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Accidental Combo, Unusual Reaction
Mushrooms (in Chocolate, possibly with Syrian Rue), MDMA & Hash
by nova
Citation:   nova. "Accidental Combo, Unusual Reaction: An Experience with Mushrooms (in Chocolate, possibly with Syrian Rue), MDMA & Hash (exp33755)". Oct 11, 2004.

1 oral Mushrooms (edible / food)
  150 mg oral MDMA (capsule)
    smoked Cannabis - Hash  
In the past, some of my most exquisite psychedelic experiences have resulted from MDMA combined with mushrooms at various dosages and intervals, the best results usually resulting from MDMA at the mid-to end point of the mushroom trip. For me, these experiences have far exceeded LSD/MDMA combos in depth, insight, visual intensity, color and sheer euphoria. I have every reason to believe that it represents little physiological risk.

The setting of this experience was a Dead show in San Francisco at a small historic theatre. The mushroom chocolate was of unknown dose and given to me by a close friend. The MDMA, althought of technically unknown purity, subjectively seemed exceptionally pure. It came in the form of large clear crystalline shards and had a very slight tint like rose quartz. Tasted and felt like the 100% pure MDMA I had tried years before (the shard form was unique however). I had pre-eye balled a gel cap to weight close to 150 mg. along with a 70 mg. booster. I was psychologically stoked for the show and in the company of a trusted and close friend. Was wrestling with a bit of a cold but was determined to not let it slow me down.

In line for the show I consumed the chocolate which had an unusually bitter and strong taste. Within minutes we found our seat. As the chocolate set in I began feeling increasingly ill. Nausea is not unusual with me and mushrooms, but as the evening progressed, so did my discomfort. The psychedelic effects were present but only mildly, more resembling a 2 gram experience. Only slightly above a noticable threshold. However, I just couldn't shake the heavy, lethargic and ill feeling now completely filling me. I tried to shrug it off and enjoy the music best I could, figuring my slight sickness was being magnified by the mushrooms.

Determined to pull out of my funk and make the most of the night, I dropped the E right as the intermission lights came up. 10 minutes later, something was not right. The first wave was not the light, clear euphoria that usually comes first with E. Instead, there was an odd 'twinge', an inner alert, a hint of a strange headache. Intuitively, there was a whisper of something being 'not right.' I continued to stay mellow, smoke some hash and keep riding. The oddness kept building in intensity, hitting me suddenly very hard. There were extreme and sudden flushes of heat and cold washing over me. Rapid and abrupt, uncontrollable shifts in body temperature. I brushed my hand across my forehead and I was completely soaked in sweat. Something really was not right! It kept building and building. I stood up, I sat down, I turned around, stood up, sat down. My friend (also on 150+ mg. of MDMA) was absorbed in a conversation with our neighbors and was obliviousof my alarm. I needed water.

As I made my way down the hall, I felt out of control and disoriented, unable to speak. I was panicking inside but could not formulate words. I made it to the end of the hall when I suddenly and violently vomited into a trash can. I could see the faces of people watching me. I finished and in confusion turned back down the hall to my seat. I never got water.

When I got back to my seat, the hot/cold waves were even more intense. There was little hint of any familiar MDMA effects. It then dawned on me. Something intuitively within me spoke-'Oh my God, there was Syrian Rue in the chocolate!' I had no reason to think this other than my extreme and sudden discomfort and ill feeling that came from the chocolate. I had not personally ever consumed any MAO inhibitors but was well learned as to the potentially fatal combo of MAO inhibitors and amphetamine type drugs (e.g MDMA, Mescaline). Something within told me I had taken an MAO-inhibitor and I was in grave danger. At this point I became very scared that I was in danger of dying. I could not turn to my friend to ask for help, only jumble and confusion came out. I felt isolated and slipping away very fast. I began to breath deep and pray. 'Please! Please! PLEASE!' was all I could ask, begging my Creator for life. My life began to flash before me -- all I could think of was those who I loved, how my death would effect them, how tragic it would be. 'PLEASE!' I stood up, sat down, gripped the seat, stood back up -- 'PLEASE!'.

The music began sometime during all of this. During this peak I saw in front of me, the impression of row upon row of beings, like a coliseum full of spirits, transparent but somehow layered over our existence. It was as if before me were legions of spirits, unseen yet co-existing in the moment. I saw this as a glimpse of death, of the countless beings just beyond the veil. They were everywhere!

As I continued to breath and pray, I started to discover the moment I was in. This is very difficult to convey with words. Lets just say I awoke to the 'miracle of existence.' As I came out of myself and looked out through my eyes, I was completely in awe of what I saw. Energy and chaos magically congealed into form, beings, color, music! This sounds unspectacular, but from where I was, whatever it is in us that accepts our simple manifestation and life experience as normal and commonplace was completely gone. That we even exist, is a miracle beyond comprehension and vastness that speaks volumes as to the inherent purpose and design of the universe. Just that we exist! It was that simple, yet unspeakably profound. We all take this for granted. Its hard to convey unless you've been there. I suspect it was very much like what people experience after near-death experiences (like mine). All life takes on a new meaning and worth. In it's naked brillance, the profound Gift is revealed.

My unease began melting away as the rushes plateaued and I became more and more confident that I would survive. I felt very much like it was my spiritual link to God that sustained me in those moments. I'm certain I was glimpsing death. From here out this feeling of complete humble awe and reverance blossomed into a very enjoyable and light hearted MDMA experience. I was able to turn to my friend and begin to tell him about what I had been going through. He had no idea. The rest of the night was alot of fun and I had energy to drive 5 hours home after the show.

That moment of discovery, that glimpse of the awesome purposefullness and beauty of existence has stayed with me. It comes back randomly and unexpectedly, in a classic 'flashback' manner. It is profound and always beautiful and has changed the way I see life. It is truly the wonder of all wonders. I drift in and out of this state almost weekly but it is always sacred and joyous.

After coming down, I shrugged off my intuitive hunch about the MAO-Is being present in the chocolate and just assumed that I had an unusual high-dose reaction. I've often encountered unexplainably unnerving physical energy with psychedelics (however this was very different and exceptionally alarming).

The scary thing is, months later, the friend who gave me the chocolate and heard about my experience talked to the makers and confirmed that there indeed was a combination of Rue and different herbs in the chocolate. My intuitive voice was right and knew something I could not. This made the experience all the more real and humbling.

I include this report to teach others of the dangers inherent in consuming unknown mixtures, especially MAO inhibitors. The makers of the chocolate acted very irresponsibly and recklessly. The chocolates should not have been mixed with Rue and distributed unlabeled. As a result, my life was endangered. Be smart kids and don't assume anything! Even something 'benign' like mushroom chocolate could contain potentially dangerous suprises.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33755
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 11, 2004Views: 64,026
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