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Like Weed That Doesn't Wear Off
Nutmeg & Cannabis
by Stan
Citation:   Stan. "Like Weed That Doesn't Wear Off: An Experience with Nutmeg & Cannabis (exp35773)". Jul 5, 2007.

2.5 Tbsp oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  3 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
It was a super rainy day in Washington and me and my friends had found an interest in getting stoned and going tubing down the river. One of my friends was being a complete asshole and wanted to conserve his weed and not let anyone but him smoke it. So I took MY drug of choice Nutmeg instead.

The first couple hours on Nutmeg were the same. Dry mouth, Nutmeg burps, this weird taste in the back of my throat (it almost tastes like I just smoked a bowl), and this weird head buzz. Me and my friend made a gravity bong for fun and then we walked up to the nearby store for some candy. During the walk everything smelled like nutmeg and my stomach was a little unhappy but I was fine. After we returned we decided to go tubing in the rain.

By the time we left I had a weird buzz. My eyes wouldn't stay open and I was really getting into the music. I couldn't wipe this smile off my face. When we got to the river my friends lightened up about 'conserving' (honestly they NEVER conserve) they let me roll a j and smoke it to myself. Then we passed a couple of bowls. All in all I smoked about 3 bowls. By the time I stepped out of the hot boxed car I was FUCKED.

Right then the nutmeg decided to kick in. I went on this crazy trip while we went on a 2 mile walk to the lauch station. It was more weed high at the time but the most was soon to come.

By the time we got to the water I was way more stoned. there were 3 Friends with me N K and S. K and N were conserving the weed and S was cool. He busted out a j and we passed it which made me feel really funny. The trees looked ORANGE. EVERYTHING looked orange. They weren't and I knew it, but they just looked like I was in a cartoon.

Tubing got scarier and scarier because remember it was a really stormy day. I was so paranoid after all the stuff I'd done. When it got rainy enough we all got out. When I stepped out of the water and all hell broke loose.

We had to walk most of the way back but by this time I don't really remember anything. I remember that I was out of my body. I could see myself walking ten feet in front of my eyes. It was the craziest and most out of body expierience ever. The weirdest thing was it kept getting worse. It was like weed that kept getting stronger and stronger. We finally got to the car and we put in a CD that had 20 songs of 'Sandstorm' in a row. I don't remember much of this but I remember I couldn't control my body. I just started moving to the music and it felt good.

We went to Jack in the box and the food tasted really good. I don't know how to explain how I felt. I had NO short term memory. Everything would come and go so quickly that I would forget everything like in a second. Visually my vision looked EXACTLY like a dream, it didn't even seem real, it seemed like I was gonna wake up any second. Physically I felt like I was 2 feet off the ground and I couldn't move, I was just stuck. It was so much like a dream I was almost convinced it was. N looked so funny to me, I kept asking if he was in the dream. My friends S and K kept telling me to go ask for ranch at jack in the box. I was SCARED becasue I couldn't talk right, walk strait, or hold a strait face for the life of me. I kept smiling.

Later on me and N just walked around, I felt like I was in a dream so much that I went to my house and started talking to my parents. What I realized later is that the only thing that saved my ass is that they had been in a HELLA bad car accident and were all doped up on pain killers. I had a really good talk with them and felt no need to act sober as I was at this point convinced I was dreaming. I stayed up super late that nite just seeing what I'd feel like.

The 9th to 12th hour after taking nutmeg is what I always look forward too because that is when all the crazy visuals and trips come along. It had been 5 hours since I had smoked but I was still just as stoned as if I had just smoked. It was Weed that never wore off. I listened to music and sat on my floor and totally tweaked for FOUR hours. I listened to every single piece of media on my computer. After that I fell asleep and slept really good. The next day I felt really cool and relaxed. It was cool.

I'd give nutmeg a try if I were anyone. Just drink a lot of water and have good thoughts. Smoking weed helps with to counter the after-effects a lot I think.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35773
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 5, 2007Views: 15,110
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