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Miprocinian Journey
4-HO-MiPT & Cannabis
by chemicalist
Citation:   chemicalist. "Miprocinian Journey: An Experience with 4-HO-MiPT & Cannabis (exp42930)". Erowid.org. May 12, 2005. erowid.org/exp/42930

T+ 0:00
14 mg oral 4-HO-MiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 5:09 15 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam (pill / tablet)


I am a 20 year old male in good health. I had been reading about this chemical for a while, and how it is 'almost identical to mushrooms'. I decided to sample some. This was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I was driving back from my night class and decided, 'I'm going to trip tonight! yea!'

This is my journal text that I left open, slightly modified.

10:36- cap of 14mg (13-16mg), slightly greyish powder taken on mostly empty stomach.

1mg loperamine taken due to slight diarrhea and gas today.

10:50-getting comfy, got the blacklight on, the laser fireball and some decent techno (paul oakenfold). I also got winamp on here visually playing.

10:55- Not feeling anything indistinguishable from placebo yet. Right now I'm not expecting this to be very powerful but I'm trying to let my expectations disappear.

10:57- Hmm, I am feeling something slightly, that feels good. very faint. I'm just relaxing, reading over news and stuff. I'll lay down and enjoy the scenery when the trip kicks in a little better.

11:07- I do feel something. slight stimulation, and a stomach feeling similar to but not as bad as being on 2ci (which has been the majority of my trips the past 2 years; before that it was doing acid frequently).

11:15- Ok I'm tripping, but very mildly. I feel shaky and stimulated, not uncomfortable but slightly.

11:17- C**** sent me a nice hibiscus flower picture, its cool to look at. Nothing is too out of the ordinary yet, just slightly tripping.

11:21- The visuals are slight; the typical tripping display like slight movement and bending of shadows, etc. Color is enhanced right now, to a nice extent but not amazing.
I love this song, wow. track 6 of paul oakenfold travels disk 1.

11:22- I'm going to lay back and flow with this a while; it feels good so far but absent in mental effects besides slight generalized anxiety which is easily managed and isnt a bother.

11:57- Tripping. ah.. Interesting... to say the least. Nice visuals on this stuff.. More active than 2ci for sure... Objects are swirling, melting and colorful.

(personal revelations details removed- basically about college and my life this semester and how I could have worked a lot harder at it than I did, but I didnt let it eat me up, I just thought I know where to better myself at now)

12:02 I wonder what brownie (my weiner dog who was on my bed with me most of the trip) thinks of me.. I bet she mostly just reacts to me. Yes. Wow.. Tracers when I close the laptop are unbelievable.

Brr I've been pretty shivery in a twitchy way. Not too annoying though; definitely, most definately worth it

12:12- Haha I was laughing right in brownies face /but not laughing that she couldn't laugh!/ heehhe oh shit...

Faces at the corner of my eyes, guys in hats in the messy clutter where the weightlift bench is... aaaaaaa. hehee

This is a good trip and would be fun to just sit around and say stupid stuff that would end up being really funny

This stuff is FUN and theres lots of potential.

I keep hearing noises, that arent assicocated with the music I don't think that kinda bother me, makes me a little paranoid but nothing too out of the ordinary.

Blam melt shit affffff hehe desire to type whatever comes to mind psychedelic mindstorm black feet brains neon lights in my neurons. Noises outside.. yikes. Wow when I type fast my whole visual field vibrates like I'm typing an earthquake- I never experienced anything like that before.

12:17 I wonder if the peak is here or gone, coming or going, I don't know but time to lay back and let it flow.

1:11.. Well. Quite extraordinary. I (had a nice time with myself.. very nice, details removed; this would be great sexual stuff but like usual when tripping it was hard to get hard)

Ok damn this laptop is getting hot gotta turn it off for a bit.

1:58 Computer back on, wow. I havent seen visauls like this ever- this is incredible... 3d fractals layers that go,,, I don't know how to explain.. mental effects deep.. Oh yea, I smoked 2 hits of weed around 1:40 and that is when this trip lifted off into a new world. Haha.. Its so fucking awesome I don't have any anxiety or adrenaline like I thought would be required to see the most fabulous firebreathing psychotic visuals right now.. hah.. damn.. the 4-d visuals I saw in the ceiling... I hope I can remember how they 'bent' tomorrow.. This is fucking amazing. My ceiling turned 3-d and there were many dimensions and layers... undescribable. Spots on my ceiling that are glowing with the blacklight are moving around, and some look like they are on the ceiling and some look like they are 5-10 feet up in the ceiling.

2:02 Still going good. Oooh yea I confirmed things were going great when I reread that sentence to see it flowing up and down... hehe MAN. Yes. This is... amazing visually and mentally. I just wonder how much the (pause that lasted a minute as I got distracted); So you can see thinking is one thought to the next...

I still don't know the impact weed has on this trip but I think this substance is amazing on its own. I remember back in the acid days pot + acid was like a whole different drug by itself that was incredible, and maybe thats what kind of happened.

