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Stayed Awake Too Long
AMT, Cannabis & Methamphetamine
Citation:   Chucj. "Stayed Awake Too Long: An Experience with AMT, Cannabis & Methamphetamine (exp34454)". Erowid.org. Apr 15, 2006. erowid.org/exp/34454

  oral AMT (powder / crystals)
    oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    smoked Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
I tried AMT a couple years ago given to me by a friend that I trust completely. And my friend had aquired it from a person that purchased it from the internet and had tried it before passing it on to us as well as 4 doses of 5-MeO-DMT. I am not sure exactly what the dose was but my friend told me to just smoke three or four of the tiny crystals in a weeks time at the very least. So between 12 and 16 crystals. I did the five doses of DMT over a course of two months smoking it off of a peice of tinfoil with a small glass tube. No bad sideaffects from the DMT (which came in small crystals that looked like salt and turned to smoke almost instantly as the flame touched the foil.) Each time the effects were the same. Open eye effects were minimal but when I closed my eyes I saw many colors, some of which I couldnt identify and they all took the pattern similar to sci-fi tv effects the stars give when ships go past lightspeed...only in more of a liquid-like display. After the color pattern was established it felt like I was on a rollercoaster in a tunnel of the colors.

My body felt as if it was slowly undergoing added g-forces. When I opened my eyes the colors were gone but the high gravity sensation remained as well as a pleasant almost tingle washed over my body. I switched between the two periodically over the course of 45 minutes. Then The effects would disappear almost as quick as they had begun (before I was even finished inhaling all the way.) Before each of my uses I smoked about 3/4 gram of marijuana. Over the two month period I ate normal foods 1-3 times every two days and 15-30oz of water water, cool-aid, or various sodas. No alcohol was consumed two days before or after each use and no more than 5 times over the two month period. About 400mL of alcohol 80 proof or above and no more than 18 bottles/cans of beer. So that was what was flying around in my system.

In the last two weeks of the two month period I consumed approxamately 5 grams of Chrystal Meth by smoking it off of foil through a plastic tube and a couple times smoked from a glass pipe.

The last week was when I took the AMT. It was in a very fine powder with no lumps in a gell cap about the size of a 500 milligram tylenol hard pill and it was filled a little less than 1/5 of the way. I was told it was a 60 milligram dose. I had no prior knowledge of the drug other than some small talk about the other kinds of chemicals the supplier had including AMT. But while it was being discussed I was under the effect of one dose of DMT so all I remembered was the letters of a few of them. So there were no placebo effects. My friend took the same dose at the same time.

About two hours before I had taken the AMT I had taken one of those little 2 dollar shot bottles of Bacardi Citron followed half an hour later by about 2.5 grams of marijuana. I knew I wasnt supposed to drink the alcohol with the DMT because it was advised by my dealer that it may make me vomit or trigger some other ill effect. I figured it was the same for AMT but after the weed I forgot. Dumbass attack under any circumstances but really bad that time yea? That would be the first possible deadly side effect. I dont do it very often but Im sure it wouldnt hurt to remind folks that they need to be completely there when they do crazy stuff.

Anyhow I think it took nearly 2 hours for the stuff to kick in. I cant give a completely accurate time frame because being stoned without a clock around can distort time, but the sun was up high when I took the drug and it hadnt moved too much by the time I felt the first part of the trip to gradually slide in. As it began to kick in I felt very relaxed. Like being very stoned and slightly drunk. I started my trip in a house with 9 people. We stayed there for what I can only guess was 1.5-2 hours after the trip began to kick in. Everything white started to look like rainbow colors I might see in a puddle on the street with a thin coat of oil in it.

Before me, my fellow testee, and her boyfriend (the babysitter) left we smoked 1/4oz. of Marijuana between 7 of us through a glass bong and since I have by far the biggest lungs of the bunch I probably consumed at least 1/4 of it myself.

I didnt have the lazy feeling per usual, but my sence of well being was greatly increased and I felt like I had just gotten an hour long Thai body massage. After that we left the house to drive across town. The sun was still high but it looked like it was getting on into the afternoon. For the next few hours it gets kind of fuzzy. We did alot of driving (babysitter). Id guess about hour 4 I started feeling very tingly in a good way. I was looking at everything I could get my eyes on for different color visuals. There were some big fluffy clouds scattered around the sky and I dont know if it was real or visual but they reminded me of the chappel painting by Michealangelo? Of gods finger reaching towards Jesus. But there were definite visuals of a different sort around the edges of the clouds. The edges had the rainbow effects I was seeing on the white surfaces in the house.

