very dreamlike, still feeling numb like if I was constantly on a coming down of weed.

All in all, nutmeg was an extremely great experience and a mix with cannabis seemed to enhance the effects. No sign of tachycardia or health problems, only full pleasure and comfort.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 43916
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 11, 2008Views: 41,160
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Nutmeg (41) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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