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Down the Rabbit Hole
by Jdn
Citation:   Jdn. "Down the Rabbit Hole: An Experience with 2C-I (exp34263)". Erowid.org. Sep 16, 2008. erowid.org/exp/34263

T+ 0:00
22 mg oral 2C-I
  T+ 0:45 1 hit smoked Cannabis
Took this on a busride to wonderland about 30 minutes on.

First impressions (0-30 minutes after ingestion) - don't really feel a thing, wondering if it was even going to work

30-60 minutes - take 1 hit off a joint, get pretty buzzed. get back on the bus, i start looking out the windows and there is most certainly something funny about the clouds, i also feel buzzed so not sure if the 2C-I has kicked yet, then at approx. the 1 hour mark, i get seriouls nausea, not near as bad as dxm but i feel absolutely terrible. This is where i begin to climb, it seems that every period of nausea (which were made in about 5 minute invervals) brought me to a new level until the nausea finally finished at about the 2 hour mark. Then it all began.

2 hours or so - i look into a pair of glasses and in the reflection are fucking weird scenes, i know it's supposed to be a reflection but i keep seeing scenes of parties - people laughing, having fun. I also start to feel a tiny bit euphoric with still a pretty good buzz - nothing comparable to my good friend dxm however. We arrive at wonderland, no difficulty walking - no real intoxication, most certainly one of the downfalls.

Upon entrance to the park (about 4 hour mark now probably) i start to feel extremely fucked, so we decide to go on some rides. In the line i feel i have discovered existance - how everything comes together and the process of becoming a person. I also believed that neverbefore have we as the human race been closer to the time before our birth. There were TONS of people waiting in line, as i waited i came to say some phrases over and over again which i thought were of great beauty, things such as 'it's it, this is it, we're here, this is where we're going' simple little phrases.

The nature of existance - i discovered this again while in line, basically my belief was that before life we start as tons of people waiting in line and each ride on a roller coaster, a complete ride of fear, is the process of creating one person, so all these people get ordered into line and then processed into people.

The first ride - screamed my ass off, upon finishing the ride i felt it a necessity to yell that i had came, which did not actually happen.

now off to the second ride - to be honest i can't even remember what it was, but after finishing the first ride i had these great feelings that all humans were basically the same and if i were to get lost i could find a group of people just like my friends.

On my way to prove my theory, i found this cool frost place that had all these vending machines around, i decided to stay under this frost for periods of 10 minutes at a time, i'd become completely still. I can imagine at this time that the hundreds of people walking by, PROBABLY knew i was fucked.

After walking by my friends at fast speeds several times, and a few more attempts to get lost, we decided to try some more rides. Can't really remember what happens after this but it's all very blurred.

- and so we end up in line at topgun, there is some trippy ass room when u go through the line, it's in complete darkness with some sort of mirror type thing which fucked me around quite a good amount, i was rather shocked to find i had a body. 10 minutes later - still in line. I decide to jump over the poles and walk around a bit, the grass looked like a carpet and i had also determined that Wonderland, is a land for tripping. I kept moving around a lot in the line and was always figiting, yelling and talking a lot. Now the line to topgun has greatly shortened and we are about to get on, i don't feel in the least bit scared, like i probably would usually.

Now the ride. We get on and i'm thinking, 'WTF am i doing?' as the ride starts up and we roll out, i yell HEY at the operator of the ride, and we start what could quite possibly be the longest ride up i've ever experienced. Can't feel it at all, but i am groudned to reality enough that i know this is going to make me shit my pants (which is something that was of concern.) The fall comes, i let out a scream that i didn't know was possible, as we start going into loops, spinning upside down - i realize something, i can't even feel the ride. I had joked about it before, but this time i could truly not even feel the ride, i just sat there trying to talk to my friend riding with me as he was screaming. To be honest, i was not too happy with the ride, it seemed like nothing and i wanted my wasted time in line back. Apparently one of the most hardcore rides at wonderland and i didn't even feel it, that's bullshit i'd say.

