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First and Only
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by Chaos
Citation:   Chaos. "First and Only: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp42585)". Apr 26, 2007.

3.5 g oral Mushrooms
    repeated smoked Cannabis


Last April, after searching for years in my small dead-end town, my friends and I had FINALLY come across some mushrooms. Few of my friends had tripped before, but they had always gotten them out of state and taken them when I was out of town. I remember the days preceding the trip as if it were yesterday. I had headed over to my close friend Chris' house to engage in our daily ritual of smoking some herb and relaxing in the nice April weather. It was 4/20, the day before my trip so we had some obvious festivities we needed to embark on.

I sat down on his couch and he handed me the bowl to take the first hit, which I don't know if things are the same with anyone else but in our circle of friends this was always a big honor. As I inhaled the sweet smoke I looked at my friends face and he had a huge grin. 'What's goin on man' I uttered goofily as I exhaled my first massive hit. 'We got em.' My jaw dropped in disbelief.

You see the night before that I had been with him and all our other friends for hours trying to get a hold of them until I eventually just smoked a joint and went home in disappointment. 'Today?' I asked as it was pouring rain outside. 'No, tomorrow, look' as he showed me the weather channel indicating the next day would be a beautiful day to trip in this wooded area behind our old Trolley Station.

So after massive amounts of smoking throughout the day, I finally headed home with my 1/8 of shrooms rolled up in my leather jacket just screaming for me to eat them. Somehow I drifted off to sleep and awoke around 11, as we had agreed to all meet up around 12. So I headed on down the street to Chris' arriving at 11:45AM to sit and smoke a pre-journey joint. It was Me, Chris, and my great friend Bob. Others were along for the ride, but basically just to smoke with us when necessary and make sure we didn't do anything stupid.

So after smoking, we decided to head over to Stop and Shop to buy some food for the day since these shrooms had been previously tested by a reliable source and told to last for 8 hours dead on. On the walk there we consumed our shrooms walking down the street (not the smartest idea, but if you saw my town you'd understand). Then we proceeded to buy some chips, cream pies, and other jargon. I bought myself a 2 liter of Vanilla Coke and in my stoner haze I greedily consumed the entire contents of the bottle. What a dumb idea.

So as I sat on the bench waiting for the rest of my friends to come out of the store with my friend Ryan I noticed the colors starting to brighten but nothing major yet as it had only been like 15 minutes. 'You feelin' it yet' he asked me. Apparently I had a confused look on my face. 'I think it's startin to kick in mildly but I could just be really high' I answered. So Bob and Chris came out of the store and we headed up towards the woods.

Bob's girlfriend had arranged to meet us behind the Trolley Station with her car to meet us with a cooler and all this stuff we had wanted to bring with us for the trip. I'd like to start out saying that this day was the day before a big storm so it was easily 80 degrees out, which in the middle of April is a big change to the previous weather. I had ill-prepared clothes wise, wearing baggy jeans and a black t-shirt and I would find this would effect me later.

We all arrived behind the Trolley Station to realize Bob's girlfriend had not gotten there yet. I wasn't tripping and I had turned to Bob and Chris and asked them if they had felt anything yet and they both replied 'No'. Little did I know it would hit me first. I should have expected this considering that I had weighed the least out of the other two (Bob weighing rougly 160 and Chris being a giant at like 6' 5 and 300 lbs). I sat up against the back entrance of the Station and minutes after I did that I felt this extreme rush of energy start to surge through my entire body.

It was more extreme than anything I had ever felt, only previously having smoked and taken Ecstasy. I could see my friends looking at me with excitement as I asked if they had started yet. 'No, why are you' they replied and I just said 'Yeah. This is nuts. Give me a second' and put my finger to my lips as to shush them. I stared out in front of me as the trees shifted back and forth behind one another and the gravel of the parking lot wave and ripple as if it was an ocean, meanwhile the intense energy surge only increasing. BAM, I was tripping.

After the energy surge I was left with just the intense body high and mild visualizations due to the fact I hadn't even come close to what would be my peak. My stomach started gurgling and I began to feel extreme discomfort in that fact. I kept having to make myself burp just to feel mildy comfortable, only for the discomfort to come back moments later. I got up and started to walk away and they asked where I was going. 'Just over here, don't worry I'm not wondering off, just keep yelling my name and if I dont' answer you THEN come look for me.'

