Three Stage Deployment
Kratom & Caffeine
by lj
Citation:   lj. "Three Stage Deployment: An Experience with Kratom & Caffeine (exp41975)". Mar 29, 2018.

T+ 0:00
2 cups oral Kratom (tea)
  T+ 0:00   oral Caffeine (liquid)
  T+ 5:00     Pharmaceuticals  
  T+ 8:00 0.02 mg oral Pharms - Clonidine  
In the wee morning fixing my mind up from a prior day of 30 grams of calamus (with much more superior results than my first experience with it) ... I planned on some 25 gram (est.) doseage steep in my tea maker.

I doused the mound 4 times steeping until the tea got a good consistancy, cloudy, rich in a husky dirt colored amber... Of sorts. Then poured me out a heaving cup (regular coffee sized cup? 4 oz maybe?). It was admissable being blended with some black current tea that one of my herbalists provided me with my order of kratom.

My first cup gone in minutes (9 I think?) it sat in my system and I felt nothing until I guess 30 min. Later. It was numb, comfy, happy buzz. Like the familiar recognition of a marijuana buzz after not smoking it for a while. I proceeded to cook, clean and do some document scanning. Back and forth giving my blood flow a run for it's money and the effects were very pleasent. (like my calamus experiment, without the sunny hallucinations)

All was well, I ate my meal, went to take some pictures on the balcony... And proceed back to my office going on the internet and chatting it up and talking to one of my holistic buddies. As I sat there I was enjoying myself quite a bit, happy, yappy and wanting to blow money I don't have. Ebaying out realizing oh crap I better not win these auctions or I'm up the creek.

2nd hour into the buzz, and a second cup... I really felt great! A calm energy, buzzing, almost stoned. Like I dosed on some nice black hash. Amazing I was happy with my purchase. Shortly after my crux I had bolts of energy lightening through me and it was a very nervous static. Shortly realizing I guzzled an entire 20 .oz coke. Well that was interesting I got nervous and jittery like I do with caffeine but moreso. This blasted my buzz a bit but I wasn't concerned. I got a bit crampy and had to elevate myself to the restroom to have what was a wonderful bowel movement. (very cleansing, just like with the calamus) my heart was pounding a bit and I itched a tad, pupils were pin sized and everything had a weird snowy effect around them and colors were very vibrant.

I felt stuff, nervous and a bit dissapointed with myself. I removed myself from the throne and went to the kitchen to guzzle water, orange juice and drop some potassium tabs. 2 hours later it began to settle down, calming but I got a little snippy and I jumped everytime I heard something.
I got a little snippy and I jumped everytime I heard something.
I hissed a bit and realized it was my induction of the caffeine I'm sure.
Nah I'll be fine.

I began to paint and I got very anal with it, details were just the part of the anality. I almost jumped into it like it was a swimming pool and my brush and palette was the boat and oar. Diving into the painting over doing it back and forth it was actually like a sunset washing my entire vision with color it was far freaking out. Didn't expect that much to happen I mean it's just kratom for land sakes.

I realize kratom reacts (the tea form) with anything I ingest... The coke made me nervous then later -- I take much blood pressure medication -- I took my 6pm hydralazine and metropolol dose (10mg & 50mg), making note I started my kratom absorption at 1 pm. - 2 (lets assume) 4 oz cups. ? 20 ish min. Later I began to settle down good and feel floating like numbness.

I worked on my paintings for which now my analness of it peeled like dried skin and I dabbled and my attention swayed. The lights were haloish and fuzzy, the painting looked like a shag of carpet... Deep, colorful with it inviting me to jump in it or splash in it.

The t.v. was turned on, I went out to investigate and sat down with my paints and palette and painted there now laughing more than anything else. Mst3k is funny on kratom (it's funny before but after I watch the same episodes over and over I get used to the remarks) I had a great time. I was still working on that painting by god, now with trims and flecks of gold, shimmery colors and flicking warmed pen ink all over it molting it around like syrup.


Well time was rippling in a boat cruising around me in circles.. It was daylights savings time and well as I thought time was fast reaching the bed time hour I look up and it's still 8pm. Still 8pm? Ok. Rinse, repeat on the painting, laughing, 'cave dwellers' (mst3k)... 8:30... Just 8:30? Time was crawling. It was nice for it to crawl. I liked the feeling at the moment and didn't want it to stop.

I soon gave up on painting I ran out of water colors and the craypas were all broken up and scattered. (what the hell was I doing?) and I lazily gathered up the remains and just carelessly piled them on the nearby table. Shooing off the creativity of the day.

I took my 9pm dose of clonidine (.02 mg) and I began a slide into a cushiony feeling like sinking into clouds and laying there. It was very calm, very dimensional also. Very 3d-ish and I can't explain why yet. Just seemed not only were the visuals more enhanced but feelings and some hearing. (nylon zipper going up real fast on a jacket resonated in my head and bounced around a bit like someone was zipping up in a canyon someplace)

I laid down on my 'pimple' (a huge cotton stuffed giant bean bag chair like acrutament) and covered up in blankies and laid next to my snoring old man. I laid there watching now what was batwoman (mst3k again) and I found this movie interesting for some reason. I laid there quietly and didn't feel anything but the movie and my thoughts. I didn't have any arms, legs, back, heart beat, nothing. It was a comfortable numb but I didn't feel numb just like I was not encased in my body.

I kept zoning in and out of a very peaceful sleep. I woke up at 10pm to take my lipitor (10mg) and returned steadfast to my mst3k. Repeating the same sensations.. Warm, fuzzy, comfy, snuggly afterglow feelings. Very pleasent this is the way it should feel always.

Now I'm up typing about it... And ready for the 12am dose of my hydralizine and metropolol dose. And I know (I hope) how the sleep will go. Extrardinary 'imitation coma' sleep. Not deep just very submerged and stationary. (when I smoked it too much before bed and got slumbered out real bad)

That's it. Over all nice, next time I'll cut the dose and stay away from stimulants.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 41975
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 29, 2018Views: 1,617
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