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God Was Definitely Watching Over Us
Kava Kava, Amanita pantherina, & Morning Glory
by The J-Man
Citation:   The J-Man. "God Was Definitely Watching Over Us: An Experience with Kava Kava, Amanita pantherina, & Morning Glory (exp43893)". Sep 28, 2007.

T+ 0:00
  oral Kava (extract)
  T+ 2:00   oral Kava (extract)
  T+ 3:00 5 shots oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 9:30 4 caps oral Amanitas - A. pantherina (dried)
  T+ 9:30 80 seeds oral Morning Glory (tea)


The day began with the ingestion of kava kava extract paste at 12:00. I felt layed back, neutral and relaxed, and movement was notably slowed down. At 2:00 I took more kava to try to get a better effect, which didn't work, the effect didn't intensify that much. I went downstairs and took 3 shots of tequila and 2 shots of Brandy in order to get a decent buzz. I was surprised about the fact I had no nausea at all, because usually mixing liquors causes nausea on my part.

Soon, I began to feel the typical alcohol intoxication effect (slowed movement/reactions, coordination off, off balance, relaxed, analgesia, euphoria). I was moderately buzzed and maybe a bit drunk. Around 3:45 I realized that It was time to go over to my friend's house. We had made plans to shroom that night.

I packed my bag with some Amanita Pantherina that we had ordered. Since I had no ride, I rode my bike, drunk, across town and made it there safely. I noticed that it felt wierd riding a bike, almost like I had never rode one before. When I reached my friend's house, we walked to the store and bought seven packets of heavenly blue morning glory seeds.

We got back, and proceeded to painstakingly grind all the seeds into powder with a mortar. It took quite a while, and the powder ended up not being very finely ground, and still had chunks of seed in it when we finished. We dumped what we believed to be a light dose of 80 seeds each in 2 bottles of water, and let them sit at room temperature for a few hours. By this time, the alcohol was gone, and I was completely sober again.

We decided to begin taking the shrooms at 9:30 and began taking them using a method of breaking them up into bite-size pieces, and swallowing them like pills. We also discovered that the horrible taste could be countered with a mouthful of chocolate cake. After taking two average sized mushrooms, we drank a section of MG water, and repeated the process until I had taken 4 mushrooms, plus the Morning Glory, and he had taken 5 mushrooms plus the MG.

After we finished dosing it was 11:15. The mushrooms began coming on slowly, Amanita Pantherina is known for significant body feelings. We first felt waves of nausea, then the nausea dissipated into waves of euphoria, and a marked stoned feeling. We had finished watching the movie anchorman, when the shrooms started taking more of an effect. We were pretty bored, and figured that an evening inside would lead to a bad trip, so we decided to sneak out of the house and walk across town to meet a girl we knew.

When we left the house it was 12:20, and my friend was feeling effects more than I was. I still felt relaxed and euphoric, but as we walked, my friend reported visions of faces everywhere. As we walked I began to get paranoid, and it seemed like every car must be a cop car. we walked down the biggest hill in our town, and our feet seemed to keep moving regardless of what our brains told them to do. It felt like we were floating down the hill. we saw a helicopter, I'm not sure if it was real, and we hid in a bush until it passed. D was still seeing people everywhere.

Slowly, I noticed my body becoming more and more disassociated with my thoughts and my arms were becoming numb, much like the beginning of an alcohol intoxication. Around 1:00 we were passing our high school, and I saw my first hallucination, where I thought a yield sign was a cop eating a doughnut. This phenomenon continued with more hallucinations, and an increasing body high feeling, until we reached our destination safely. Both of us had still not peaked.

We met our friend at 1:20AM. It had taken us only an hour to walk around 2.5 miles, and we realized how fast we were going. We went to a nearby school, and drank at the drinking fountain to cure the cottonmouth we had. We went and all sat in the middle of a dark field, and this is where the trip started to peak for us. The numbness started to kick in then. First, my right foot went numb all of a sudden, and I remembered getting freaked out, and feeling my foot to make sure it was still attached. Then the numbness spread throughout my body. This was like, total numbness. It was hard to feel any thing. We could move fine, but could not feel anything. I also noticed that the sky looked like it was moving, and my vision had a strobe light look.

We told our friend that we had to go home, because we were tired, and we began walking back. On we way back the effects steadily increased: We both felt our hole bodies were numb and detached, our sense of time was screwed up, our short term and long term memories were screwed up too. We believed that we could talk fine, and think fine, we had converstations, but our bodies were totally detached, and seemed to be doing their own thing. I would like to note that this feeling was not unpleasant at all and it was really enjoyable.

I had to keep checking if my body was still there, I felt so disjointed. We ran from several 'cop' cars which were just regular cars. Finally at 2:30 we got back to the house, and I drank two full bottles of water and collapsed on the bed. My whole body felt weak, numb and detached. I laid down and could not move my body at all. At this point it turned into a total out of body experience. My mind was still there and working fine, but it was on its own. My bodies only function was to keep me alive, and my organs were doing that, and I could feel that. I was able to think clearly about some personal issues, 'internal discussion.' I also felt a falling sensation, and could seem to feel gravity pushing my body to the ground. Finally around I think 4 (my sense of time was screwed up) I fell asleep and woke up at 10. Coming down the next morning was good, and I was completely sober by 9:00 AM. I was grumpy and easily annoyed for a couple hours until I just went home and took a nap for a wile.

All in all we liked the trip, and are very lucky to be alive, and had such a good trip with a high dose of the mushrooms. Looking back now and realizing how crazy the whole night was and how lucky we were not to get caught and be alive, it seems like a dream. If you do Amanitas, definitely have a trip sitter, or at least do them with a friend, because it makes an experience worthwhile and enjoyable. God was definitely watching over us that night.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43893
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 28, 2007Views: 22,138
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Amanitas - A. pantherina (71), Kava (30), Morning Glory (38) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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