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Revelations, Cosmic Unity, Entity Contact...
Mushrooms - P. mexicana, Alcohol & Cannabis
Citation:   Peter Pumpkin. "Revelations, Cosmic Unity, Entity Contact...: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. mexicana, Alcohol & Cannabis (exp42367)". Jun 6, 2005.

5.0 g oral Mushrooms - P. mexicana (tea)
  1.0 g smoked Cannabis  
  4 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
Past drug history:

Psychedelics: I have taken mushrooms about a dozen times. I have also taken LSD 5 or 6 times, and LSA (morning glory seeds) 7 or 8 times. I have taken 2ci once. I have taken Ketamine hundreds of times and am very experienced with it.

Empathogens/Stimulants: I have taken Ďecstasyí in one form or another( MDMA, MDA, MDE etc) probably in excess of 300 times. I have taken more Amphetamines than I care to remember. I have taken cocaine only a hand full of times.

I also drink alcohol frequently.

So, it was a Friday night (nearly a week ago now). I had been drinking quite a lot from the early afternoon, enjoying the last of my time off work. In the evening I went to the pub to meet a few friends. By about 8.30pm , however, I decided to go home because I just didnít seem to be in the mood. I arrive home at about 9.00pm, and I am sort of half-drunk, and find myself becoming a little bit bored.

At first I consider just getting an early night, but I then start considering munching some of my mushrooms (I bought a kilo off an online vendor from Amsterdam about a week before). At first I donít think itís a very good idea since Iíve been drinking a fair bit, so I try my best to Ďdetoxí for the next couple of hours and then make a decision. I guzzle down loads of water, and make myself about 4 cups of tea. I go on the net for a while on MSN and talk to some mates.

Eventually I decide I feel well enough to trip. Iím thinking about how long itís been since I last tripped alone, and how badly I missed it! Iím off to Asia for 6 months of travelling in a few months, but I donít really have a solid idea of what I want to do after that. So a decent introspective mushroom trip seemed like a very viable solution to this! Iíve always enjoyed using psychedelics to generate new ideas and find out what I really want out of life. This is why Iím such a big fan of them. The potential for self-growth is staggering.

So, I start preparing a little bit mentally. I whack on some chilled out ambient music, and some Buddhist meditation music whilst I start eyeballing a dose which I think comes to about 5 grams of Mexican Cubensis (IĎm getting quite good at eyeballing, which is lucky, because I donĎt have any scales at the moment!). Now, 5 grams is a very high dose for me, in fact itís the highest Iíve ever taken, the second highest amount being roughly 40 grams fresh, with my usual dose (for a solid Ďcommoní to Ďstrong tripĎ) being around 25-30 grams. However, Iíd tripped twice before that week already, so I figured that Iíd probably have a slight tolerance. So, after eyeballing a dose, I go downstairs to make myself a tea (the only way to take shrooms in my opinion!). However, I discover Iíve run out of ground ginger (which I believe is an essential part of the formula), so I do some rummaging and find a ginger and lemon grass cordial drink. Not ideal by any means, but it would have to do. I put a tiny bit of the thick liquid into a mug, add hot water and add the shrooms. I also add a couple of spoonfuls of sugar.

I return to my room with a bottle of mineral water and some Rennies (ant-acidsÖgood for settling the stomach and for nausea I find).


The tea is okay, but the lemon grass is giving me some heartburn, which is making me feel quite queasy (I take an antacid and this helps a little) . I find it hard to get the shrooms down, even though they are crushed into tiny pieces. Usually I donít have much problem. Normal tea with actual ground ginger wouldíve been far superior and has always served me well.


I nearly finish all the shrooms, just a few left the bottom. Iím feeling much more nauseous than usual (Iíve never actually puked on mushrooms), I put it down to the alcohol I had earlier, and to the cordial. I definitely wouldnít use the cordial again.
Iím already feeling effects and getting movement in my peripheral. I feel very giddy, and Iím getting the trademark ípressure effectí on the sides of my head and on my temples (Iím pretty sure this is to do with tension). I continue to talk to a couple of friends online, which is helping with the usual Ďcoming-up anxietyĎ.