I also remember all the flowers going by on the side of the road. We must have been going about 65-70mph knowing how the babysitter drives but I could see each flower individually and they looked amazing. The colors were so clear it was unbeleivable. Durring this long car ride I had brought along a Costco size bag of generic cocoa puffs and I ate them dry at a steady pace about 5 at a time. In the back seat of the car I found a large pink stuffed rabbit with metallic pink eyes. I touched its soft fur one time and instantly was in love with it. A few times throughout the trip some of the friends we visited jokingly tried to take it away from me and they told me that they had to back off because I was looking like I would get physical with them in a very bad way.

I also found a baby pacifier and popped it in my mouth to satisfy my need to chew on something. It took me about an hour and a half to completely chew the nipple into little pits of plastic mush. Then maybe another 2 hours to demolish the hard plastic back that the nipple was connected to. Then it had to be replaced with McDonnalds straws. My urge to clench my jaw was nearly beyond my control. Surprisingly I didnt feel the slightest bit of pain in my jaw after the trip. I even somehow managed to avoid cutting my mouth to peices on the hard plastic.

We made a stop at me and my fellow trippers workplace to pick something up. I am almost cirtain that the clock there sait it was close to 6pm. I live in Alaska and it was midsummer so the sun stays up for a long time. By that time (hour 8 about) I had started feeling very aroused sexually by the sensations continuously washing over my body. I was also slightly swollen feeling above the neck and in my hands and I was sweating profusely. Possible sideeffect to consider would be direct and prolonged exposure to the sun. Im not sure if that possibility has been considered but I have been on some antibiotics for ear/sinus infection before with the no sunlight sticker, disobeyed, and felt similar with the sweating and the swollen feeling.

Anyhow, the sweating and swelling is probably the only thing that saved me from a few sexual harrassment issues because I was very aroused. It wasnt the normal kind of arousal however as it was more mental than physical. Every decent looking woman I passed I just HAD to see naked. Another possible deadly side effect (Could pick up some nasty stuff screwin around with strangers). It was a tremendous effort to keep my mouth shut.

Before we left we picked up another of our friends and I had started acting very strange even to me. I was acting like a small child with my chew toy and my 'pink fuzzy bunny' laying down on the back seat with the front of my shirt pulled up to my neck and a big grin on my face. As the new friend got in the car I do not think she knew what was going on but she told me to hold still and looked at my face real close and started laughing and asking what crazy shit we ha done because my eyes were a different color! Normally green they had changed to a milky dark yellow. We took a few snapshots throughout the trip especially of our eyes after that and sure enough they were different colors. My friends are normally blue but they had changed to a light purple.

As we sped back down the highway I waved at every car that passed with one of the hands of the stuffed rabbit and constantly threw my head back laughing for no apparant reason. About this time my bag of cocoa puffs was almost gone. We dropped off the friend we had picked up from work and went to the babysitters house to relax. He went to sleep while me and her sat in the back room watching a very small television. That was the first time my friend wanted to leave me alone because she wanted to use the bathroom. I really didnt want her to leave even though the bathroom was in a room on the other side of the bedroom wall. After about 5 minutes of calming me down she left. It didnt seem like she was gone very long but I had to keep telling myself she would be back. When she did come back I curled up in a ball beside her with the stuffed rabbit and layed my head on her lap while she watched tv, happily chewing away on my straw. While she watched TV I just layed there and looked at her face.

I was overcome with a feeling of awe at how beautiful she was even though her hair was messed up and she was sweating a little. She just looked like the most beautiful thing in the universe. And ever time she would talk to me I could barely hear her because her voice was so soft I got lost in the sound. It wasnt a sexual arousal as that had disappeared as soon as she went to the bathroom in my panic. About 8:15PM (per bedroom wall clock) I finally felt safe enough to break physical contact with my friend and sat up to watch tv. The motion into sitting was like flying at high speeds. I liked it so much that I did it repeatedly. After the 8th time tho I suddenly vomited with so little warning that all I could to was raise my hands to my face to try and keep it off the floor. All I managed to do was smash it into my face and facial hair, making three times the mess.

So here is probably the main concern. I can drown in my own vomit. Sitting up and doing it I had to strain my concentration to hold my breath long enough for the heave to finish before I inhaled. It was like lifting a thousand pounds. Laying down I dont think I would have been able to do it. I wasnt dizzy and there was no warning till it reached the back of my throat at full force. I am not sure if it was due to the sun, the little shot of booze, stuffing my face with a whole costco sized bag of cereal or any mixture of those three.