In the next dosage trial with this I might bump it up a bunch if I'm safe here in my room but if camping this is a great level, perfect level for relaxing camping I bet.

The processing in the brain is different. Holy damn what causes these visuals, they are hallucinations not distortions; fractal patterns.. amazing. Earlier I got freaked out and thought I could see bacteria on the inside of my contact lenses but then I found that the squiggly things were on the ceiling when I moved.

2:30 Well it's still flowing. I'm trying to learn what the fractal hallucinations are, studying pure hallucinations is hard and strange but its a great sight that I could spend hours viewing.

2:37- Heh, I was thinking earlier, if someone sober came in here they would instantly start tripping. Ahhh this has been a sweet trip I must say and it keeps flowing. But I don't want to be awake too much later due to our academic schedule tomorrow.

Miprocin. amazing stuff.............loosens consciousness up, in a 4th dimensional kinda way. I am glad I have no anxiety with this stuff; I expected harsher. I remember shrooms as having more body buzz feeling which I would rather do without. The visuals and effects do seem mostly like shrooms but its been a year since I had them. This stuff seems much gentler on the mind and body than cid or shrooms but I guess that would depend on dose.

2:47 Ahh got to love track 6... that is the best work of art I have experienced this month, is that piece of music right there.

I could probably spend my whole trip looking at the ceiling and be entertained.

Time seems like its moving along kinda fast, but nowhere in this trip was there any timefuck like I remember from other trips on shrooms or acid or even the mild timewarping on 2ci.

Heh right now im on the internet looking for ads. Just ads, to see how they try to get people to do whatever. It was interesting for a half a minute then annoying.

2:55 Hmm. I'm going to lay back a bit, fuck the computer for now.

3:20- To write something on the subject of using binoculars in here, in this room while tripping and looking into the mirror with them; why the hell didn't we think of this before :) ??? (I spent a while playing with this and laughing). If you look backwards through the binoculars its still in 3-d. Binoculars are an awesome trip toy!

3:35- Definitely coming down a good bit but still plenty of visual twists, but they are subtle now. More subtle at least. Staring into the mirror is incredibly bizzare. A mirror is a must for trips. So is a sound activated laser unless outdoors.

3:45- These blue valiums are purple under a blacklight, it was fun to play around with that. They (1 and a half pills, 15mg) are now on their way to my stomach and then brain. Reading the news now, such as 'university class bars student over poem.'

Brownie has been a little uneasy tonite, I think she knows I'm tripping. She knows something isnt right. Hehe, what fun times tonite.. like laughing in brownies face. Hehehe that probably made her uncomfortable. She stared right into me; she usually looks away when I stare at her. Then I put my hand on her back and shook her slowly back and forth and she breathed heavy like she does when annoyed, and I stopped and laughed my ass off at what I just did and I apologized to her, then realizing she most likely has no idea of the concept of apology and sorry.

4am- Damn it's 4. I still see trippy stuff, but its calming down now. Partys over dude, at least we got some good memories to take with us. We discovered a great chemical tonite.. very deep and fun.

(Personal stuff removed- I just told myself to be very careful about something I'm doing and to stop asap. This chemical helped me view my life in a 3rd persons perspective so to speak.)

4:30- Diazepam kicked in; a dose that would make me drunk-like when sober is just mildly relaxing now.

I shut my visually and audiolly (? is there a word I could use instead of that) appetizing display down and tried to sleep. It didn't work.


10:20am- I donít think I slept but I may have been half asleep for an hour or two.. but no I highly doubt I entered sleep. I feel a very mild headache and a residual feeling of slight stimulation that is very subtle. I feel good compared to what I should.. my diet of sugar last evening and no dinner wasnít smart.

I kind of wish I slept at least a little but I'm not really sleepy or too mentally warped, just feel a little sketchy in the head.

It was a great trip. I can't wait to do it camping because it will be *excellent*; this drug category (lsd,shrooms; I don't want to be too broad and say tryptamines) seems best suited to be used outdoors. I look forward to future experiences with this chem. I have no urge to buy/look for mushrooms anymore; this stuff easily replaces them mainly because of cost, and I would rather my liver have to only filter out one chemical instead of hundreds. I believe this is the reason I didn't get weird body feelings like I did on shrooms.


4-HO-MIPT is high class material. Since this report was written I did trip on it at 18mg at an outdoor festival at a campground. It became too overwhelming and I hid in my car for part of the trip. I was just so confused and couldn't hold myself together; like I kept thinking I was going to lose my wallet, keys, or cellphone; I was paranoid the place was getting raided due to the intense visuals. I ended up taking 20mg of diazepam and calming down a little bit, then I ate some good MDMA (after testing it with marquis, which I could barely do). The two drugs combined excellent, and I was propelled into a state of mind I can only describe as 'god-like'.

Take care and be safe.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42930
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 12, 2005Views: 25,646
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4-HO-MiPT (342) : Alone (16), General (1)

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