After this, i decided that to prolong my experience i would again get lost, but this time COMPLETELY LOST.

So i went on my way into complete delirium. I became completely lost, everything looked like it was plastic, as i walked people knew i was fucked and a group of people dared to have a conversation with me, it went something like this:

People: Do you know where mind buster is?
Me: Yes it was the one over by the green one, but let me tell you it did not bust my mind.
People: So where is it?
Me: it's by the green one, (turns out i also went on several other roller coasters, including a stand up one, again of which i did not even feel)
People: This guy is fucking crazy, don't even talk to him, we'll find it
Me: It's straight ahead guys, i'll lead you there
(The people then walk off into the darkness)

After this i became confused and saw lots of guards around, found some other people from my school, walked with them for a while, then decided it was time to get lost again. I walked around probably for half an hour and thought i was not going to find my friends for the rest of the night. I almost walked on to some rides by accident but i figured out where i was by the time i almost went on them. At this point, i became extremely disconnected from the world and felt very alone, it was a really really dark feeling. After walking around endlessly, i was starting to become tired then i look and see 4-5 people pointing at me, i've found my friends.

After this great find, i discover we're near a treed area that is sort of blocked off, i decide to take an adventure there. It was in the middle of all this chaos and was an extremely peaceful place covered by trees. Then i see the underbelly of wonderland (people putting out trash). This new experience led me to realize that i really had to piss, (i attempted the use of the washroom earlier but i couldn't feel my body at all, so i wasn't sure if i had to go and when i would try the walls would start moving and i couldn't see anything). At one point i actually saw the process of my memories being remembered, and it wasn't working properly so i knew i wasn't goin to remember everything. Anyway, found the washrooms probably 30 minutes later and i somehow managed to drain my bladder, i guess i really did have to go - i'll be damned.

After this we went to the imax theatre where we watched one small film of some racing which fucked me up quite well, then went to the other theatre and watched the sponge bob one, which was QUITE crazy.

After this we pretty much have to return to the entrance of wonderland so that we can return home, this is probably 8-9 hours after ingestion. I end up making it on the bus and we're off, i figure this is going to be an okay ride back cause i was still quite fucked somehow. We watch billy madison and i find it quite funny but halfway through the movie, i lose track and i don't remember anything that happened - maybe it got turned off, i have no idea. All i could see were red lights outside the windows. We stop for food and i get McDonalds but i wasn't really hungry and i had not eaten anything since lunch that day, i thought food was disgusting and i had no idea how people ate it. The fact that I ate at mcdonalds was a sign i was finally beginning to come down, about 10 hours after ingestion. The next 2 hours consisted of talking, a bit of laughing and just plain old exhaustion.

at about 12 hours later, we arrived back, i was able to drive home fine, but i was still pretty fucked up. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I made it home, jumped into bed and couldn't sleep at all, i felt absolutely exhausted and i could not sleep. This was terrible. I eventually did fall asleep, probably half an hour later.

Upon waking up, i felt quite good.

Afterthoughts about the trip:

I felt that of my many profound ideas (most of which weren't mentioned because i couldn't describe them in words) were just my mind FUCKED on drugs, i didn't get that feeling of a pure experience, it just felt like i was seeing something i wasn't supposed to be seeing, like i somehow wrongly tapped into the mechanics of existence.

The trip was also far too intense and long, it never let up the whole time it was on. I also hated how long it took to come on, i can see how people get impatient and end up taking 100mg or something crazy like that.

I don't think i'll ever try 2c-i again, the trip was far too much, it absolutely overwhelmed me and took away everything i knew. It however did not compare to a 3rd-4th plateau dxm trip, in terms of intensity, quality of high, or fun.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34263
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 16, 2008Views: 4,620
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2C-I (172) : First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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