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Horrific Epiphany!
by Moe
Citation:   Moe. "Horrific Epiphany!: An Experience with Cannabis (exp42710)". Nov 2, 2018.

1.5 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)


It was on December 4th 2004 and I had decided to do some weed with a 'cousin' of mine. I hadn't done any for over a year and was really excited. He brought some really expensive KB and while we were in his car at night around 9 p.m. we decided to do it in a crappy little side-street. I took the glass pipe and took 1-1/2 hits and it tasted really strong and bad. I opened the door and threw up a little. After a few seconds I felt sick and opened the door and threw up some more. My cousin asked me if I was OK and I said that it just tasted bad and that I didn't want to do anymore.

Once we started to ride off the street lights started to feel like they were blinking and time would go on strangely. Every other second would skip. I didn't think I would get high but I did (it must have been some strongass bud). Then I immediately fell into this trance that I will never ever forget. I slumped over in my seat and fell into this coma-like state. I started have memories from long ago come back (early early childhood)! I started to think that life was all one big dream and everything is a pattern and that I've already lived this life and will live it again and again. I thought that maybe I had this feeling every time I got high and that I just don't remember. Whenever I had a thought another idea would come over it and make me forget. I would come up with a conclusion in my head about life, the universe and everything and why this was happening to me but another thought would come over that and tell me that it's all a dream, but then another thought would tell me that that was a dream too. This would happen for what seriously felt like millions of years. I was very frightened yet I could not do anything.

We drove to a theater but when I got out I was acting and walking like a very drunk person so we went back in the car. When I put my seatbelt on or tried to take it off I couldn't and it felt like I did it hundreds of times. Everything I did would repeat and it was very annoying and frightening. My cousin told me that I passed out for a while and then I threw up on myself a whole shitload. I remember parking at a grocery store and waiting for him to buy paper towels, it felt like hours and I kept on looking around for cops (I have been arrested twice for possession and it was the worst things that ever happened to me and ever since I've been very paranoid). Once he came back he got me out of the car and cleaned it up and cleaned me up the best he could. I remember looking at him as a father figure (I don't know my biological father, but I don't normally think about him). We decided to go home and sleep.

When I saw my dad (not biological) I tried to talk as normal as I could but he noticed I was acting weird and asked me what was wrong. I told him I felt car sick and the macaroni I ate was bad, then I rushed to the bathroom and threw up. My dad heard me throwing up but I tried to convince him I was just a little sick. Then my cousin and I went downstairs to sleep and I immediately went to sleep on the sofa with my contacts and shoes and everything on. I fell asleep immediately. In the morning I was fine, but I kept on thinking about the night before over and over in my head.

Ever since (it's been a few months) I think about that night every day a few times a day and wonder what the fuck had happened. It was by far the most frightening yet interesting and enlightening moment in my life. I will never forget it. I don't know why it happened, whether it was because it was KB, or because I hadn't done weed in a long time or because I was scared and slightly depressed at the time. I promised to never to drugs again but that's bullshit because for 4/20 I bought some regular weed and have done it and it was like the old days (nothing weird). I also did Morning Glory seeds last night and the same thing almost happened to me once I entered a car. I can't fully explain what all I felt and thought that night but I wish everyone could experience some time in their lives. I had a kind of epiphany, I now am pretty sure I will grow up to be a world leader (maybe The World Leader)! It reminded me of Mein Kampf and what Hitler said happened to him after he got gassed in WW1. I lover marijuana and other drugs and hope they will be around for ever and that I can keep on doing them. I don't ever want that experience of Dec. 4th to happen to me again because I felt like I was stuck in it forever and forever. I will probably write a book about some time in my life if I can do it accurately.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42710
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 2, 2018Views: 594
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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