My friends had known I was a mildly sensible person so they agreed to the idea. I wondered over in extreme discomfort to a tree that had an obvious shape of a face built in. I had seen it before, and it wasn't doing anything extreme, but the idea of it fascinated me. I kept staring at it and poking the holes where the 'eyes' were and laughing trying to free my mind of the discomfort as I kept burping away. Ryan wandered over to see what I was doin' and started laughing his ass off. 'What's up man. You having a good time?' he said. 'Yeah, I dont' know my stomach is botherin me real bad, and if it keeps up I have the feeling I'm gonna have a bad trip.' He asked me to come back over to them and I declined so he walked back and told Chris and Bob about my condition.

Then they started calling me over like 'What's up man?' and I wasn't even tripping hard but the body high and the excitement had me all giddy so I kept laughing foolishly and dancing away as they tried to get my attention. 'I heard your stomach is real upset. We're about to smoke a bowl cuz we're not tripping and we hope it will help it kick in. Pot is supposed to be really good at calming your stomach on shrooms. Why don't you come sit down and smoke a bowl with us?'. So I wandered over laughing at nothing and agreed to take a few hits. I took about 3 and I was good. It settled my stomach, for the time being, and soon Melissa arrived and began our trek deep into the woods.

About half way up the trail I realized I was way ahead of everyone and I looked back to see Ryan and Melissa talking and laughing, and beyond them I saw Chris and Bob looking like they were having a detailed conversation. So I ran past Melissa and Ryan to them feeling very happy and asked them if they were finally tripping. They both agreed, laughing and we all began to have a conversation about what we were feeling and over-describing the wave of energy type feeling they had felt as well. As soon as we got up to the woods I realized I started feeling very hot as it was humid as hell.

There was nothing to do about it so my condition worsened. As we approaced our 'camp site' (the scene of very many parties surrounding a fire pit where we often drank and smoked in the summer time) they decided to take a rest and smoke more. I didn't feel like smoking so I walked over this path that leads to a rock quarry which has a big rock sticking out around 30 feet above this BEAUTIFUL lake scenery. I sat on the rock gazing into the distance feeling extremely blissfull without a care in the world. The breeze was good and it gradually cooled me down.

I heard Bob calling me off in the distance so I wondered back to the camp site. I started feeling more and more hot as I could tell my body temperature was rising. I remember I had been carrying a back pack the whole time carrying all the food contents and the feeling of it on my back under the blistering sun had made me break out into a sweat. After experiencing the same thing on a Sunflower Ectasy pill I started feeling pessimistic and got extremely negative, talking to Bob and Chris saying I was unhappy cause I thought it was e. You see, the shrooms had been dried and ground up into powder and placed in chocolate.

Even though while consuming them I could taste the obvious taste of the mushroom I still started thinking that my shroom trip hopes were lost and that I was just about to roll. This made me upset as I had rolled numerous times before, so I started feeling depressed and decided I would just go home So Ryan had decided to walk back with me on the tracks because he had had enough of the heat anyway. So I smoked some pot before I left and we engaged on the walk.

As I was walking down the tracks they started shifting back and forth and turned a weird purplish color. The sky was vibrant and the greens were incredible. I slowly started to realize that I was upset for no reason and that is was indeed mushrooms I had taken. Meanwhile, my body temperature kept rising and when I approached my street I had decided to just go home anyway, as I was drenced in sweat and decided I would just throw on some shorts and turn on my fan and relax to some good music.

I walked in my house and headed into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. This is when I started tripping really hard. My mom entered the kitchen and I turned my face into the fridge 'searching' for 'something to eat'. 'What's wrong with you' my mom asked obviously knowing I was avoiding looking at her. I pulled out a bottle of water and faced the other direction the whole time while I just uttered 'It's really fuckin' hot out there, especially when you're tri.......baked. I'm gonna go take a nap, don't wake me up.' 'Ok' she said in an obviously pissed off voice. She had known I was a big time stoner, but still hated knowing and hearing about the fact.

So I headed up to my room stripped off all my clothes, put my fan on high, grabbed a pair of thin pajama pants and tried to cool down. I was sweating bullets and I started tripping really hard. My stomach was acting up again immensely as it expanded and felt like it was going to pop. I felt like I had eaten a 10 course meal and my stomach was still growing. My walls were moving in and out with my breath and I was seeing shapes and colors all around my wall. I still remained conscious of my surroundings, but knew that I was tripping my balls off. Haha.

So my condition worsened as I could not seem to calm myself down. I was really hot and couldn't cool off. I started freaking out as I was clammy as hell, and I went into my bathroom to splash some cold water on my face in hopes it would help. I walked over to the toilet to urinate and as I started the toilet kept getting smaller and smaller as if it was disappearing into the distance. I tried my best to make the hole that was gradually decreasing in size. As I finished I flushed the toilet and as soon as I did this sent the audio bits of a million things racing through my head. Name a sound and I heard it.

