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Lots of Fun to Be Had in the Forest of Colors
2C-P & Cannabis
by psych@delic
Citation:   psych@delic. "Lots of Fun to Be Had in the Forest of Colors: An Experience with 2C-P & Cannabis (exp34341)". Jun 17, 2004.

T+ 0:00
9.0 mg oral 2C-P (liquid)
  T+ 2:25 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Drugs used:
2c-p- amount- 7 mgs. But I handled .5 grams of it earlier, and I probably ate 2 mgs. Off of the card which I was using to split up the pile with.
Cannabis- amount- hard to tell... At least 5 bowls throughout the nite (probably more)

I have done 2C-I numerous times.
I have done 2C-B once, but I only have two more hits, so I'm waiting to do those.
I have done 5-MeO-AMT about 8 times.
I tried smoking small amounts of 2C-P, to get the feel of it.

In the weeks prior to this trip I was mostly in a good mood. I have been a little depressed here and there. But generally, I am in a good mindset.

For the comeup, friend's house
Then we went to the forest for a bit, then to a small gathering of people for a graduation
Then back to the forest, untill I went home

Brief overview of 2C-P:

This is one strong drug. Everyone should proceed with caution.
It lasted extremely long, and is very euphoric.
Very potent.
No nausea noted from anyone.
Slight sweating/tremors on the comeup.


Somewhat sedating.
Rather visual (moreso than 2C-B, in my opinion). Very deep mentally (a lot stronger than 2C-I, I cannot compare it to 2C-E yet). Long lasting. I was going for a good 12 hours, including comeup. It takes 3 hours to come on.


At t- 2: hours I dissolved 125 mgs. (split into a quarter from a half gram) into 7 shots of boiled water (to remove chlorine and sterilize)

At 5:00 pm: I took half a shot (~9 mgs.)

T+1.5 hours: I am starting to feel sedated and hav minor trembles (a friend also noticed tremors)

T+2.25 hours: smoked first bowl of cannabis. I start to see the ground swirl.

T+3.5 hours: the drug is really starting to kick in now, im seeing colors out in the woods, and all the lightening bugs looked like little fairies. I am starting to see red fireflies that arent there.

T+4 hours: we rolled up to some rich people's graduation party to get our friend andy. We offer him some of 'this bomb magic water' (which is what we were all calling the water bottle by this

T+4.5 hours: we leave the party and go back into the woods. We proceed to smoke an unknown amount of cannabis. At least 4 bowls of some bomb nuggetz. While back there, I start seeing all kinds of colored dots and neon halos around everything.

T+5.75 hours: I believe it was around this point that we went to play hackie-sack in front of a small building by the woods. Visuals are insane. Someone will kick the sack, and it will be on the ground and I will see a trail from the entire trip of the last kick on the sack, from the llst persons foot touching it. The shadows or spots on the ground or whatever they were begin sliding towards me, while the sidewalk they are on slides away from me. Both seem to just keep moving, but never getting and further/closer to me. I see swirling vortexes in the ground, and the blades of gras wave at me.

T+6.25 hours: we go back into the woods to smoke some more pot. While back in the woods, a few people (mainly myself) start having uncontroblable laughing episodes. We also hear what seem to be animals dieing. I am talking about crazy loud horrible screams from somewhaere in the woods, that seems to not be coming from the mouth of a person. A few times we hear it, and get frightened and start rushing away from the tree we were sitting on, only to realize that we couldnt see anything and get lost real quick.

T+7 hours: we leave the forest. I go home.

T+7.5 hours: I finally arrive home after walking, I am startled by my parents greeting me, and telling me to eat dinner. As I am going up to the third floor, to my room, I see all of the hardwood floor bending and twisting. The patterns in the wood are all doing they're own little thing.

Until I go to sleep: after I am in my room for a bit, I watch tv. I still have visuals and deep thoughts. I eat a bunch of cookies (this stuff makes me hungry) and try to go to sleep. I end up laying and thinking for about 5 hours before I go to sleep.

The next day: no real hangover, expect that I am very tired, because I did not get any sleep. I slept in until about 3, probably got around 4 hours of sleep in total. I take a nap in the afternoon, and later on, I meet up with my friends.

Overall: the best chemical I have worked with

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34341
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 17, 2004Views: 12,501
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2C-P (305) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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