By now, itís really becoming apparent that Iíve probably misjudged the dosage! After only 15 minutes, Iím getting some quite intense visuals. Walls are starting to breathe, Iím starting to see fractal patterns everywhere. I know Iím in for a heavy one, but I know thereís fuck all I can do about it, and Iím fairly happy and confident to just go along with it to see what happens. I feel quite apathetic. Iím not scared, but I am anxious. ďIím at the top of a roller coaster ready to plunge into infinityÖĒ - A common thought that goes through my head when Iím really starting to feel the effects of the mushrooms!

Eventually, Iím unable to type anymore on MSN. Words and letters are looking entirely alien and I itís actually quite hard to see the screen properly at this point. Iím surprised at the speed at which Iím coming up. I am fully aware that mushroom teas are extremely effective and fast acting, but at 15 minutes Iím already feeling like Iím approaching the peak! However, as I fumble around to put some more Buddhist meditation music on and go to lay down on my bed, I start to discover I am mistakenÖ


The visuals I am now experiencing are enveloping not just the world around me, but they are delving into my very psyche; Every racing thought appears as a powerful visualisation in my minds eye. I am laying on my bed, the nausea is bearable, as long as I donít move or sit up. Eventually I cannot make out any object in my room, I am absolutely mesmerised by this new world around me; Everything a swirling mass of colours, melting and morphing into patterns of indescribable beauty and technicality. The Buddhist meditation music is working absolutely perfectly, and creates a perfect synergy with which the visuals to dance around full of life and energy. I have never experienced anything like this in my whole life. I have taken LSD several times, 2ci, LSA, etc, but none of those experiences have provided such enveloping visuals. My thoughts rush, chaos is ensuing. The last remnant of my conscious mind tries desperately to resist, to regain control, but I focus on this, close my eyes, lay back, and let goÖ.


T+30.00-T+2.30hrs. The Peak:

ÖEgo loss.

I am totally unaware at where I am at this point. With my eyes closed, I am transported to this other dimension. I am in a pool with some kind of alien in some other world, two other Aliens are smiling whilst pouring a gold/red-ish liquid over us both as we lay down unable to move. Strangely enough, for some inexplicable reason, I am not scared in the slightest by this! I smile back at the aliens, as the liquid is poured over me. It makes me feel warm and very happy. Something is then said, but I cannot understand because it is in some totally unknown language, and I am then whisked away to another world/dimension. This part was very interesting to say the least! Itís just a shame I have a lot of trouble recalling exactly what happened. I made contact with several entities that were made out of pure energy. All were female, and all were very playful and joyous. Some were clearly children. I remember dancing and flying around far away planets and stars with some of them in some sort of cosmic dance. It was like a semi-lucid dream, only a million times more overpowering and spectacular. I cannot remember who I am at this point, nor do I care. For all I know I could be dead, but I donít have any concept of death, nor do I have any concept of future or past. I am purely existing in the present, in infinity.

I get the feeling Iím totally at one with the universe. It is total euphoria, Iím in some sort of state of spiritual nirvana. My physical body, and the physical world not only doesnít exist, itís been totally forgotten. The only thing that matters now is pleasure and pure happiness. I am living purely for the moment, and this moment is eternity. After dancing around the universe with these child-like entities, I begin to communicate with what seems to be their Elder. I have no idea what she tells me, but it does make me begin to remember who I was again, and this throws me headlong into a new phase of my trip which was extremely intenseÖ

I start to relive childhood events. Iím on a total mind trip (if you havenít already noticed!) and itís really delving into the deepest corners of my mind. Itís showing me mistakes Iíve made in mind-fucking detail, but also past loves, happy memories, friends, dead relativesÖ..All the memories and experiences that have affected my very character and being. They whiz past in seconds, like a giant super-fast slide-show, so fast I cannot make sense of some of them. Iím in total awe. I think about the friends and people that Iím surrounding myself in my life at the moment. I think about my aspirations and goals. I come to the conclusion that some things definitely need to change. That certain individuals arenít helping me in any way achieve my goals, nor are they making me happy to be around. I came to these conclusions because the mushrooms had enabled me to let go of my own ego, and view my life as if it was a life of some other.

