A Gift from God
Methylone & Cannabis
Citation:   Squirrel. "A Gift from God: An Experience with Methylone & Cannabis (exp43161)". Erowid.org. Jun 3, 2005. erowid.org/exp/43161

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100 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 20 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I have to say, one of the best gifts I have received was the gift of methylone. I had never done it before this night and have only done it one other night after that. I am writing this down the road from the experience, but it was too good of an experience not to share.

I have had extensive experience with MDMA to the point where the magic was definitely gone and the fiend began to emerge. So, the prospect of doing something much like MDMA and possibly getting to experience the 'magic' again was very exciting. I had no idea this even existed, but my friend H assured us that it did indeed exist and he chose 3 of us as his special guests to go down the methylone road. It wasn't too easy to obtain, but it was pure.

We prepared extensively for this and were all feeling very positive about doing it - fasting, drinking lots of water, making the apartment an inhabited garden full of flowers, special incense, fruit, candles, blue light, music and magic all around. We planned for days as to a night where the 4 of us could have the apartment to ourselves and let our guard down completely without inhibitions. We all agree that set and setting were crucial to getting the most out of the methylone experience. My friend H had divided 400mg into 4 gel caps prior to coming over and he brought some extra - lose - to share later in the trip.

We gathered together around 9pm after the house transformed into a ravey-but mellow atmosphere. We weren't planning on dancing too much. We had everything that was soft out and about with the floor cleared of clutter and the apartment clean and cleared with sage etc...We all were very excited with the anticipation.

We each took app 100 mg of methylone to start at about 9:30pm and we sat back on the floor to await the effects. Not twenty minutes later we were looking at my friend H with absolute gratefulness - each of us saying... yeah, man, wow. Thank you. I could not believe how good I felt. I just looked at H with love and admiration for he truly gave us the gift again and he knew it. It felt like my very first roll. My body began to melt and relax into being my body, the most beautiful and sacred temple we come to know in this frame of mind. I felt a wave of heat kind of go over me as the drug really took hold of my brain and relaxed like a cat. It felt positively beautiful. We began to get touchy, by no means sexual, just deep, deep loving touch, healing touch. Touch among loving friends, holding hands, hooking arms etc...

My young and beautiful friend hadn't really allowed the massage aspect into his life in this frame of mind before, but he allowed me to massage him. I just touched him and I could feel all the depths and breadths of his pain and his beauty. I went very slowly not wanting to go to far or too deep (mentally) where he might not want me to go. I swear I felt exactly what was going on in him and his beautiful young body was out of kilter big time. I probably only massaged him for about 4 min or so only on his shoulders/neck and chest and I could tell that he was done. He then told me that was enough, but he definitely enjoyed it. My other friend M does a 'wing spread' She did it on each of us pulling our shoulders back gently, speaking to us in a soft tone helping us to relax and let it go... I felt my heart chakra open up and let out so much tension and stress. My friend, again a perfect touch, she knew exactly what I needed. These physical exchanges were so deep and good and beautiful and healing. That is the only way I can describe what the four of us were experiencing. It was pure bliss, better than any MDMA trip I ever had because my mind is so much more present. It doesn't have that falling away that I get with MDMA after time. Like when my words start to fall away and I forget what I was talking about. It is just so much more real, that is all.

There was a little bit of jaw clench, but nothing like that of MDMA. I tried to dance a little bit in the living room, but unlike MDMA, I don't quite have the energy. One thing I was acutely aware of is that I didn't have the balance to dance. Not like I do on MDMA where the speedy aspect of it allows me to dance my heart out. Apparently methylone is a soul healer, not a dance inducer, at least not for us. I continually lost my balance trying to dance and sat down again to allow the methylone to work its mellow magic.

At one point I was very high and got up to go the bathroom, my balance was off for sure. I had to watch myself after sitting down. I would not go out and about on this personally.

We all talked deeply. H talked about his childhood and crazy stuff and we all listened intensely. We understood everything and were able to know that the drug was enabling us to talk on this level and analyze what we needed to do to make our lives better, to invite healing into our lives. It was a little rough, but so beautiful and purifying. Methylone was much more real than the MDMA love. I could really realize the magic, the gift this drug was giving to us. It is hard for me to explain, but I was completely aware that I was running the show on this drug, not the speed controlling/running me- because there is no speed aspect to it.

There was a tealight candle burning... the same kind that we have burned thousands of in the past...well this tealight did a little 'goddess' dance for us. It was one of the most intense other worldly type presence performances I could ever hope to bear witness too. The flame did a crazy dance, that is all I can tell you, believe it or not, but we watched it the whole time, all four of us being aware of this special moment until the candle was completely done.

An hour after taking 100mg we shared the remaining 80 mg (about 20mg each). We put it in water in glasses and it definitely boosted us back into the body high and absolute pure pleasure zone. Breathing felt incredible. We did the silly roll trick of breathing vapo rub carefully applied to 'dust masks'. That may not be advisable (it is crucial not to rub your eyes after applying the vapo rub), but it is one of the most incredible things - absolutely amazing, like breathing the vapo rub is pure heaven and I am in ecstasy for breathing it in deeply. And breathing was the ultimate gift from God. This was one of the most rewarding trips I have ever been on or will ever go on again.

I no longer take MDMA as it has lost the magic and I have accepted the fact that these things do not last forever. If I ever get the chance to take methylone again I would do it in a heartbeat. It is NOT a rave drug or a party drug whatsoever in my opinion. This is absolutely the best in a controlled setting that is made up to be as comfortable and unfettered as possible. Pull out all the pillows and stuffed animals and blankets. I definitely got cold during this trip. It lasted about three hours of feeling really good and we boosted it yet again at about the 2 hour mark, by smoking quite a bit of good green bud.

I have to say the come down left me feeling a little lonely and wierd. We were taken to some very deep places and saw some upsetting things for each other, rather the pain that we endure in this life. I also think that all my MDMA use took its toll, so coming down off any drug like this has become more difficult for me to handle. But I came down and was left with the lessons and love shared for the evening. And I remember everything! I remember the conversations, the music, the night - not like going to a rave/party getting all deep, listening to music and then not being able to remember hardly any of it. If it is so good I want to be able to remember!

Lastly I will say that we took this drug again at a large rave type party where there were tons of young kids rolling their balls off. It is amazing the difference between MDMA and methylone. I felt the love of all the little rollers, big time, but they looked wild eyed to me and they seemed like they were not really there, there is just no phoniness with methylone. We were really high on about 130mg. It took a lot longer to come on at this party - about an hour versus the original 20 minutes in the apartment party of four. I think that was due entirely to set and setting. There were so many people and drugs and the music wasn't ideal. Plus, again, I tried to dance and absolutely lost my balance and could not maintain a rhythm. That was disappointing in this setting. I do not recommend this for a party setting at all. It is best for very close friends or lovers and a very controlled setting. Make it a spiritual journey, a therapeutic endeavor and be ready to go deep.

I would say, if you ever get the chance to do this drug do it. But don't do it again for a very long time. Take the gift it has to offer you and appreciate it for the very special and sacred miracle that it is. Take care of your body and don't beat it over the head with an inordinate amount of drugs. Thank you, Sasha!

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 43161
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 3, 2005Views: 28,997
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