I walked over to my sink to splash the water on my face and as I looked up my bathroom had changed. It seemed to have a dank yellowish tone to it. I suddenly felt disgusting. The word scum kept popping into my head and for some reason I couldn't think otherwise. I looked up at the mirror and my face looked pale yellow along with the bathroom. Then spiders started to crawl out of the cracks in my walls. This freaked me out alot so I went to exit the bathroom only to look to my right and see my friend Dan looking at me coming up the stairs.

I was wearing nothing but pajama pants and that was it. He looked at me as if he seemed really concerned and he just said 'What's up dude? How you feelin'?' I told him how I was just really hot and felt like sittin in my room. You know that type of panicking where you just feel really nervous and you quickly tell someone something in a hurry like 'Yeah, I just don't feel good and I'm not havin fun. I'm gonna try to sleep it off and maybe I'll give you a call later if it picks up' as I shut my door. This is when things went really downhill.

The sound of the toilet combined with the extreme body temperature and upset stomach started making me really freak out. My heart started feeling like it was palpitating and skipping beats. The sounds I was hearing weren't helping at all. I was hearing the sound of the telephone when you leave it off the hook for a while combined with ambulance sirens in the background over and over. I went downstairs because at that particular moment in time I had decided I was going to tell my mom I was tripping and have her take me to the hospital. Thank god when I went downstairs no one was home and she had left or I would gotten completely screwed.

I was panicking majorly. My stomach condition was worsening. I reached for the cabinet in the kitchen and took a prescription Zantac my stepfather had and grabbed a bag of chips and went upstairs. I thought I was dying of starvation. I started shoving random chips in my mouth and tryin to swallow. I choked a few times and drank some water. Then I laid down as my heart jumped out of my skin. I started feeling as if I was going to die.

I started thinking of all my friends and what they would do. I wondered if I should try and write notes to all my loved ones individually. I wondered what people at school would do when they found out I had had a heart attack on mushrooms. I thought of my mom, dad, stepdad, friends, grandma, teachers, my punk bands, old friends, the punk scene in general that was the one love of my life. My heart rate slowly decreased as I held my eyes closed and anticipated death. I stopped myself from breathing and figured I wouldn't fight it and I would just except it. Everything faded to bright white and suddenly I died.

My heart stopped beating. I wasn't breathing. I was just staring into a vast area of whiteness. No thoughts, no visions. Just white, everywhere. I remained this way for a certain amount of time I can't recall. Until all of a sudden my heart started beating again at a somewhat abnormal rythym and I started breathing again. I jumped up with the thought in my head like 'I'm not going out like this. Not here, not now. It's not my time.' I stood straight up, directly underneath my fan and just stood there. After about 20 mintues, everything was back to complete normal.

I laid down and realized it had only been an hour and a half since I had consumed the shrooms. I laid back on my bed and felt complete serenity. I was liquid. My body had no shape, I knew no reality. My soul had become one with the universe. My pure existance knew no boundaries. I was a free spirit, roaming the plateaus of our universe. I was one with the energy that makes up everything. I laid back in this state for hours as I didn't leave my bed for the remaining 6 hours. I thought about every aspect of life. Name a thought, and I was thinking about it. Literally. I just laid back and thought for 6 hours.

Birth, death, life, family, friends, music, nature, galaxies, universe, all while staring at random fractals and geometric shapes bursting with color all around me. I had thought about the horrible 'bad trip' I had had for that mere 20 minutes that seemed like a lifetime. I realized the whole experience was worth it. I was a changed man. I had seen a reality outside of my own and I appreciated it greatly.

I have never taking a hallucinogen since. I believe that my one trip was all I needed to show me a world outside our own. Suddenly the idea wasn't just for a 'trip' for me anymore as I had stupidly reasoned it to be before. I took in the experience, and am left with a beaufiful memory. I decided on them that I would give up drugs and stop being so foolish. Before the trip I had snorted many pills, rolled numerous times, and done other things like Cocaine and PCP. I was a drug addict. I wasn't addicted to anything in particular, just the idea of getting fucked up any way possible. Mushrooms made me realize this and that wasn't me. I have been free of every drug since (including pot) and I am forever grateful. If you want to see inside yourself and get a better understanding of the inner you, I strongly recommend taking mushrooms once, and one time only. The rest, is in your hands.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 42585
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 26, 2007Views: 37,381
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Mushrooms (39) : Various (28), Difficult Experiences (5), Mystical Experiences (9), Bad Trips (6), First Times (2)

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