I felt as though I had been stupid to not see this before, though instead of dwelling on this fact I instead seemed to focus on the positivity of such a revelation. And for one fleeting moment, I felt complete in the feeling that I knew all the answers to my questions.


I start to come to quite abruptly. Itís very strange, because itís almost I like I can see myself walking over a line back into reality. It reminds me strongly of coming out of a K-hole. For half an hour or so, I just cannot move. I can make out objects in my room again, but the visuals are still extremely intense. My door warps over to one side and stretches back as if Iím running backwards down a long corridor (think the film íThe Shiningí). Sizes are still very much distorted, I look at my hand and the fingers just stretch out dramatically, I glance over at my computer flat screen and itís completely warped. The fractal patterns are still running strong. Rainbow colouring over all white light. I am just trying desperately to make sense of what the hell just happened to me. Iím in complete shock.

I think about trying to roll a joint, but every time I attempt to reach over to the tobacco, skins and the gear, I pause for no reason, forget what Iím doing, and get a barrage of thoughts racing through my head. 10 seconds later I would remember I wanted to make a joint again, but again the same thing would happen. I get stuck in a serious mind-loop for god knows how long. As I start to come to more I decide I need to piss, so I walk downstairs to the toilet. I glance in the mirror en route, and find that my pupils are so heavily dilated they have completely immersed my deep brown eyes and replaced it with large beady black eyes that stare back at me. I can only think something like : Jesus, what the hell just happened to me!?

Eventually I manage to roll a joint, and get myself together a bit more as the visuals gradually subside. I smoke the joint, almost to the end, but then notice itís only making me very anxious and giving me some unwanted and unpleasant introspective thoughts, so I stub that out and decide to go back on MSN to attempt to explain to a couple of friends still awake what the hell just happened. This turned out to be a good idea since I could direct and focus the self-analytical thoughts fluently and productively. I talk about past events, and go through some serious self-analysing. I start focusing on mistakes; the time I was rushed to A&E in an ambulance because Iíd taken too much amphetamine. The way I had got myself into a hole for about a year and a half through excessive speed/ecstasy abuse. I saw how I had a self-destructive trait inside of me, and reminded myself that although I had grown a lot since then I still needed to keep this in check.

I then focused on how much alcohol I have drunk through my life, and how much I am still drinking. I become uncomfortable with the thought of what damage excessive consumption has already done to me, and this is where a friend online suggests GHB as a replacement (Iím going to give this a go very soon.) By about T+6.00 I began feeling quite drained physically. I had a few glasses of red wine and I eventually fell asleep in an bit of a daze.

I awoke the next feeling not feeling too great (too much alcohol). I couldnít get back to sleep, my dreams were very intense and lucid, so I just spent that Saturday chilling out at home trying to recover and putting the pieces back together.


It took me another day or so to fully integrate the experience, in which time I was experiencing some manic behaviour. I also found myself very apathetic. I found it hard to go out the Sunday T+48.00hrs after this and socialise with friends in my pub. Possibly partly due to some of my Ďrevelationsí about some of them.

This is probably a good sign I have been overdoing the mushies (3 trips in one week), and probably a sign 5 grams is over the top for me! However, after this initial manic period (lasting about 3 days) I did find myself feeling a lot better off mentally, even though I got a lot more than I bargained for with this trip! Ö.Introspect is one thing, but inter-dimensional travel, ego-loss, and entity contact is quite another! This was the single most intense psychedelic experience of my life. I donít think Iíd learn anymore from a higher dose, it would just be a waste of material. This is definitely my limit!

Every time I think Iíve seen everything magic mushrooms has to offer they surprise me again and again. I used to favour LSD over them, but quite frankly, this was better than any LSD experience (bar maybe one) Iíve had! So for now mushrooms are by far my favourite drug! Perhaps until this summer where I will be experimenting with DMT and Mescaline. If those two substances can provide me with anything close to the intensity of this trip (from what Iíve read Iím sure they can!) then Iím going to have a very good summer!

But for now Mushrooms are my true teacher!

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42367
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 6, 2005Views: 30,728
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Mushrooms - P. mexicana (193) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4)

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