I went to the bathroom to clean myself off while my friend cleaned up the mess on the floor, bless her heart. I vomited more in the sink although nothing came out. After I caught my breath I realized how very thirsty I was and I must have drunk at least 3/4 gallon of tapwater. Maybe another thing to keep in mind. I know some of these chemicals can overheat and dehydrate me to the point of death. That was the only negative effect of the whole ordeal however. Most of the rest of my trip was through the entire night. About an hour after the sun went down I stopped sweating so much and my face was no longer swollen after the second hour of no sun. Another possible indication of the no sunlight issue.

About 2AM I was dropped back off at my house and everyone left. I was there by myself but I did not feel panicky as I had before even though I was still experiencing the full physical/visual sensations and alot of the mental ones as well. I played Grand Theft Auto 3 untill 10AM with no breaks. I hadnt used the bathroom since about an hour before I took the dose even after all that water. At 10:30am I was picked up by a couple new friends and drove out to their house. I was laying on the bench (we were all outside in slightly overcast weather and a pit fire close by) in very awkward positions such as my head and shoulders on the ground with the rest of my body bent at a sharp angle to lie flat on the seat.

Eventually I crawled all the way on the ground and lay there for half an hour because it was cool and felt very good. Good thing this crew didnt throw broken beer bottles all over the place. We rolled at least 5 'Cheech&Chong Joints' as the guy who rolled them used 8 rolling papers and had lots of practice. We also passed three pipes around. Id guess about an ounce between 10 people. It was contributed through many different bags so I can only guess. Over then next hour the marijuana gradually started to poke through the fog, so to speak so my brain stopped trying to concentrate on every little thing, but not much further than that. I was taken home and arrived there at 12:45pm. I sat out in the yard on a big tire for a couple hours and smoked a few cigarettes. While I sat there the misquitoes swarmed me alot more than usual. I usually get about 5 bites a year but after I could think again I found over 100 in that short time I had sat outside.

After about the 28th or 29th hour from taking the dose the physical effects had completely gone away. My fellow chemical tester arrived back at my house at 1:30pm to find me staring at my cigarette smoke rings, not noticing her standing in my living room. When she finally spoke up I looked strait at her eyes but they had changed back to their normal color. She said her trip had worn of about 4 hours after I had left and that she had went to sleep. I was still having full blown visuals but my mental state had stabalized to the point where I was able to think clearly enough to talk and stare at all the colors everywhere in awe. I had done a half gram of crystal meth over the two days before I took this trip so I had been awake for over three days which may have contributed to the prolonged visuals. But I was so reluctant to lose the visuals that I did 3 grams of crystal meth over the next two weeks or so.

Over those two weeks my eyes didnt close longer than a blink per verification collected from all the people I visited durring that time. Durring this time that I was 'holding my trip in a death grip' as me and my fellows put it, I gradually began to lose my ability to function properly. My sentances started making less and less sence. I didnt
feel tired as I felt the need to remain standing and walking to make sure I didnt fall asleep. I would talk to myself and laugh constantly. On the 8th day I was driving to the gas station with an extended family member and on our way back home I saw two dark cloudlike forms fly across the road. They had large horns and there were no eyes but the impression that there was a red glow where the eyes would be even tho there was no glow.

Eventually a few of my friends cornered me in my house, slipped me a pill of some sort and I was down for the count. I slept for only five hours and woke up to find my friend and the one we had picked up from work the first day of the trip rubbing my head and neck with some cool soaking wet rags. I felt very refreshed and my awareness of my surroundings was surprisingly clear considering the circumstances. I could talk strait and make sence and do more than one thing at a time. So that I think would be the last possibly fatal side effect. A strange kind of mental addiction. And I am quite sure that staying awake too much longer would have killed me. As it is I have only been able to stay awake for more than twenty four hours within the last few months since those two weeks. I havent read up alot on sleep deprivation (although I have enjoyed its effects more than a few times) but even if it wont kill me I am positive it isnt good for me at all.

I have wanted to try it again and I thought about buying some but then they put it on the emergency schedule. So no go till I visit Japan I guess. Hopefully it will be the same without the vomiting and 2 week long trip since I dont have that kind of money to blow any time soon. There is only one way to know how this stuff will affect people on average and I dont mind the risks in favor of the fun, the eventul medical benifits of establishing patterns with AMT enough to know how to help those of us who arent so lucky,and just to personally explore those parts and actions of the brain that I dont know how to simulate unaided.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34454
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 15, 2006Views: 38,864
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Sleep Deprivation (140), Methamphetamine (37), Cannabis (1), AMT (7) : Various (28), Combinations (3)

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